Crossword Clues Start With E, page 38

'E 'E El ___, part of Syrian desert. European city: Abbr. European capital: Abbr. European metropolis: Abbr. English writer's hideaway Eur. capital End of a long weekend Estrange Estrange Extravagance flips around? Eight hundred Expression of boredom Exclamations Executive group with perfect pitch? Experts in Jewish law European blackbirds. Executives' conference areas Early U.S. printer Emulated Santa Engine treatment Empty bird Ex-G.I. END OF THE QUESTION Early trolleys 1944 event 1944 event EVE Emergency food of Operation Overlord? Early swimming lesson Enthusiastic welcome Enlightenment, in Eastern religion (5) Exterior car adorners End of the joke Elvis Costello's real first name Emulated a superhero Encouraged Emcee will never be forgotten? Extensive, as a celebration English city that's home to the Spartans football club EL Express distaste End of quotation Enticing with deception Essays for advanced students. Expurgate. Expurgate Evening star. El ___ (cheap cigar) El ___, cheap cigar El ___ (cheap cigar, in slang) El ___ (cheap cigar, slangily) El ___ (cigar) El ____ English uxorcide. Exposé of a lithographer's bad hangouts? " . . . enough ___ hang" End of the quip Ecclesiastical law expert Ecclesiastical law expert Expert in church law. Exotic candy? Eclogues End of the definition End of quote European range. Event of March 5, 1770. Event of March 5, 1770 Event on March 5, 1770 Ex-heavyweight champ Exhibits self-control Exactly opposite. Ecuadoran province. Early followers of Mohammed. Early converts to Islam. Early followers of Mohammed Early Moslems of Medina Early Mohammedan converts at Medina End of quote "Eleanor ___" Engravers' sketches End of the truism Examples of deductive reasoning Examples of deductive reasoning Ensemble with clashing tie English canine rock and roll star? Equatorial Guinea's Mbini, formerly Erosions of soil Enters casually Extracts prepared by boiling. End of remark Eschew the Chardonnay, perhaps Elvis Presley, e.g. Economical. Eccentric guys, slangily Eschew speculation Eschew speculation Extra cassiterite? End of the take End of a proof showing the proper method of securing a sail to a mast? Early U. N. assembly president. Ease, as a path ___ expense (go all out) Extra floor material? Extra floor material? Ending of the quip Enjoy freedom from Engender Engender Ethiopian ape Enlisted man's best friend? End of the zinger ... and start of the punch line Encircles. Encircles Encircles Encircles (Var.) Encircles Elevates one's spirits Emulates a daring ride operator? Early loser at Saratoga: Oct. 17, 1777 Egg on a miner? Eagles treesong? Exulted. Exulted Educator's schools: Abbr. Educational inst. "Easy!" Easy! Ecaudate Embark. English novelist John (FLEW SO anag.) Early archer's shield End of the quote End of the quote End of the quip End of the quote End of the jest Eric Carle kids' book with 'The', End of quote Ex-Met catcher Jerry ___ error. ___ error End of the quip Exhausted Eagerly expectant Exhausted Eagerly expectant Extraordinary End of quote Exasperating servant in "Malade Imaginaire." East Indian trees. End of quote Etoile End of quote End of the quote End of the quip Excellent End of quote Express or local, in Italy End of quip 1942 Eugene O'Neill play ELO "Turn ___" Embossed, as metal. End-of-page Web link End-of-page Web link Elvis "Return ___" Entire: It. Explosives. E. African hartebeests. East African hartebeests. English seaside resort Event on Dec. 21, 2010, viewable in North and South America, depicted visually in this puzzle Entangle. Everything End of quote Exciting sensations Eugene O'Neill play? End of the riddle Eminent Chinese. Exercise for beginning yoga students? Everglades, e.g. Extreme smell, in modern-day slang Eddie Rabbitt hit Eye on the intersection End of the question English playwright (1863–1933). End of quip Eludes a defensive back Exemplar of accuracy Essay writing? Extremely popular competitor End of the quip 1799 Egyptian discovery Elf to Santa: Exercise in fitness Exceeding limits Exceeding limits End of the comment End of the quotation End of the thought-provoking question Echoing virtue Echoing virtuous person Ensign in the Navy. Ensign: Slang. End of the riddle Echoing virtuous person Economy-boosting government program Economy-boosting government program Enigmatic Expanded, in a way Eighteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet English ditches End of the quote Elbow-bender Ex-President at the supermarket? Engage in some golden showers with your professor? Enters hurriedly Enters hurriedly End of the quip Enter End of quip European country (one of three spellings) Emotionally therapeutic episode Emotionally therapeutic episode Explore carefully *European vacation, usually *European vacation, usually End of the quote English sieve End of the thought Early spousal greeting Easygoing Easygoing Easygoing End of the pun Enjoyable jitters? Enjoyment of material comforts and luxuries Extremely quiet teenager? Exercise: Part III Enjoying an outing, of sorts Enjoys Vail: Var. Either Madison or de Maupassant? Extends liability coverage End of quote End of the quip End of the lament Editor's changes Experienced again. Eric B.'s partner in rhyme