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Crossword Clues Start With E, page 831

Essential __ acids Easy two-pointer, in basketball Eggs on Edison's 2,332 Earthenware mug Ella's style Easy wins Earth circler Extended record to include name Engendered Electric wall socket Eager Eleven in a room evens out, one's assumed Embassy official Equal standing 'El ___ en los tiempos de cólera' (García Márquez title) 'Enigma Variations' composer Empire that functioned without money Expression of support while keeping one's distance? Expert in helping patients form healthy eating habits Excel command Eye affliction Extract Efron of 'Neighbors' Endeavor Eternities Eyelid swelling Extremely long time Extracts the metal from End, conclusion Engaged in espionage Excavation from which minerals are extracted Evidence of worms beginning to show in felines Evo __, former 19 president of Bolivia Expense possibly of lighting above us? Eliot opus misnomer Echoic acknowledgment 'Excuse me while I light my ___' (Bob Marley lyric) Embellish something unnecessarily Ending with cyclo- ___ Ehrenreich, Han Solo's portrayer in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Entry to the Hall of Fame, e.g Equinox mo Eases Ebb ECNADIUG Erstwhile flight inits Exit angrily Encloses in a border Emotional states that might be detected by rings Eugene's state (Abbr.) "Ex's and —" (2014 Elle King hit) Exclusive group; originally a group of French peasants, tenants of the same lord Each Excited jackpot cry ___ Eisley, where Luke Skywalker meets Han Solo Every 14 days Elderly Escapades Emerge Ending for electro- Erodes Equals "Evita" narrator Embrace Extra NHL periods EGOT winner Moreno Emoji with horns and a red face Equality Expected Eggy quaff Extinct New Zealander Eastern "way" Engine gunk Earns and earns and earns Eggs (on) Essential truth found in mad and unpleasant place Exclude European among strangers we'd embrace Ear-cleaning implement Eaves dripper Expert in one area, maybe Elbow gently Early, as hours Evening, in ads Evaluate Emmy-winner Falco Embarrass, with price of entertainment to increase, perhaps Evening party Extremely dirty Even up, embracing Republican — that shows courage eg transmit (anag) — a little knowledge? Exercising control Excited a giant English river Exciting novel Easily carried Evasive strategies on the football field Emmy-winning actress Aduba Electrical network Earnings Etc. kin Every 12 mos Evil, to Yves 'Easy A' star Stone 'Elephant Love ___' ('Moulin Rouge' song) EMDR might treat it Eye irritation Emcee's opener Exits Events with thunder Employer Excursionist originally travelling first class down under Easier path on foot -- it's winding around heart of copse Exempt from import tax Express anger Electronic reading material? Engrave (anag) — small pre-1981 family car Earth goddess English batter Muslim rejected in kitchen, say Evergreen tree Extent Encounter Erodes Event for spellers Engine additive brand Editor's 'my bad,' maybe Egg dish with a lemon turnover End of a two-player Harlem Globetrotters play End of a White House address Explosive initials Enthralled Enjoyed some gum, say Envelope opened with a click, e.g Essential "East of Eden" son East European slides back bolt Editor's rule-breaking escalates quickly in Chambers Eastern "way" Evil spell Engrave Expletive E.g. radio and TV journo cutting plan up Emergency number England's oldest drama school, established 1904 Eight clubs support, of course, holding races with preliminary round Event for a unicorn, perhaps, in brief Exactamundo Extremely, informally Egg cells Extravagant buildup Eye surgery acronym Electronic instrument Erelong Eminent comedy writer Elton John musical score Every one of us Ewe kid Exhaust Employing euphemisms, say Ending of short illness Enclose worker carrying new flag Engrave Enraged Expurgated Eastern "way" Ends Entertainer Zadora Enjoy a party piece, not unknown, that's performed European pinching food regularly for dog Excellent result for champion Energy in fire might not be dispersed temporarily Elephant of story Expose (a myth) as false ETA listing Evinced elation 'Enough already!' Exclusion anxiety acronym 'Easy' En ___ Extremely close to home Event with no cover charge, perhaps Embrace something embarrassing Eagle-__ Egg's center EGOT winner Moreno Easter hue 'East of Eden' director Kazan 'East of Eden' brother Excessively descriptive "Exodus" hero Extreme fear Easily annoyed Extremely unconventional Essex town, between Chelmsford and Southend Eventually English journalists tucking into extremely strong drink Etymology sharer with 'spade' Experts in immobilization Essence of highlights Employer of ushers Elderly relative, informally Early song subject European harbor with an eponymous wine Eggs Elite police unit Employee welfare agcy Engine wheel Engrossing book Even a hint of Earthenware pot Extra installations Escalade carmaker 'Eh? Eh?' [nudge, nudge] 'Egad!' 'Excessive use of ____s is […] one of the things that betray the uneducated or unpractised writer' (HW Fowler) Entitle? Embosses? Exponentially Emergency call Environment Economical Entreaty Euphemism for 'hell' Exists Emerald City visitor Exotic berry Eagle's nest ELECTRICAL POWER Engagement breakers? Egyptian fertility goddess Escape room find Excessive Exam whose top score is 1600 Expensive glassware Eliminates a squeak Evening, informally Eucalyptus muncher Early 20th-century art movement *Evasive treatment, with 'the' Edge Eagle's abode Extent Exclude, prohibit Eye lasciviously Eliminate certain features of Hindi spelling Expert account about a large old Western figure Enter the complex network Exalted poem Eventually become