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Crossword Clues for VERSES

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Clue Source Date
They may be free or rhyming Universal 15 Jul 2020
Serves stew in Limerick Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jul 2020
Poet's creations The Washington Post Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Parts of poems Newsday 13 Jan 2020
Sections of metrical text Irish Times Simplex 15 Sep 2018
Poetic sections Irish Times Simplex 16 Jul 2018
Bible bits Wall Street Journal 05 May 2018
Burns things? The Washington Post Sunday 01 Apr 2018
Poetry selections Newsday 24 Jan 2018
Biblical passages Universal 07 Oct 2017
Poems The Telegraph Quick 19 Sep 2017
Poetic lines Universal 18 Jun 2017
Biblical excerpts Newsday 30 Apr 2017
Poem parts Eugene Sheffer 30 Jan 2017
Song segments Newsday 24 Jan 2017
Serves badly in Limerick Irish Times Crosaire 02 Aug 2016
Frost output LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2016
Job divisions Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2015
Biblical divisions USA Today 04 Jul 2015
What numbers after some colons represent
Divisions of Biblical chapters
Ones with many feet
They go between the choruses
Tunesmith's units
Frost lines
Song parts
Song sections
They may be light or free
Keats creations
Greeting-card features
Lines of a poem
Sections of psalms
Bible quotations
Bible parts
Greeting card entries
Bible text segments
Most numbers have two or more
Greeting card features
Some are free
Biblical units
Haikus, e.g.
They may be connected by bridges
Rita Doves output
They're often metrical
"Satanic ___"
Limericks, e.g.
Mona Van Duyn products
They're often metered
Laureate's output
Berryman products
Parts of songs
Feats of Keats
Countee Cullen gems
Anne Sexton's claim to fame
Biblical sentences.
Omar's forte.
Metrical writings.
Divisions of Biblical chapters.
McGinley's forte.
Greeting card specialties.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.