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Crossword Clues for YOLK

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Clue Source Date
Egg part used in creme brulee USA Today 11 Oct 2020
Protein-rich egg part The Washington Post 05 Oct 2020
Egg part USA Today 28 Sep 2020
White's counterpart Thomas Joseph 15 Sep 2020
Egg-white omelet's lack LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2020
"Sunny" egg part Universal 13 Mar 2020
It can be runny in the morning Family Time 01 Mar 2020
Yellow part of an egg Newsday 06 Jan 2020
Part of an egg The Times Concise 11 Oct 2019
The 'sun' in sunny-side-up eggs New York Times 26 Aug 2019
The "sun" in sunny-side-up eggs
Part of egg The Telegraph Quick 07 Dec 2018
Egg feature Universal 06 May 2018
Egg's yellow The Telegraph Quick 20 Mar 2018
Part that's egg-centric? Jonesin 13 Feb 2018
Fatty part of an egg Family Time 16 Jul 2017
Embryo's nutrition source USA Today 31 May 2017
What albumen surrounds USA Today 03 Nov 2016
Bird food in city changing hands The Times Cryptic 21 Oct 2016
White counterpart Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2016
Albumen's shellmate The Washington Post 21 May 2016
Yellow part of egg The Times Concise 19 Jan 2016
Egg core Eugene Sheffer 16 Jan 2016
Part of egg is burdensome restraint, we hear The Sun Two Speed 04 Jan 2016
The 'sun' in 'sunny side up' Jonesin 29 Dec 2015
Hollandaise ingredient Newsday 06 Dec 2015
One getting a beating in the kitchen? New York Times 29 Aug 2015
yellow part of egg The Telegraph Quick 12 Jun 2015
Crème brûlée ingredient LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2015
It's surrounded by white LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2015
Fat part of an egg
Custard ingredient
Center of an egg
Crème anglaise component
Albumen adjunct
See 32-Across
Potato salad ingredient, perhaps
More-caloric egg part
Sunny side?
Sunny-side-up part
Egg portion
White partner
Egg center
The sun in sunny side up
Humpty Dumpty's heart?
15 Across ingredient
Mayonnaise component, often
Albumen's shell-mate
Cholesterol provider
Omelet ingredient
Hollandaise sauce ingredient
Yellow ball
Egg section
Egg yellow
Nourishment for an embryo
The sunny side, in sunny side up
With 8-Down, nourishing egg membrane
Sunny side in a diner
Egg substance
White's opposite
Part of an egg containing vitamin A
Egg Beaters' lack
White's complement
Allemande sauce enricher
Greasy substance found in unprocessed sheep's wool
Break this to scramble
It's enveloped in white
Omelet component
Egg segment
It may get separated from its surroundings
Egg element
Central part
The "sun" in "sunnyside up"
Egg fat
The sun, in sunnyside up
Egg component
Egg-white neighbor
Yellow in white?
Unpopular egg part
It's surrounded by glair
Core of an egg
Main part of an egg
Cake ingredient
Recipe ingredient.
Yellow substance.
Egg part.
Best part.
Embryo's source of nourishment.
Central part.
What the egghead has nothing to lose but.
The sun in the "sunnyside up."
Essential part.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.