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Ear swab English diarist Pepys Every seven year event Every seven-years event? Every seven year event? Ernie Banks was one Excellently Expertly. Exclamation of surprise. Efficiently End of the word ladder Exercises an option End of the word ladder "Emeril's ___ Christmas" (1997 cookbook) Emeril specialty Emeril specialty Elvis's "King ___" 'Emeril's ___ Christmas' (1997 cookbook) Emulating Elsie, say Elite getting out of helicopter providing space for the American rockers Entrance shelter Enthusiasm Eliminate, as a contestant on "The Apprentice" Energize Exhibition Event for exhibitors Equitable Equitable Expo Evenhanded Even-handed "Eh" Equitable Exhibitors' event Equitable Expo Evenhanded Even-handed Equitable Exhibition of farm products, etc. Entertainment for the countryside. Engine attachment Extension from a fire truck Extinguisher attachment Engine attachment Engine attachment Extension from a fire truck Engine attachment Empty dwelling is used by the gardener watering The Gardens "Every inch an iPad" item Element Prometheus stole from Olympus Emotional intensity Execution shout Enemy of the forests. Excitement. Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm Emotional intensity Element Prometheus stole from Olympus Element Prometheus stole from Olympus Element associated with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Encore performance Episode you don't need to TiVo, maybe Encore presentation "Encore presentation" Encore broadcast Encore presentation Encore performance "Encore performance" Episode shown previously Encore presentation Encore presentation Episode of "The Brady Bunch," e.g. "Encore presentation" Encore airing "Encore presentation" Expectorated Exchange of cross words Expectorated Expectorated Extinguisher attachment Extension of law Ending for law Ending with law Ending with law E. African nation Ending for a Biblical verb E. African nation E. African land Ending for ordinals Exam for jrs Exclusive, as circles Enjoyed avidly E. African nation Exam for H.S. juniors Ending of ordinals Exam for sophs and jrs Exam for future collegians Exam for high school jrs Ed of "Daniel Boone" E. African country Exam taken by many jrs E. African land E. Power Biggs' instrument Exam for jrs Exclusive kind of circle E. African land Exiled Amin Ethiopia, abbr Ed who played Mingo on "Daniel Boone" Exiled Ugandan Amin Ending of eight of the first 100 ordinal numbers in English Exam for HS juniors Enjoyed enthusiastically Exam for high school jrs Exam for H.S. jrs Elec. unit Exam for many sophs Enjoyed enthusiastically Enjoyed thoroughly Enjoyed immensely Exam administered by the College Board, briefly Ecru, mauve, et al. Enjoyed avidly Ed of "Tonight Show" tomahawk fame Ed of TV's Daniel Boone Exam administered by the College Board, briefly Ejected Exam for jrs Eagerly took in Exam taken by jrs Exam with a maximum score of 240 pts Exam with a max score of 1520 Exam given in H.S Exam for a H.S. junior Exam for college-bound H.S. students Enjoyed Exam for jrs Epis., e.g. Exam for jrs Exam for some jrs Electronic sounds Eighty-sixed Enjoyed to the max Exam for jrs Electronic sounds Exam for H.S. juniors Exam for college-bound jrs Ejected by the ump, slangily Electric unit Exam for a H.S. junior, perhaps Exam for H.S. jrs Ejected from the game, informally Eye or skin Ejected by the ump, slangily Eye or lung, e.g. Equivalent of A sharp Enjoyed immensely Enjoyed thoroughly Euphonium's fundamental pitch Eye or ear Ejected Eye or ear Exiled Amin Exiled Amin Equivalent of A sharp Enjoyed to the max Electrical unit Enjoyed immensely Enthusiastically accepted Ex-dictator's name Extreme degree, for short Enjoyed no end E Afr. land Extreme degree: Abbr. E Afr. country Enjoyed greatly Earth mover Eye or lung, e.g Enjoyed thoroughly Exiled Amin Enjoyed enthusiastically Eye or ear Enjoyed and how Emergency contact, often: Abbr. Essential Enjoyed immensely Enjoyed immensely: sl. Enjoyed with relish Ex-Saudi ruler __ Saud Enjoyed thoroughly Enjoyed avidly Enjoyed with relish Early New England statesman. Extreme: Abbr. Enjoyed no end Enjoyed avidly Enjoyed tremendously Enjoyed and how Enjoyed immensely Edie homophone Exile Amin Ex-Saudi ruler __ Saud End: Abbr. Enjoyed thoroughly Earth mover Enjoyed greatly Enjoyed greatly Eros End in the Bible? Ear, perhaps, for what's played in church Eagerly took in Element in Arabic names. Eagerly took in Ed or Nancy Elec. unit Eros Extreme abbr. End of the Bible? Exiled Amin Earth turner Electrical unit End of the King James Bible? Enjoyed immensely Enjoyed immensely Electric, pipe or reed are examples Enjoyed avidly Ending of the Bible Eye, for one Extended family member, briefly Earthy pigment Earth tone Earthy color Earth pigment Earthy colour Edges, to sewers Earthy color Earth tone Ed or Leon Earth shade Earthy colour Extreme: Abbr Eros Exclusive meal without starter Eros Earthy tone Exiled Amin Elizabeth Warren, ___ Herring Expys. Earthy tone