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Crossword Clues for VATICAN

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Clue Source Date
The ____ Tapes, 2015 horror film about demonic possession The Times Specialist Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Rome's authority imposes tax on international tin The Telegraph Toughie 19 Dec 2019
Rome surrounds it Thomas Joseph 09 Nov 2019
See one vessel after another The Sun Two Speed 04 Nov 2019
Papal state The Sun Two Speed 04 Nov 2019
Important see, the setter fills containers The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jul 2019
One is able to follow vessel in holy residence The Sun Two Speed 22 Jun 2019
Papal palace in Rome The Telegraph General Knowledge 28 Apr 2019
Vessel with another following current coming to holy residence The Telegraph Toughie 21 Feb 2018
Papal place Thomas Joseph 03 Feb 2018
''Angels & Demons'' locale Newsday 22 Jul 2017
Using tax, I preserve palace in European city The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Apr 2017
Papal residence The Telegraph Quick 13 May 2016
I am between two vessels in the city The Times Cryptic 20 Apr 2016
Site of the Borgia Apartments Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2015
Vessels guarding current Roman HQ The Times Cryptic 03 Sep 2015
Swiss Guard's station, with "the" LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2015
Papal home
Pope's place, with "The"
Current home of 63-Across
Swiss Guards' setting
World's smallest independent state, with "the"
Church seat
Papal domicile
Swiss Guard jurisdiction
Word with City or Council
Belvedere Park locale, with "the"
The pope's residence
Pope's quarters
Religious center
Sistine Chapel site, with "the"
Where to see the Swiss Guard
Milieu of the Swiss Guard
Pauline Chapel locale
City-state in Rome.
Roman enclave.
Part of Rome.
Roman landmark.
Where the Sistine Chapel is.
Palace just north of St. Peter's Church.
Independent state in Italy.
Enemy of Communism.
A Roman capitol.
Papal seat.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.