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Crossword Clues Start With E, page 785

Eccentric earl needs adjustable legging elasticated tops for proper piss?   Extracts energy, legal up to a point   Expose yourself to the mafia in brief public assembly Encourage work on car that is inclusive of tax English engraved in tablet for Irish-born writer Enzyme in time extracted from nettles, eastern Environmental ills half disposed of when reversing bacterial species (5, 2 words) Endless sequence of ridiculous events held up navigator lacking a skilled worker Entertainer stumped amid derisive hoot Eg Earl Grey's given smile in distress Extremists in desperate criminal group kind of happy? Engineer enlarges core of junction boxes Enormous Frenchmen plunged into tempestuous Seine Exploit middle class Everyone turned green, finding a harmful substance English thorns; hoary symbols, primarily? European Commission regularly ignored Uganda – or another country Elected Pence and Republican; ‘nasty woman' finished? Not yet Employs punsters on regular basis Equipment required by a capital city Employing periodic French Polish master Every now and again, Rio van driver transports crew member English magistrate approves returning capital Expected Eton at eleven. About to set off . Exceptional golden arches in Exeter building Extract from writer's eulogy, anything but wordy Evil crime involved getting hold of student fare from Italy Event in which the murders end badly Eg second line installed for railway in common Entering taverns after tea, I'll be bound Emotive outcome of corruption at police HQ? Equipped with wrong court card, East lacks one king or queen Either way, it's a mistake English propeller e.g. on the Broads, device for gauging planetary movement Earthen crocks in Persian city Everywhere stormy dawned fair Extremely cold drink Earl shamefully accepting fellow American's knock-back Excerpt infused with a loathing for theocratic state 24 ending early: transport put on Engineer maybe suppressing an opening for grease 24 Engage in sport and kit wears out Enemy circles large ice sheet . Expert tours large Dutch city . Even English game bird passes over India Exclusive European register includes Italian Each dish wrapped by expert Everyman's wearing, on and off, clergy's distinctive garb Exceedingly determined inventor; salesman of note, primarily? Emotion not in order for this movement Encounter with Mac could become unromantic Exposed, get a little lower in grass Entirely virtuous, did you say? Exile initially ignored mass prejudice Enquiring cry? There's nothing in the first room Embroil knight in elegant twists . Exclusive meal that daughter won't attend Exercise early with some swimmers Extravagance of academic American, one getting on . Engineers free up joint Escape notice in after-work party for poets? Effete English rogue gripped by depression Explicit film stopping progress by one member going too far Endless crap punk dancing around spilled gin – it's getting going Extremely cheerful and always bright . Experienced nurses vote, with 50% absent, to be shown on TV Extremely irate jockey after losing by a head? Duck! Energy limited by assault further down Encounter inferior bit of beer, nothing more Everyone is deceived about small item in fisherman's catch Evidence of erosion around article to show impact of wind? Eradicated origin of constituency trouble    Expert in revolutionary Short Seamew take off components   Emperors brush up outside a party   Elbow – rock band – with nothing against metal Enthusiast starts to translate early Zola novel Experience being trapped in unsafe elevator Expel from court detectives with cake Ex cooked with corn, herb and raspberry Equivalent of money, including capital, that is at the upper limit of growth Element revolting artist added to a sauce Expert to welcome short snack in bar Equivalent to ‘rings'? Largely! Encounter worthless horse . Energy and force about Frenchmen in online business . Employ the writer to interrupt beloved residents Exclude acoustic covers Essentially, stop and rate the French hierarchical system End of play is baffling Either he's dead or my watch has stopped? Awkward question: run with it! Evidence of passion from Elvis to be reviewed Extremely destructive drug found in storage facility Express disapproval about Latin grammar: not advisable, initially, somewhere in Italy Everyman's shown up with drunken English lords and sinners English colleague spending money rarely discontented in restaurant Endlessly intoned, rambling in wooden tongue Exciting call for attention when receiving bill Election as part of formal account? . End trial that's gobbling up energy Eager to join TV phone-in broadcast via the bush telegraph European detective in underworld location Extremely vulgar man cited some funny quotes Earl introduces artist to one inspiring poet? Entertains with rhyme Easy for one? Eight Miles High? One's in this guitar shop, playing before … Even less like an oil painting in Louvre with its frame retouched Endless benefit being attached to a goddess Excuse excellent that secures freedom Evil family shows animosity Eleven in pack? . Effect of cold and wind at the moment stopping first date working out . Electricity provider upset a lot in party   Eve maybe one on board   Enmity encountered in Tehran courthouse Expert on drinking has battle with organ, though not heart Eye perhaps no good with ears and nose after surgery Examine head in autopsy, cheerily End up north of Michigan in US city Economical health resort used by band Everyman's invested in … in smallest amounts of money to get carrots Eaves' droppers? Eugene's Israelite carrying part of Torah Evidence of injury from collision of bus and cars? Energetic oil well sees abandonment of good conduct Exclamation of surprise on getting a vision during eclipse Energy in giant mammals perverted sexual attraction Einstein's decade? Examinations reveal further cut on underside of hand Each letter is liberal Endlessly going off on tirade is not clever Element of Pugin's Englishness – it's radically restorative Enlist second horse, once galloping around Especially wide, perhaps Event curtailed tennis game, with police brought in Enclosed by desert, western country snubbing British nation Eastern city right about fiddle backfiring Envy what vagrant might do with Dickensian simpleton Express love in wicked behaviour Excessive speechifying has characters switching places – indication of riot? Economic skill picked up? Just the opposite Expert's love for top American mailman? Engineers and soldiers following soldier's rules Essentially, tall locals patrol Maze prison Even reversing, I would be quick English county Republican place, little bit to the left Exam and lesson missed by head of mathematics Eat everything, including salt, and enjoy yourself Embroil newspaper in racket Enemy workplace Every now and then, coloured part of puzzle Everyman put in dictionary: ‘pu‘s a Greek character‘ Entertains multitudes Elite soldiers bashing in middle window-frame Early form of atrioventricular valve Encourage to go outdoors? He's out, playing and wet! Egg en cocotte, missing company, in 20 Extended bit of verse? Digital player replaces one in time Expecting medicine, sort of ? Extremely wary crossing lake in case Engineered canoe raced across lake with increasing speed Exceptional pressure of the joints European bound by rail for Paddington? Earth she's since cultivated for corn Exaggerated bits of Rigoletto Verdi ditched English and French scientist joining F1 team Ends of branches regularly block the way Epic poem before AD 151?    Everyone getting into wicked tune European city exchange disregarding Germany? . English currently working to unseat one board . Extra item a divine conclusion? I'm not sure . Eat amusingly on the radio East Anglian town that's ‘stumped' (stumped in time of prosperity) Extraordinary chaps putting a learner off, for example Evidence of mishap is leading attempt to provide medical treatment Each will surmount small incline in part of London? Encountered turbulent start of Russian nation European IT errors holding up our pupils' targets? Either way, note clear doctrine Emperor Moth beginning to fly over , 4. Eminent person came face to face with the monarch — photographer's got it? Exposed as ladies with a seedy past? Earth turned rapidly, we hear Enough said about Beth working out 11 Efforts of heartless foes seizing empty Reichstag Evidence of boring old empty room's incomplete Exaggerate, having finished act East End artist produces colourful display? Edward, our sovereign, showed passions Exercising restraint, as the Queen is said to do in spirit Elder and osier cut around November Engineer hadn't really emptied water supply Expose buttocks, encasing right one in a bit of armour Eagles maybe perfect circling isle on rocks Escape without love that's keen Equipment program a traitor bugs regularly European, having arithmetical facility to make a list Encroachment for poet, usually with ecstasy switching internal couple Exercise hard – note little cash was required Entering straight road, hit a coach in London European lady one's upset — she's being educated European Libor manipulation? Cry foul! Engine parts — throttles Elegy, say, cleared up Explosive stuff – helmet regularly needed when it's around Elkie's singer quietly leaves nobleman Essential to mark notable winger Enthusiastic reception, with hint of relief, for victory speech Exaggerate deliveries going to art gallery Early victim of some Bible-basher turned back Endlessly sift loose pieces of rock Educated woman eats a dish from India Ex-president (English not American) has installed Chinese interpreters Enticement to switch directions in government Eagerly devour US novelist, we hear, away from college Explosive charge shown by Australian swimmer after leaving hotel party Expert type of service Expression becomes worn out in speech Envoy from Middle East backed Syria's reforming Elected fool into authority? That's madness Eliminate chapter in introduction Enamoured with characters changing conduct Envies good sport, regularly given daggers Evergreen City, bypassing midfield, push forward End timeless piano piece by Chopin in silence Eye-catching feature in paper providing a little tonic Embrace beau? European vegetable's ending in Cornish pasty, possibly? Enter king, say, carrying head of Republican Even cycling finds unexpected zeal around united country European is getting into tea and pepper Event in Illinois accounted for uprising Excellent band in exposure to public debate Engels played with a republic English town has gone off US president . Enhancement for viewers almost crazy to get odd vegetable Encounters aliens on Earth following Martian leader Every so often big cheat began to drink 1 + 500 + 500? Er … I can do this! Exploits solicitor's drink Everyone in performance on wobbly set is most superficial Earthy scent from lab dish shortened task Eccentric priest, not against a bit of tendentiousness, a rationalist (10, 2 words) Excessive pointers point Euclidean circle in stone square in Morecambe Each day cuts surrounding pastures Electronics firm covers writer's trading benefits Excessive fattiness ruined the orator in the main English king back on throne's beginning to make an effort