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Crossword Clues for WOO

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Clue Source Date
Seek to win Newsday 28 Nov 2020
Try to catch Newsday 21 Nov 2020
Joyful exclamation USA Today 21 Nov 2020
Court Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2020
Vie for the affection of Premier Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Action director John USA Today 06 Sep 2020
Romance Eugene Sheffer 31 Aug 2020
Seek the favor of Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2020
Pursue romantically USA Today 05 Aug 2020
Try to win the affections of USA Today 02 Aug 2020
Court romantically Universal 01 Jul 2020
Charm with flowers and candy Family Time 14 Jun 2020
Try to win over Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2020
Lavish with flowers and chocolates Family Time 22 Mar 2020
Seek the love of Premier Sunday 17 Nov 2019
Try to win Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2019
Pursue amorously Canadiana 11 Nov 2019
Hoo preceder Newsday 01 Nov 2019
Shower with flowers, say Universal 10 Oct 2019
Serenade, perhaps USA Today 29 Sep 2019
Court with two balls? The Sun Two Speed 26 Sep 2019
Modern cousin of 'Yay!' New York Times 01 Sep 2019
Attempt to attract The Washington Post Sunday 04 Aug 2019
Curry favor with USA Today 30 Jul 2019
Try to date Family Time 09 Jun 2019
Wine and dine Newsday 05 Jun 2019
Apt rhyme for ''pursue'' Family Time 26 May 2019
Two officials covering court The Sun Two Speed 03 Apr 2019
Court, in King Arthur's day Universal 23 Mar 2019
Try to attract The Washington Post 14 Mar 2019
Seek the affections of The Washington Post 06 Mar 2019
Romantically pursue New York Times 27 Feb 2019
Try to win through romance New York Times 14 Jan 2019
Modern cousin of "Yay!"
Vie for the love of Premier Sunday 23 Dec 2018
With 22-Across, a triumphant cry New York Times 20 Dec 2018
Seek the affection of most of the golf club Irish Times Crosaire 01 Dec 2018
Shower with flowers and chocolates, say Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2018
Act like an old-timey suitor Jonesin 07 Aug 2018
Shower with flowers, perhaps The New Yorker 30 Jul 2018
Pursue with passion The Washington Post Sunday 01 Jul 2018
Attempt to win over Family Time 25 Jun 2018
Go to court? Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2018
Try to win the affection of Family Time 15 Apr 2018
Be a suitor of Universal 03 Mar 2018
Aim to charm
Seek favor from Newsday 08 Dec 2017
Be a suitor to USA Today 30 Nov 2017
Syllable from Curly USA Today 23 Nov 2017
Go a-courting Family Time 06 Nov 2017
Wine and dine, maybe Premier Sunday 30 Jul 2017
Try to win the hand of Universal 15 Jun 2017
When doubled, a drink with vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice New York Times 28 May 2017
Seek the hand of USA Today 10 May 2017
Seek to win one's affections Universal 21 Jan 2017
Take out on romantic dates Universal 08 Dec 2016
Court with candy and flowers Family Time 31 Oct 2016
'Face/Off' director John The Washington Post 17 Oct 2016
Apt rhyme for "pursue" Family Time 16 Oct 2016
What a suitor pitches The Washington Post 19 Aug 2016
Try to win, as for romance New York Times 01 Aug 2016
Try to win, as a lover New York Times 30 May 2016
Ply with wine and flowers USA Today 16 Jan 2016
John who directed 'Mission: Impossible II' New York Times 11 Jan 2016
John who directed "Mission: Impossible II"
Pitch ___ New York Times 12 Dec 2015
Try to persuade Newsday 04 Dec 2015
Try to get a girlfriend USA Today 06 Nov 2015
Ply with flowers and chocolate LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2015
Shower with flowers Universal 18 Oct 2015
Make amorous advances The Telegraph General Knowledge 26 Jul 2015
Be a suitor Family Time 17 May 2015
Shower with flowers, e.g Premier Sunday 29 Mar 2015
It may be pitched LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2015
Shower with flowers, e.g.
Seek the affection of
Something to pitch
Seek to win over
Court with flowers
Charm with candy and flowers
Seek to espouse
Act the suitor
Put the moves on
Pursue passionately
It's pitched
Make some advances toward
"Face/Off" director John
Seek favor with
Go after
Try hard to win
Chase, in a way
Whisper sweet nothings to, say
Flirt with
Aim to win
Whisper sweet nothings to
Try to attract, as new customers
Seek as a spouse
Wine and dine, say
"Mission: Impossible II" director John
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.