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Exec's note Exec's message Exec's reminder Exec's note Exec's reminder Exec's message Exec's note Exec's missive Exec's communication Exec's reminder Exec's dispatch Exec's note Exec's note Exec's note Exec's note Estimate follower Estimator's words Estimate follower Estimator's phrase Enclosed in Encircled by Enclosed in Encircled by Encompassed by Enveloped by Extremely small amount Estimator's words Estimator's words Encircled by Extremely small amount Estimate phrase Estimate words Estimating phrase Estimate qualifier Estimator's phrase Ellington? Not his first instrument! Extremely, in slang Estimator's words Entry on J's family tree Estimator's phrase Extremely small amount Extremely small amount Estimation phrase ER masks, e.g Estimate phrase Estimator's phrase __ Eats: food delivery app Estimate ending Estimate follower Estimate ending Estimator's phrase Estimator's words Estimating words Estimation words Elizabethan instrument Elizabethan strings Estimate's end Estimating words Estimation words Extremely small amount Extremely, in combinations Early form of mandolin. Estimating phrase Estimate phrase Early guitar. Estimate words "Everyone's private driver" sloganeer "Evolving the way the world moves" sloganeer Estimate qualifier Estimator's phrase Early instrument Estimation phrase Estimate phrase ___ Eats (food delivery service) Estimate phrase Extremely, slangily Estimator's words Extreme, in facetious combinations Elizabethan stringed instrument 'Evolving the way the world moves' sloganeer Estimation phrase 'Everyone's private driver' sloganeer Estimator's phrase Estimate words English Jane. Estimation qualifier Estimate words Elizabethan instrument ___ Eats (food delivery service) Estimation words Elizabethan instrument Estimator's phrase Elizabethan stringed instrument Expression of approximation Elizabethan instrument Extremely, slangily Explorer of Australia Estimate phrase Estimate phrase Elizabethan strings Eggs on yeggs Eggs on a yegg Eggs on a yegg Early string instrument Extremely valuable mine find Eggs. Encourages in wrongdoing. Encourages. Extremely small amount Excerpt from audiotape, little bit Early development Ex-Met Harrelson Emulated Emulated Emulated Frank Gorshin Emulated Elegant shade trees Eugene O'Neill's 'Desire Under the ___' Emergency ___ Essentials ___ (freebie for delayed travelers) Equipment Equipment Equipment Early '90s Chicago indie band Early '90s Chicago post-hardcore band Epitome of blackness Editor Brown Editor Brown Editor Brown Energetic entertainer Turner Entertainer Turner Energetic entertainer Turner Editor Brown Ending for hand or fear "___ Enchanted Evening" ("South Pacific" song) "__ Enchanted Evening" "___ Enchanted Evening" ("South Pacific" song) "_____ enchanted evening..." "__ Enchanted Evening" "___ Enchanted Evening" ("South Pacific" song) Ending with tire or irk Ending with quarrel or fear "___ Enchanted Evening" Ending with win or hand "___ Enchanted Evening" Ending for "bother" or "trouble" 2010 earthquake site 2010 earthquake site 2010 earthquake site Elevated, as a golf ball Elevated for driving Elevated for hitting Elevated for driving "E pluribus unum," e.g. Exempli gratia, e.g. Exempli gratia, e.g. "E pluribus unum," e.g. "Et cetera" language "E pluribus unum," e.g. Emulated 6 Down, with "up" "Et tu, Brute?" or "Veni, vidi, vici" Et cetera, etc. "E pluribus unum," e.g "Et cetera" language "Et tu, Brute?" or "Veni, vidi, vici" "E pluribus unum" language 'E pluribus unum,' e.g 'E pluribus unum' language 'Et tu' language End of an O'Neill title Elevated, as a golf ball Elegant shade trees Eight-time Grammy winner Turner Ex of Ike Eight-time Grammy winner Turner Emmy winner Fey English ___, ornamental trees Ex of Ike End of an O'Neill title Elegant shade trees Eraser Mate alternative Eraser Mate alternative Env. data Env. info Env. info Env. info Envelope line: Abbr. Env. info Env. notation Envelope info: Abbr. Env. info Env. inscription Env. info Emulated a parrot Emulated Echoed Emulated Emulated Little Emulated David Frye Emulated Emulated Emulated, in a way Emulated mockingly Emulated Emulated Exempli gratia, for example English root "E pluribus unum" language "E pluribus unum", e.g. Exempli gratia, e.g. Exotic Thai island, or somewhere in the Caribbean? Early revolutionary locale ER supply Etruscan evening Evening in Padua Evening in Venice Evening in Bologna Evening in Venice Evening, in Rome Evening in Roma Evening, in Venezia End of Doris Day's theme song Evening in Naples Evening in Venice Evening, along the Arno Evening, in Venice Evening, in Rome Evening in Roma Evening at Lake Como Evening in Parma Emergency room supplies Evening on Etna Elisabeth, in "Leaving Las Vegas" Evening, in Milan Ettore's evening Evening in Roma Evening in Naples Evening, in Rome Elisabeth Shue's role in "Leaving Las Vegas" Evening, in Este Evening, on Elba Evening: Italian. Evening, in Rome. Evening: Ital. Evening: Lat. Evening in Napoli. Evening, in Venice. Evening, in Italy. Evening, in Milan. Evening, in Italia.