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Eating facilitators Eating facilitators "Ew, gross!" "Ewww!" "Ewww!" "Eww, gross!" Expression of disgust "Ew!" "Eww!" 'Eww, gross!' 'Eww!' 'Ewww!' Expression of disgust; rhymes with male deer 'Ew, gross!' Events at breweries Emmy winner Woodard Emmy winner Woodard Emmy winner Woodard Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit. Exploit Exploit Exploit in Eure-et-Loir Easter bonnet accessory. Evil cast from the small screen? Eastern rice dish Event with fiddling Event with fiddling Entangled Entangled (in) Entangled Emotional support in reality bunk fabricated within religious cult Edith Head. E. Indian herb. East Indian herb. East Indian shrub East Indian herb East Indian herb Ending for hist- Elem. particle Elem. unit Element unit: Abbr. Expanse of land Extent of land Estate extent Extensive ground areas, collectively. Extent of a lot Estate extent Extensive ranch land Estate extent Extent of a lot Estate measurement Extent of field expert covers right, over time Enable Edinburgh child Eugenie of France. Elizabeth II. Eugenie, for one. Eugénie Eugénie, for one Eugénie, e.g. English maiden contacts media oligarch perhaps Eastern maiden pursued by journalists, one married to ruler? English male to coerce ruler Enmesh Ensnare Ennomic Emotional Excited about Enthusiastic Excited Emotionally charged Enthusiastic Excited Excited: Slang. Excited: Colloq. Excited, in dialect Excited Excited Excited Enter a tournament Elevated oneself Established Early TV drama sponsor Encrypted, perhaps Elected Elected Embraced Elected Elected. Elected Embraced Elected Elected [expletive deleted] person [expletive deleted] person Epithet of sorts Emergency room workers "ER" extras 'ER' extras ER personnel Endemic Expert guide, perhaps Endemic Endemic Endemic Enchanted castle's covering Einstein's pipe type European heath Extempore Enhance Enhance Excitedly removes, as wrapping Excitedly removes, as wrapping Exact payment from Exact payment from Evening ___. Evening wear Evening dress Elegant dress Eagerly Eagerly Enthusiastically Eagerly, enthusiastically Every garçon has one Every garçon has one Every garçon has one El Capitan's locale El Capitan's home El Capitan site El Capitan's locale El Capitan locale El Capitan's national park Entering sleazy bar, I had to be set apart Extremely Exceedingly Exact same Extremely Exceedingly Extremely Exceedingly Exceptionally Ever so Extremely Enhancing word Eric Carle's "The __ Hungry Caterpillar" Exceedingly Extremely Exceedingly Extremely. Exceedingly. Exact Exceedingly Especially Extremely Exceedingly Extremely Exceedingly Extremely Exceedingly Exceedingly Exact Exceedingly Extremely Extremely Exceedingly Ever so Extremely Eric Carle's "The __ Hungry Caterpillar" Enhancing word Extremely Eric Carle's 'The __ Hungry Caterpillar' Enhancing word Exactly, really Extremely colourful flare Extremely precise Ever so Exceedingly Extremely Extremely Extremely Extremely Extremely Enjoying the bunny slope Eddie Leonard. Eschew written music Eerie story. Eerie story Eerie tale Except for end esplanade is in very ordinary condition Endure Endure Endure Endure: arch. Endure Evenly placed Emblematic Emblematic Entertainment on board could be playing cards with matches Exploding cigar? No, all natural! Eco-friendly border Eco-friendly border Eco-friendly border Event in New Orleans. Exclude implied but unstated backtracking in plot Endemic Extract from a French bean? Ernie, in ''It's a Wonderful Life'' Ends of some close NFL games Ended up costing ___ earth (hunted down). ___ earth. Equaled altogether Eye opener? Eye-related prefix Eye-related prefix Eye-related prefix Eye opener? Eye opener? Excessively quick Eked out a living Emmy-winner Ullman Ex-Majors? "Esposas" Esposas de España Early Hollywood mogul Harry ESPN anchor Linda Ex-member of McCarthy's group. Entourages Extinct tusked beasts Extinct relatives of elephants. Extinct elephants Extinct elephants Eased Eased Eased Encouraging words Encouraging words Emulate a nightingale Emulate a nightingale Edinburgh youths Etonians, for some Early Beatles, affectionately Eton students, e.g. "Everybody wants to get into the act!" comedian Entertainer nicknamed "The Schnoz" Entertainer with the gag reply "What elephant?" Early TV star with a biography titled "Schnozzola"