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Crossword Clues for WELL

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Clue Source Date
In good health New York Times 23 Nov 2020
Deep hole, better The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Nov 2020
Word that can precede or follow "wishing" Universal 15 Sep 2020
Live without 21, comfortably The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2020
'Let me see ...' New York Times 28 Jul 2020
Very much; plentiful source The Times Concise 18 Jul 2020
Competently The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Healthy Eugene Sheffer 11 May 2020
*'Whaddya know ...' New York Times 29 Apr 2020
Deftly The Washington Post 08 Nov 2019
Rural water source Newsday 06 Nov 2019
Water source The Sun Two Speed 13 Oct 2019
Satisfactorily robust The Sun Two Speed 13 Oct 2019
Pit with a bucket The Washington Post Sunday 08 Sep 2019
In a good way The Times Concise 05 Sep 2019
Healthy; extremely The Times Concise 02 Apr 2019
Where the penny might drop? The Washington Post Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Groundwater source Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2019
With skill Wall Street Journal 26 Jan 2019
In fine fettle USA Today 27 Nov 2018
Thoroughly shaft The Telegraph Toughie 19 Oct 2018
We had it all from the border's spring Irish Times Crosaire 26 Sep 2018
Water provider Universal 18 Jun 2018
'Let me think...' Wall Street Journal 03 May 2018
Underground water source Newsday 18 Apr 2018
Skilfully The Telegraph Quick 15 Mar 2018
__-done (steak specification) Newsday 16 Jan 2018
Very; deep shaft The Times Concise 04 Jan 2018
"Let me think..."
Fine spring The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Dec 2017
Source of fresh water New York Times 20 Nov 2017
Wishful place? New York Times 11 Oct 2017
Fit for second or last part in Shakespeare play The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2017
Place to make a wish USA Today 02 Sep 2017
Not ill Universal 04 Jul 2017
''Now that you mention it . . .'' Newsday 18 Jun 2017
How I hope you're doing Universal 07 May 2017
In the pink USA Today 03 May 2017
Word said three times before 'What have we here?!' New York Times 28 Mar 2017
Speaker's stalling word Newsday 03 Feb 2017
Word said three times before "What have we here?!"
Wisher's place USA Today 11 Dec 2016
'I'm waiting ...?' New York Times 04 Dec 2016
Sunken shaft; very much The Times Concise 18 Nov 2016
End of the word ladder New York Times 27 Sep 2016
'I'm still waiting ...?' New York Times 14 Aug 2016
Fancy an alternative source to mains water? The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Aug 2016
In the pink water The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jul 2016
My water is found here The Times Cryptic 17 Jul 2016
"Now that you mention it ... " LA Times Daily 16 Jun 2016
Drawing place Universal 20 Apr 2016
Fine — drilled hole The Guardian Quick 20 Feb 2016
"I'm waiting ...?"
"I'm still waiting ...?"
'I'm waiting...' Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2015
Texas gusher Eugene Sheffer 25 Dec 2015
Word that may precede 'I never!' The Washington Post 25 Nov 2015
Fine Eugene Sheffer 09 Oct 2015
Waterhole; healthy The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2015
Spring The Telegraph Quick 09 Sep 2015
More than adequately LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2015
Sound The Telegraph Quick 14 Jul 2015
Feeling fine USA Today 08 May 2015
Underground oil source Newsday 05 May 2015
Cockpit in good condition The Telegraph Toughie 24 Apr 2015
Fit as a fiddle LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2015
"I'm waiting..."
Word that may precede "I never!"
___-done (steak-ruining specification)
Word of hesitation
With 38-Across, desiring happiness for someone
Not down with anything
Wishing site
"You were saying ...?"
Oilfield sight
"Now that you mention it..."
Not sick
Wishing place
See 5-Down
"Now that you mention it ..."
Hardly rare, in restaurants
Source of water or wishes
Utterance from Reagan mimics
Site for drawing
Rise to the surface
"Let me think ..."
Oil field sight
"I never!"
Wisher's spot
Word from Jack Benny
Village water source
Gusher source
Watering hole
Jack Benny exclamation
Watering hole?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.