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Crossword Clues Start With E, page 727

ESPN media partner ESPN media partner Equine control Excel on the mound Eye part Exemplary standards "Eureka!" Enzyme ending Eastern path Eight-bit units Ecstasy in club for pound Endless anger in cheap newspaper Excellent facility for bride-to-be's stuff? No! Enchantment for a period of time? Energetic, like a team with ten players dismissed? Extreme Excessive jargon Even mild sleep is good for nothing Extreme and difficult to endure Expressionless Energetic Expert insight for furnishing Equal Electronic data miner Exclusionary link Equal "East of Eden" girl Eastern path Essen exclamation Exist Expires Easy win Emma __, US anarchist (1869-1940) Easily bent Extremely funny Eddying Estate agent’s metric Early stages East Timor's capital Ellen Morgan's revelation in a 1997 episode of 'Ellen,' e.g Ellen Morgan's revelation in a 1997 episode of "Ellen," e.g Email answer Extremely inept person Early James Bond foe Eatery list Exact lookalike Exactly Elly May Clampett's pa Every single one Exchange for cash Enjoy a luxurious and carefree existence Entered; explored Exercises to improve oxygen levels ''Et __'' (and others) Egyptian region Earmarked (for) Eighteen-wheeler Enjoy a book again Exam for HS students Erelong Elf English composer of the symphonic study 'Falstaff' Eponymous surgical family name Exodus obstacle Emphasized, as in type Eaglet's home 1-10, e.g Elf Eponymous surgical family name Exodus obstacle English composer of the symphonic study "Falstaff" Employ Exam given face-to-face Extremely fun, as a party "Exodus" hero Enters secretly Equal (Pref.) Earnest appeal Eager Egg layer Elk's kin Enjoy Aspen Elevator connections Ends up where one started in society after approach from 10 across and 26 across Extraordinary cleric from Ring Egg yellow Elect to an office Eve's first home Egyptian sun god Expression of surprise Eye trouble Egg yellow Epps of "House" Expresses speechlessness Earth-friendly prefix Edge control form Everlasting essence in some religions Extend all around Expel air Entertainments to make you laugh Evasive Eventually Earth orbiter Eagle's nest “Excuse me, but...” 2011 Eastwood-directed biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio Endlessly regular, in his place Emphatic performance ender Excellent Enticement Eye provocatively Expensive fur (coat) Empty __: parent whose kids have grown and moved #2 executives, for short Eternally Eyes closely Edge of a cup Establish, as a scholarship Empty __: parent whose kids have grown and moved Eternally Eyes closely Extraterrestrial Eastern "way" Eastern sight Eventually Express a view End result Eccentric chap — Welsh Extra purchase, by the sound of it Eliciting an “awww!” El Paso’s sister city Eclipsed, outshone Eg, Kent or Cheshire Equal time needed by soldier, perhaps, on a horse Eyes smart manoeuvres that carry a fair amount of interest? Exclusion of chess player crying out to be heard Endorsement of commercial choice Everything for Montgomery? Eagle's claw Entrance fee Expensive rings, bracelets, etc Estimate qualifier Exhibited, as a home for sale Enjoyable Equally skilful with either hand Extremely fun Exhibited, as a home for sale Estimate qualifier "East of Eden" girl Earth sci Espy Existed Earthen building material Every last bit Exceed 21 in blackjack Easter symbol Egypt neighbor Exeter's county “Everybody Hurts” band Engineer out of shape? Eagle, bear, bats in Nice? Extremely chill Expensive or beloved Exercising weight Eccentric person Eg, basil or rosemary Embellish Essential — lively Evaluate Eatery within media company short of meat Expert wished good riddance? Econ. measure Excoriated Extraordinary numeral changed after subtraction of thousand Election ender End of adage Ending like -let ER readout Expression of regret Econ. measure Excoriated Enjoyed empanadas Everything ___ (deli choice) Engrave Embraces Ending for 'micro' or 'tele' Exercise facility Egyptian emblem Enriched fruit drink, sophisticated sort East London college as an alternative English firm concerned with the environment End of road — politician in criminal case bunks off Excluding Extra effort E-__ Employs a hard sell Establishes Express views Eagles and falcons Edson Arantes do Nascimento, ___ Pele End of USC's URL Eagles enthusiasts, e.g E-__ Establishes Employs a hard sell Express views El ___, Texas Electric ___ (fish) Elaborate ruse Eat an entire pie, say Earth Day mo Entreaty Envelope part Estate recipient Enzyme suffix Eye part Educational institution Extra clause added to a document Eager and willing Explosion Engineer whose name became the SI unit for power Exterminator’s agenda? Euripides tragedy Emergency signal Evacuation order Expectation exclamation End of Bill Gates' full name Enervate Elusive result Enervate Elusive result End of a nonprofit's URL, often 'Everything'll be fine!' Enjoyed a pambazo E-address Elected (to) Election mo Eye coverer Elgar’s song cycle Sea Pictures was composed for this English contralto with a powerful voice E. Germany, to natives Early 11th-century date Eminent conductor End of UNESCO's URL Enumerates Extend a lease Exxon's ex-name Enjoy a water park E.M. Forster book about director Ron's TV room? 'Elements of Algebra' author Entrance porch