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Crossword Clues for VIPS

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Clue Source Date
Big shots Universal 28 Sep 2020
Bigwigs Eugene Sheffer 20 Jun 2020
A-listers Newsday 06 Jun 2019
Pass receivers at bowl games Newsday 30 Mar 2019
Those with privileges, briefly The Washington Post 19 Dec 2018
A-list group at an event New York Times 02 Jul 2018
Heads of state, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Big wheels, for short USA Today 25 Feb 2018
BMOC's, CEO's et al USA Today 04 Aug 2017
They're the top brass Jonesin 07 Mar 2017
Bigwigs, briefly USA Today 08 Jan 2017
BMOC's, CEO's et al.
Ones with clout LA Times Daily 04 Nov 2016
Red-carpet walkers Newsday 28 Jul 2016
Celebs LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2016
Big shots, for short Newsday 01 Sep 2015
Limo passengers, presumably USA Today 21 Jan 2015
Limo riders
Ones getting bottle service, say
Big names
Limo riders, often
Limo-riding sorts
Those who might get preferred seating
Big wheels
BMOCs, e.g.
CFOs and CEOs
Folks in limos, perhaps
CEOs and CFOs
CEOs, e.g.
High muck-a-mucks
High muckamucks
Big cheeses briefly
D.C. is full of them
Nabobs, initially
C.E.O.'s, e.g.
Award ceremony invitees
CEOs and such
Big guns, for short
C.E.O.'s and B.M.O.C.'S
Wheels, honchos et al.
Prestigious people, for short
Red-carpet guests
Lionized ones
The red-carpet set.
Recipients of red-carpet treatment.
Top brass.
Celebrities: Slang.
Big shots.
Personages: Slang.
Guests at the captain's table.
Important people.
Certain people of important.
Very important people.
Candidates for priorities.
Red carpet types
A-listers, for short
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.