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Eleven o'clock viewing Eroded Eroded Entity spelled by the fourth through seventh letters of each answer at 17-, 26-, and 45-Across Ex-CIA chief R. James End of remark End of the epitaph Ephemeral. English clergyman/Spanish poet End of the couplet E-mailed Dad from college, say "Enough rain already!"? End of the quip End of quip End of the quip Even now: Irish. End of the riddle Earnings of a big singing group? Euphemistic. Eminem's real name Egotist ties his knot! End of quote Expensive nails? Expensive carpeting supplies? e.g. End of the quotation Every __ 1980 Erich Segal novel Enjoyed doing Exterminators' slogan Eagerly anticipated chops? End of quip End of remark End of a quote "Exile on Main St." ballad Euler of mathematics Embarrassment Edged. End of the quip Ecuadorean province Exceptional, as a hotel Erie, vis-a-vis Superior Escape artist's challenge Eng. ____: College course Erin. Edward Lear specialty Energetic ghosts? Energetic ghosts? End of the riddle English writers Derek and Christopher Enlarging. End of the quotation Evidence in the Watergate scandal End of the quote, and its author End of 17 Across End of quote End of the quip Expanse in Wyo. End of the quote Emporia for anglers End of quote End of the quote Early Pollyanna portrayer End of mot End of the quote Enthusiastically End of request End of quip End of a driver's quip Excellent source of vitamin C End of the quote End of quip Entwined Essential self Essential self Educators Egotistical James Bond caper? End of the definition English golfer who won the 2006 Honda Classic English golfer who won the 2006 Honda Classic Element added to some table salt. Element of the halogen group. Element used in medicine: Var. Exam with uncertain answers? End of verse Easily won court case? English singer's ballet wear? Ex-heavyweight champ, for short. Ex-champ Johansson, to sportswriters Extreme Entry sight Eager to know more Eager to learn more Epithet applied to Lincoln. End of the quote Electrify Electrically connect Earliest time Express thoughts carefully Eosin red dye. End of the quip Extort undisturbed? Emphatic refusal Entree at the Big W ranch? End of the quip End of the comment End of the quote Examples of ___ include (a) the Democrats, (b) the Republicans, (c) keggers? Ex ___ (book owner's ID) Ex ___ Ex __ (bookplate) "Entertainment Tonight" film critic Ed Asner title role Emmy-winning Ed Asner role Ed Asner TV series Earn lots of dough Emulate Nostradamus Extinct Hawaiian birds. Edmond's father English novelist with the pen name Ouida Enchanting brews EXCUSE ME Engaged, as a target Elk or Moose Emptier, to an optimist Engaged in political skulduggery. Embedded. End of the riddle End of the complaint End of the quip End of the complaint End of the quip Extreme reaction to 102 Down? Effect used in 72 Down Effect of downgraded credit on a potential home buyer? Ed Norton's office furniture? Exams for feudal "underclassmen"? Establishing a business Eat at a buffet, say Events marked by large streamers Early Spanish historian Extinct European ox: Var. Extinct European ox: Var. Empowers Elizabethan song Evaluation at the car dealer? Ernie Pyle was one. Egotistical George Bernard Shaw drama? Enthroned. "Endless Streams"? [David Foster Wallace] Entries. Enthrones. End of first passage Endings for prefer and differ Endings for differ and prefer Endings for "differ" and "prefer" ___ el Abyad, the White Nile. ___ el Azraq (Blue Nile) _____ el Jebel (section of the White Nile) ___ el-Azraq (Blue Nile) ___ el-Azraq (African river) Enormity Expression for a hard job Entwiners Ensnared. Extract (a kernel) from shell or husk. ___ example (acts as a role model) Educator's tools. Ecological stages Ecological stages Ecological changes Early name for the Chinese. Ecological communities. Ecological divisions Ecological stages Ecological sequences Ecological cycles Ecological cycles Ecological sequences Ecological stages Ecological sequences European brown bats. Establishes a business Expected to start on Employer of nurse sharks? Economic complement of manufacturing 1991 Extreme hit about the deeper meaning of puzzles? Enters Enters __ example (be a role model) __ example (be a model) __ example (be a role model) ___ example. ___ example ___ example (show the way) ___ example (be a model) ___ example (be a role model) Emily Post Excavate in the white cliffs? Eliza in "Uncle Tom's Cabin," e.g. Even Even Empiricist John and others Emit beams. Emits Exaggeration is among the ___ Early member of Clinton's cabinet Egyptian entertainer Egyptian dancing girl. Egyptian dancer: Var. Egyptian dancing girl Ex-Dodger on the Orioles. Ex-Dodger hurler. English aviatrix Beryl End of question E'er English actor. ET making himself at home? Epithet for 41 Across. Every last computer screen? End of the quote "___ Ex's Live in Texas" (George Strait hit) Existences Enthused out loud Enjoys the veal English monarch from 1689 to 1702 Early King of England. End of a frisky quip Electronic signal weakener Electronic signal weakener Electric signal diminisher End of the response Enticement to sell Ecological adjective Ecologically changing Eat ___. End of quip "Everybody ___ Cha Cha Cha" (Sam Cooke song) End of the quip Enmesh. Ensnare. Exists from a long time ago? Exists, Biblical style. Exists, old style Element No. 7 compound End of the sub-headline Early Frost work Ethereal Ethereal Employs.