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Crossword Clues Start With D, page 217

Diplomatic HQ Diplomatic bldg Diplomatic HQ "Don't Cry ___ Argentina" ("Evita" song) Dressed warmly, in a way Dressed for changing weather Dressed for changing weather Dieter's dessert Dining room linen Diapers, in Dover Drinkers' gestures Drinks in honor of. Drinks to Drinks to Drinks at the dais Drinks to 'Dang!' "Dang!" Does half-heartedly Does half-heartedly Doesn't do seriously Doesn't do seriously Drawing often in ink Dairy case items Dairy section selections Doughnut filler Doughnut filler Dairy section purchases Dairy case spreads Dairy section spreads Dairy aisle items Dairy buys Defective water balloon, e.g. Dairy section purchases Designed for use in religious rites. Design for a mountain cabin Design for a mountain cabin, often Downsized Dwindled Dwindled Drew back (from). Drew back Diminished Downsized Dwindled Diminished Downsized Duvets Dethroned Titan Demeter's dad Discovered by accident Discovered by accident Domestic whistlers Daughter getting behind, being less sensible Directed an orchestra Dangerous place to go out "Drink to me only with thine eyes" poet Dramatist that could have nine jobs on -- one must go Dramatist in France good about orders I ignored Dynasty founded by Yu the Great Dynasty before the Shang Dynasty founded by Yu the Great Disaffected. Dynasty founded by Yu the Great Disaffected editor drinking rum Despite Despite everything Despite Despite 13-Down, south of the border Despite having to sit, presumably? Doozy Dandy Doozie Doozy Doozy Doozie Doozy Dilly Doozie Doozy Descriptor for a big fish Doozy Doozie Doozy Doozy Doozy Dilly Dilly Doozy Doozie Doozy Door opening for peeping Does the work of. Ditz Dope Ditz Doesn't go along Disagrees Does not approve Doesn't go along 3-D, in combinations 3-D, in combinations 3D image, for short Devices to help memory Darkens, as type Darkens, as type Disc behind something attached to vehicle Dashed forward suddenly. Dived (for) Dived (for) 4 down is in hospital removing splinters perhaps Digital ''marvelous'' Doolittle, to Higgins Doolittle, to Higgins Doolittle, to Higgins Detective fiction author who wrote The History of Spiritualism in 1926 Detective fiction writer who dismissed W G Grace with his only first-class wicket Direct inaccurately Domestic comedy of 1983 1983 domestic comedy Do some knitting and babble Devices used in adjusting. Dares to change round suitable plugs like these Deadeye Dead man's hand makeup Do doer Doer of dos Dior is one. Do doer 'Do doer Do doer Doer of do's Designer Do doer Doer of do's Designer of fashionable clothing Designer's register of farm accommodation? Designer of spreadsheet for pig farmer? Designer needs pen and catalogue Do master Diana ____ ( BC jazz pianist) Dairy cases Dairy case spreads Dairy aisle items Dairy section spreads Dairy-section selections Dairy section selections Dairy caseoices Dutch cupboard. Dairy case spreads Dairy aisle items Dairy section spreads Dutch cupboard Dairy-case buys Dairy-case selections Dairy-case tubs Dairy-aisle products Dairy counter assortment. Dairy-case grouping Dairy-case choices Dairy section purchases Dairy section selection Dieters' choices Dairy aisle items Dairy section selections Dinner substitutes Dinner spreads Dairy tubs Dehiscent Dieter's piece of meat? Director of Dog Day Afternoon Dungarees Distributors Distributors Distributors Dandelion puller Dungarees Dungarees Diner table fixture Drink of fermented milk. Doctrine associated with Betty Friedan Doctrine that advocates equal rights for women Diplomatic agents Diplomatic agents Diplomatic agents Diplomatic agents Diplomatic agents Diplomats Diplomatic representatives Diplomatic agents Diplomats Diplomats, e.g Diplomatic agents Diplomatic emissaries Diplomatic bunch Diplomatic agents Detention facilities Debussy heroine Debussy's "Air de ___" Debussy's "Air de _____" Debussy's "Air de ___" Debussy heroine Deteriorates Declines to set off for Oxford to view all characters taken in by idol Dutch coin Dutch coin, once Dutch coin Dashboard Confessional or the Get Up Kids ___ di Mare (fashion label) ___ di Mare (fashion label) ___ di Mare (Italian clothing brand) ___ di Mare (Italian clothing brand) ___ di Mare (Italian fashion label) Domenico Modugno classic 1958 Dean Martin hit Dean Martin 50's hit Domenico Modugno hit Dean Martin hit *Dracula, after stuffing himself? *Dracula, after stuffing himself? *Dracula after a hearty meal? *Dracula after a hearty meal? Describing a d. p. that starts at third base. Double play started by Manny Machado Demand due observance of protocol Demand formality Demand formality "Don't __!" Dara who swam at five Olympics Dara who swam at five Olympics 37 Down, e.g. Dhow's relative. Dhow's sail Dance similar to the Twist Dance of the 1960s 1962 dance craze Dance named for an African people Dance mentioned in the Beatles' "Revolution 9" Dance named for an African people Dance craze mentioned in the Beatles' 'Revolution 9' Dental office simulation Dental office simulation Difficult challenge, in slang Differs in opinion Differs in opinion Doesn't go along Distillation vessels. Dancing House co-designer Dancing House architect Frank