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Crossword Clues for WAGON

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Clue Source Date
''Covered'' pioneer vehicle Newsday 24 Aug 2020
Hayride need Wall Street Journal 19 Aug 2020
Truck The Telegraph Quick 22 Jun 2020
'Calvin and Hobbes' conveyance New York Times 02 May 2020
Horse-drawn vehicle The Sun Two Speed 26 Dec 2019
Coach was victorious keeping silver The Sun Two Speed 26 Dec 2019
Conestoga, for one Eugene Sheffer 12 Nov 2019
Tyke's vehicle The Washington Post Sunday 29 Sep 2019
Railway freight vehicle Irish Times Simplex 12 Sep 2019
As vehicle, continue moving from side to side The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jul 2019
Tot's four-wheeler USA Today 29 May 2019
Simple vehicle Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2019
Part of an old train New York Times 14 Apr 2019
Radio Flyer product Wall Street Journal 30 Jun 2018
Band transport The New Yorker 11 Jun 2018
Vehicle The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2018
Hayride vehicle USA Today 21 Dec 2017
Hayride transport Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2017
Pioneer's vehicle Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2017
SUV ancestor Newsday 22 Jan 2017
Lorry to continue shaking The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Dec 2016
Other half of sportsman's leg that's pulled over line The Times Cryptic 28 Oct 2016
One traveling in Old West circles? LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2016
Shopper's aid The Washington Post 18 Jun 2016
Toy with a handle The Washington Post 18 Apr 2016
Radio Flyer, for one USA Today 13 Mar 2016
Travel in white van The Times Cryptic 18 Dec 2015
Comedian conveyed by cart The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2015
Cart The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2015
S.U.V. alternative New York Times 29 Nov 2015
Kiddie four-wheeler The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 Sep 2015
Tyke's hauler Premier Sunday 02 Aug 2015
Travel in colourless form of transport The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Apr 2015
Tot's hauler Premier Sunday 15 Mar 2015
Get on it after rehab
Dennis the Menace's toy
"Covered" pioneer vehicle
Sobriety symbol
Old West trail sight
Family car
Word with chuck or station
Conestoga, e.g.
Tot's vehicle
Child's four-wheeler
Pioneer's transportation
Kid's carrier
It may be covered
Horse-drawn cart
Partying rockers might get on this
Typically red toy
Oregon Trail transport
Welcome vehicle?
Car with a big carrying capacity, informally
Let's hope no one fixes yours
Teetotaler's vehicle?
Family car, informally
Pioneers' transport
Oregon Trail transportation
Boy's toy
Word that can follow the starts of 20-, 35-, 42-, and 59-Across
Kid's four-wheeler
Prairie schooner
Delivery truck
Pull toy
Wheels for a kid
Hayride conveyance
Train attachment, of old
S.U.V. alternative, informally
Red vehicle that might transport a teddy bear
Wainwright product
Word with station or chuck
Tot's transport
Buckboard, for one
Westward-migration vehicle
Train part
Word with chuck or covered
Pioneer vehicle
Dennis the Menace vehicle
Tea follower
Kid's wheels
Tea transport
Chuck's place?
TV's '-- Train'
Tot trailer
Conestoga __
Station or paddy backer
Police van
Four-wheeled toy
Paddy __ (police vehicle)
Paddy or station
Part of a train
Something to fix
On the ___: teetotaling
Kid's 4-wheeler
Covered ___ (pioneer transport)
Station ___
Pioneer transportation
Pioneer's conveyance
Kid's carryall
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