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Crossword Clues Start With G, page 943

Getting up to dry fish Green stuff eaten (not 'ate') up in desert Give way regarding period of abstinence Go quickly, as crab might? Go with Jack to reverse vehicle Great film about a partner in crime Guiding principles about fondue, regularly ignored Glassware on a lab bench or counter Grant say for keeping young sheep round in group Green piles of hay in lots of five lines? Gut reduced with PE equipment Go too far past stretch of river Good, nowadays, to obtain line in fashionable devices? Gardener with top rating, one landed gentry ultimately toast Garland trade welcomes new man of great learning Gas caused distress for baby Girl's oddly abandoned vehicle lies upside down Greek character in City blockbuster German woman surprisingly has a fur uniform Guard spotted protecting both ends of corridor Gemstone, minute, received by dodgy dealer Greek character runs house Go in with can, embracing a host Gardens conveyed in painting — Appian's first Good Scottish man to avoid French island cruise? Green plastic ruined grave Got on British vessel in eastern sea Give the right payment: it leads to contract Get lost regularly going round that French city Gatecrash home rightly without key Give up bear cave and return Get hands confused? Mix-up initially is costly putting left for right Glorify God for all to hear Glide over water with double force in small boat Greek division with gunners replicated spirit Gas is initially escaping your tip within hearing Great speed but no power Gallery built by posh woman possessing a lot of vitality George's car scheme involving head of industry Give support to English husband or wife Give up supporting attempt Generally losing everything stimulated vigorous activity Grass is top class in hearing Garden centre in northern Surrey, refurbished Good old Aussie star Gather admission of stupidity Genuine about name of the kidneys Gets tango with energy — and speed Good endorsement for pleasure Good trick when trapping old game bird Group boycotted on the radio Get out of the way of a vacuum Go and settle around California Gone swimming near a port in Italy Gripped by film, therapist struck by western Great runner has run off after felon Greek character joins learner and others Get bagatelle, having shifted item of furniture Gold tooth maybe is one doing the rounds? Glaswegian's protracted attempt to find old actress Guts shown by inexperienced visiting CID officer Greeting detective, we hear, in advanced style Good girl battling against male's ultimate fiascos? Girl falling short is sort to trouble pedants Give weary maiden backing to achieve a good grade Give stress treatment to girl pursued by eagle regularly Gone climbing after yen for spiritual relaxation? Go for each Conservative introducing right for cheap rent? Grand used by Scottish group making harsh sound Game over between league's leading pair Germany in trouble over supporting a republic Group under religious rule right to dam German river Gratified, in recent days, to be apprehended by US cop Gasbag opening after heading away from aerial feature Garlic mayonnaise made by girl about ten Game of throwing gag on porter, say (8, two words) Grey rope used for hanging — one's no longer needed Grotesque greed encompassing nation is diseased Getting by with fix for breaking tooth Going into Tolstoy, staged plays God cross having to secure a chest Get faster account, and celebrate, having lost heart Greek character s-scarpered, wrapped in scarf? Ginger nuts for ducks Grievance involving head of shop offering exchange, as before Get rid of nuisance finally with old-fashioned V-sign? Girl and daughter in football team in Himalayan city Great genes uncovered of both sexes Good to visit West African country, harmless Guard in Arab stores ready for Jordan Go over weakness Gets hold of bits of music Gaseous fuel, on paper, looking bad Get back head of state overthrown by insurrection Group running the game trap criminal boss Go free from Baltic? Graduate getting zero on a stiff paper Gifts the first thing Santa has for picking up? Governor that needs to be straight Goal of one entering in the morning Garfield's successor published an impressive author Gossip just as wicked, initially Glass fibre firm is based on Girl with capacity to contain anger about such mischief Guts or Biden's turgidity Greek character in rear returning sword Grape originally acclaimed by jazz fan with degree Get up around noon and wash Great message about legal position, right Greek character risked ace Grumble about the Italian switching faith Grumpy guy, rogue ticket seller, coming across resistance German town Seamus regularly visited Good individual no longer with us Gets passionate approaching time for Scots celebration Gordon finally used up water for his veg Give nothing in push for glory Grant returning floors housing crib for home office alternatives Geordie's behind a historical kidnap Go on lacking knack? (8, two words) Go back and surrender again Garden feature needed by kestrel, listen! Glasses containing potassium in tiny amounts Gas bothered baby Gym class skipped by more irritating sportsperson Garden area essential to occupation God reveals that bishop has departed Get made newly redundant having pinched rear of boss Gathering coral primarily, diver with a tank etc for descent Good time for fruit Get to a church, after religious education Gathering to consume drug? Honestly! Getting quite drunk with ales ruins cocktail Go off with a schedule Golf club: Irish one, not English Get back on top Great friendliness of bishop on one being invited into dwelling Good, since cases lead to politicians finding uppermost reserve (6, two words) Goods train operator no longer fine, I hesitate to say, with speed in commuter area Gets very angry about resistance groups Go both sides of the channel, overlapping briskly God being shown around the temple Gathering of crops is most tough with little volume brought in for days Germany's predominant in beer Goin' out with a member of a chivalric order Giraffe-like animal comfortable with a Greek character Group of workers reportedly steal clothing item Given no option about a meal in the police canteen? Golden pepper shortly providing yellow pigment Guys love small whitefish found in Canada Group gathering opinions about a language Grass featuring in preposterous fashion and also not (6, two words) Golfer arranged to host a quiet game Get gruyere to start, before grating Game in which the present holders are eliminated Girl and boy crossing top of Italian lake Glass container in crate Ned shifted Good-looker in a party turning evil Gather it's prayer time Given funds, so finish in credit Greek island favoured at first in my university Go ballistic making ring-shaped cake across the pond! Greek character about to leave for US city Girl India put in goal Group of stars holding cape's clingy fabric Getting rid of time to celebrate Got it right about work returning Gain in material for building over river Greek mathematician producing some fine stuff Grass area by which sits an ignorant fellow Game British land forces shielding bomb, our hydrogen being explosive . Group touring Asian city sent the wrong way — that's painfully irritating Get through? I don't know Group of team members quarrel, losing heads in courtyard Gastropods which exhausted deer Government's current input to local pit conversion 1 getting Tesla — bet he crashes! Gem that's mostly white or pink with green sides Get the better of idiot joining higher education establishment Gain by Labour unseating new Liberal peer Group assembled for collective action in favour of church Greyhound, maybe, in care of a church Gym equipment bays Getting set-piece, right back crosses Get engaged? I must not say a word! Gun used excessively, several soldiers initially shot Gassy lawman sounding sore Gaza jury cites completely exposed compound Gaudy bird snatching forty winks? Go wild — aggro is terrifying inside Grizzly infant to stand with inexperienced reporter Game hand makes you freak out Goes off organising North USSR tour Gives responsibility to new nurses taking temperature twice Great surprise of family vehicle turning up within distance Get angry about sight of traffic lights Graduate female's suffering setback – restorative treatment needed Gets rid of jazz instrument's sound Getting sadder, possibly notices people getting the message? Guerrilla can also appear with this remarkable person Greek in Family Circle no good for epic Girl one going among silent element Go after earl with a sword Go forward right away Goes without food in Spain? On the contrary – pigs out Golfer, carrying river, put the ball into play Go out of your way to be boring about film Girl requiring qualification, reckless driver Graduate on about fish and 6 in stationery Gave up bag provided, holding rupees and diamonds? Diamonds Gothic writer covering maiden in fruit Get in boat at sea Gourmet's first taken with a stew too refined to be thrown out? Go into headquarters in Georgia missing leader Going off golf to follow retired policeman at home Grant sound and colour Green fare movement encourages food products compatible with animal welfare Greek character's order, constant in club Go round in foxtrot at embassy Get depressed around midnight in night attire Get diamonds for court favourite . Greyish piece of piecrust Grand, as you once may have been Gets out dishes Girls' nose-pegs revolt people like Mahalia Jackson and Al Green Give guns to Rashid to bag large ordinary animal Give jobs to the boys? Time for a meeting . Greetings from regulars in Ukrainian powerboat . Good relish that a hygienic chef had a hand in? . Greybeard is tired, sitting on rear of ship endlessly Gun – one found on a slippery slope Gold to trial TV show – it involves action, but lacks self-awareness Game is beginning to settle down Going for work before the sound of bell Gloomy second person's keeping below Guide Penny away from dealer Gunslinger certainly before noon holding old competitor of ours up Grandma impatient for fabric Guy on time machine with one-off garments! Greek character stays erect when aroused, and that's not all Germaine screwed around with short lieutenant of the colonel's command   Gloss given by oil company account   Gnarly old tree I hung around Greeting that's international, accepted in company Glen, David or Jonathan dropping by? Good lines about active spies being very reserved Getting back to Coleridge, rating rushed over to tell story Get rid of missus at beginning of month Go off with beer drinking theologian Girl round about inside far from reticent