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Crossword Clues Start With E, page 754

Eats Endure Earlier Extreme Elegant young fowl losing kilo Expert politician, Kennedy could be motivated Excited shout after a thrill ride Earth-friendly prefix End of Lent Egg cell End of a Harvard address Exclamation before putting on one's favorite pajamas? 'Eww! No more!' Early period of life Eastern temple Enterprise captain Easy victim Entreaty Equitable European authority replacing oxygen in spirits and sweet drinks Expressive European mass interrupted by heartless queen Eye exam you need to pass? Exact hits Ejections Evidence of one's hang-ups? Elsa's sister Extras Epiphany — in elevator? (anag) Epic poem by Virgil Edible pockets "Easy peasy!" "Encore!" Ending for dull Errant Exclusively Equine sound Erté's genre Exited right after chowing Egg on Eins + zwei Eliot's '___ Marner' Employer Essential Ethereal glows Eyelid sore Evening, informally Engrave with acid Elaichi ___ (cardamom tea) Establishment outside which breakfast is consumed in the opening scene of in a 1961 film rom-con Extinct flying reptile, with remains principally found in limestone deposits in Bavaria Earn E.g. 'Look Back in Anger' Easy question European who got rich in India Educate Email folder Endangered Himalayan mammal Equal to the task "Early" hurricane survivor Eel with sharp teeth Exclamation of discovery Eliminate some chalk Eight: Sp Ending with Oktober or gab Eg. and Syr., once Egg part Equi- Edits out Even score 'Eww, I wish I could ___ that' Exclamation of congratulations Eight: Sp. End of filming for the day Equestrian controls Egg cell Ebb Errand best put off for those serving drinks Enthusiast of a crazy sort for seasonal food accessories? English medic turned up with hat on, first landing here? Enhances Ernie who won the U.S. Open twice Email address component Extended family Extinct bird Earthly paradise Egerton who played Elton John in "Rocketman" Elementary Exude *Experienced pro Easy to understand Enchilada wrap ER doc's "Now!" Endangered trees Engine part Equipment Ebbs, as a storm Enlighten Explosive letters European region with free movement across borders "Exodus" author Excavator of a sort Exclamation, making mistake with croquet equipment Elliot of the Mamas & the Papas Effective insult Enterprise competitor Earth-friendly prefix Eggs on Episode on artist's compelling work Equipment heading for armoury in capital Expected of the French close to Nice Employ engineer, mature Endless opportunity to keep horse and coach Eg, nematode Estate car 'East of ___' (Steinbeck novel) Entertains Every 26 weeks (... first 3) Excess Extreme suffix Energizer size Eager (to) Equitable Emulate Chloe Zhao "Entourage" agent Early TVs Editing site for news stories En-grossed End-of-wk. cry Excellent, slangily E, so it would appear, is beloved Entertainer who might fall in the bath? Excuse deviation from script, but not second one English bowler maybe embraces early contest Exaggerator of danger Eminent conductors Endlessly talk about field event Engineers disposed to be trustworthy Explore — limits Element of surprise, initially therein a memoir isn't true "Eureka!" E pluribus ___ Envision Earliest phase Exams for srs EMT skill Emerges Earthy hue European peninsula Elizabeth of 'Avengers: Endgame' Experienced? Only from what we hear Enemy froze, oddly English university looking at literature Elevated Evergreens Enthusiastic Exams Error Elaborate description of docked lamb? Exercises by boy capsized old boat Energy of politician interrupting -- that's a nice surprise! Each Euro forerunners Eye part E on a compass Enjoy some eggs, say E.g. fighter's great skill, boxing right East Germans taking very little time in assimilation Elvis' birthplace Exhale in public revealing boob European peaks Eels' pit (anag.) Encounter problem: husband against having pet? Explosive novel out about international development Even up Environmentalist's goal for harmful emissions Ends Estadio shout Ethnic group in Rwanda Extinct birds Ellen's wife Epithet often given to Vlad III of what is now Romania Eid al-Fitr's month in 2023 (Abbr.) European country Engraved Esoteric Effected dispersal of clouds so was quick to catch some sun Edge Equitable Eager Eschews a cab, say Edible tubes Eateries with shuckers Event with a series of courses Entrance hall Elizabeth who starred in Marvel's 'WandaVision' Earthenware container for transporting heat Ebb tide feature Early springtime woe Exercise typically done lying down Engineering sch. in Troy, N.Y Egg producer Elbow-to-wrist bone Exposed Evident Expunge Entered a school zone, say Enjoyed food Elemental building block Elevator compartment Elvis Presley's 1962 UK No 1 Christmas single Engineering sch. in Troy, N.Y. English playwright Embellish Expensive block for a woodworking apprentice? End of Wikipedia's URL Elect (to) Exhilarate, as a crowd 'Everyone ___ thinks I'm cool!' Exams and the like Erase, like a file Elphaba Thropp, by another name Equipment Escargots Earnest request Edible tuber EMT's skill Enjoy the Alps Empire State Building style, for short English county at one end of the Thames Endlessly bring in pounds for titled person England's affliction unknown Elaborate affairs for a 'couple' down south? Ever so many (2 words) Evil fiddler Eye affliction Electron tube abbr Eye part Enroll Epitome of easiness Educate Entirely lacking in depth, video nasty Educational establishment with charm, grooms a poor student Eastern path Eldest Stark child on "Game of Thrones" Elitist Existed Even score Erase Engineers coming in to help broadcast Encrypted hoax written by newspaperman?