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Crossword Clues for VOTE

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Clue Source Date
What the 19th Amendment gives women the right to do Universal 17 Oct 2020
Party call Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2020
Cast a ballot Eugene Sheffer 12 Oct 2020
November 2020 choice Universal 16 Sep 2020
Participate on Election Day USA Today 19 Jul 2020
Ballot Canadiana 25 May 2020
Do one’s civic duty Wall Street Journal 12 May 2020
Participate electorally USA Today 02 May 2020
Do a certain civic duty Family Time 06 Apr 2020
Go to the polls Universal 20 Mar 2020
Be part of a select crowd? Family Time 27 Jan 2020
Do your part in an election Family Time 20 Jan 2020
Formal indication of opinion in an election Irish Times Simplex 27 Dec 2019
Turn a thumb up or down USA Today 30 Nov 2019
Say “nay,” say Wall Street Journal 27 Nov 2019
Indicate choice in an election Irish Times Simplex 23 Oct 2019
Capitol Hill activity New York Times 12 Oct 2019
Roosevelt dismisses loser in the general election Irish Times Crosaire 22 Jul 2019
Veto might be used in ballot The Sun Two Speed 17 Jul 2019
Electoral choice The Sun Two Speed 17 Jul 2019
Democracy in action New York Times 22 Jun 2019
Do one's civic duty USA Today 21 Jun 2019
Choose in a booth The Washington Post 11 Jun 2019
November 2020 verb Universal 30 May 2019
Quadrennial tally, perhaps The Washington Post Sunday 28 Apr 2019
Franchise The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2019
Ballot returns from shire to valleys The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2019
Show of hands The Washington Post 24 Jan 2019
Ballot could result in veto The Sun Two Speed 28 Nov 2018
'Aye' or 'nay,' perhaps USA Today 19 Nov 2018
Political activist's plea The Washington Post Sunday 04 Nov 2018
Choice The Washington Post 09 Sep 2018
Division of Novotel The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2018
Primary concern New York Times 08 Jul 2018
End of the word ladder New York Times 14 Jun 2018
Get behind, with 'for' The Washington Post 27 Apr 2018
Get behind, with "for" LA Times Daily 27 Apr 2018
Participate in a poll Jonesin 30 Jan 2018
"Aye" or "nay," perhaps
Election season plea USA Today 22 Dec 2017
Veto upset by ballot The Sun Two Speed 01 Dec 2017
Poll The Telegraph Quick 06 Nov 2017
Popular __ The Washington Post 01 Oct 2017
Yea or nay New York Times 19 Sep 2017
Say 'aye,' say Thomas Joseph 13 Sep 2017
Say 'nay,' say Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2017
November imperative New York Times 25 Jun 2017
Be a part of the election process Universal 15 Jun 2017
Susan B. Anthony's goal USA Today 17 May 2017
Participate in a primary USA Today 10 May 2017
Primary imperative? New York Times 07 May 2017
Register a preference The Washington Post 30 Apr 2017
Mark a ballot Newsday 17 Apr 2017
Preference indicator LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2017
Use a ballot Family Time 13 Feb 2017
Campaign commercial request The Washington Post 10 Feb 2017
Suffrage, with "the" LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2017
Participate in an election Universal 14 Dec 2016
Show of hands, e.g Newsday 01 Dec 2016
Campaign poster word USA Today 28 Nov 2016
Pull a lever, maybe Newsday 17 Nov 2016
Help to make a state red or blue Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2016
Check a box, perhaps USA Today 07 Aug 2016
Word on a political button New York Times 04 Aug 2016
Sign on with broken toe - those in the house would want you to do it Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jul 2016
Decision by a majority The Times Concise 24 Jun 2016
Say "yea," say Universal 09 May 2016
Party request Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2016
C-SPAN event Wall Street Journal 29 Dec 2015
House call? Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2015
Parliamentary event Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2015
Democracy unit Universal 27 Sep 2015
November responsibility Eugene Sheffer 25 Sep 2015
Exercise suffrage The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Sep 2015
Element of landslides Newsday 15 Aug 2015
Poll position? LA Times Daily 24 May 2015
Plebiscite The Guardian Quick 28 Feb 2015
Pick a candidate Newsday 08 Feb 2015
Exercise one's Nineteenth Amendment right
Candidate's exhortation
Make one's voice heard
Participate in a democracy
Raise one's hand, say
Formal choice
Choice usually made secretly
Help in a landslide
November duty
Use your democratic "voice"
Part of a roll call, sometimes
Citizen's duty
With 31-Across, favor, as a ballot measure
November exhortation
Suffragist's goal
Choice in a booth
Show of hands, perhaps
Booth decision
Illegal thing to do twice, on election day
Help decide on an initiative
Pick a party, say
Exercise a political right
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