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Extremely high, price-wise Exorbitant, as a price Excessive, as a price Exorbitantly priced Excessive, as a price Exorbitant, as a price Exorbitant Expensive Expensive Exorbitant Engagement ring? Entertainment venue Earn a silly reputation for showing off fighting skills and blood sports Event venue Entertainment venue Emulate a peacock Emulate a popinjay Emulate a peacock Elegant features Error-prone Encouraging word Endeavor or attempt Effort Effort End-of-year tune End of a seasonal Dickens title Ex-king of Rumania, now in Mexico. Ex-King at large. Ex-King of Rumania. Entertainer Channing End of a Dickens title Entertain from house to house Entertain at the door Ellipsoid, for example Excellent, to a jazzman Excellent: musician's slang Exotic punch flavor Exotic fruit Exotic fruit El hermano de mi madre Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Entangle. Enmesh. Elementary problem for Watson Eelpot, e.g. Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Entangle Ensnare Exterminator's gadget Exterminator's gadget Ensnare Extra passengers fit in this carriage Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Ensnare Exhibit pride Emulate a self-cleaning cat Emulate a peacock Exhibit vanity Engage in excessive self-reflection? Emulate a popinjay Emulate a peacock Emblem of Hooters Emblem of Minerva ___ exams (tests at the end of a student's fifth year at Hogwarts) ___ exams (tests at the end of a student's fifth year at Hogwarts) Entree that may be slathered in barbecue sauce Entree that may be slathered in barbecue sauce Egg dish Eggy diner order Egg dish Egg preparation Eggy dish Essie competitor Egg concoction Eggy dish Egg dish Egg/cheese concoction Entrée to the Internet Eggs, fancy. Egg recipe. Eggs for breakfast. Entrée to the Web Entree to the Internet Egg dish. E-mail need Egg transformation. Egg style Electronic transmitter Egg concoction Egg foo yong, e.g. Eggs-and-cheese dish Entrée to the Web Egg dish Electronic communications device Egg foo yung, essentially Egg dish Eggy diner order Egg concoction Eggs-and-cheese dish Egg foo yong, e.g. Egg dish Egghead's dish Egg dish Exhausted Eggy dish Egg dish Eggy diner order Exposes. Eggy dish Eggs-and-ham brunch entree Exploited Eggy dish Egg dish Eggy breakfast concoction Employed Egg-based dish Entree measured by how many eggs it has Eggy brunch entree Eggy brunch order Eggy dish Early 20th century fur trader Early American magnate Early fur trader Employed Exploited Early fur trader John Jacob Early trading tycoon born in Germany Eaarly fur trader Exercised Early fur trading Early fur trader Exhausted Early American magnate Early American tycoon Early American millionaire Employed Early American merchant Early American merchant (1763–1848). Emigrant from Germany, 1783. Emigrant from Waldorf, 1784. Employed Early U. S. fur merchant. Early American family. Early capitalist. Early name in furs Erstwhile Manhattan hotel Early furrier Early fur baron England's first woman in Parliament Exploited Early fur trader John Jacob ___ Employed Exerted Exploited Employed tip to get out of dispute Employed supposedly to remove polyps Employed retired characters from Trades Union Exhausted American feds abandoning borders Employed engineers initially in Bucks? Employed New York Times boss, say Employed in house design Employed in refuse disposal Employed Employed Employed Employed in Chartreuse daily Employed Exploited Employed editor initially in Bucks? Employed in house duties Exercised Employed Endowments for the arts Endowments for the arts Endowments for the arts Electricity, e.g Exponent's indication Electricity supply Effectiveness in revolutionary aircrew operations Exorcism, e.g Emulated a snake Established religious ceremony Empty nester Established religious ceremony Ewe or ram, for a lamb Economy-size Enormous Eli Manning, notably English game. Extremely large Edna Ferber's new novel. Edna Ferber novel. Edna Ferber work Elephantine Economy-size Edna Ferber work Elephantine Elephantine 1952 Edna Ferber novel Ear membrane Enormous soldier -- a six-footer Enormous Ear part Ear piece? Enormous Ear membrane Eulogy content Eulogize Eulogize Extol Express approval for Extol Expel, with "out" Empire State Building chief. Encomium. Extol. Extol Ear part Encomium Extol Encomiums Encomiums Ear part Ear piece? Ear or hum follower "Ear" or "hum" follower Ear part Epitome of tightness Extol, laud Exalt Egg white ____ Egg dish Egg dish Eggy intake Early American capitalist John Jacob