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Crossword Clues Start With H, page 977

Hosp. section Honolulu hello Honorable (which contains the letters of 'noble' in order), for example Hindrances, impediments Havana is its capital He perhaps is in Tangiers working Hard work, introducing a new catchphrase Hemmed in - small songbird caught in outbuilding Hold and use Bond outside institute Holds water in school behind 10 across - site report Hideous Having escaped, move smoothly north Hard mineral in estuary Head out Homes of swallows? Honoree of a Sunday in May Hair tool with teeth Highest-quality Hand-moving ''Hello!'' Hollywood headliner Houston ballplayer How many "can play that game"? Heavens Hoi polloi Hockeyist Paul Heater High point Hipbone sections Home of Adam and Eve "Hello!" on a ship Highest or lowest cards Hullabaloo High roller in a casino H.H. Munro’s nom de plume 'Hell' alternative Hit the pool Had a protein bar Hands out cards Ho-hum Hydrocarbon ending Hooter Having long thick hair Humbug; tripe Hoppy brew Hold up Hard-to-find game cards, in collector's lingo Heavy metal band whose name includes an actual heavy metal Heights above sea level Highway: Abbr Hurry away on foot Happenings at an electric company? Harvard rival Hoppy brew letters 24-hr. money source Hoppy brew letters 'Happy to see my face?' 'Here's a slip of paper instead of actual money' note Have a chat Helps out Hide-and-___ Haunts complex in Panama Had another look at grenadier spitting out gin Having been produced by bookish type - lead pencil doesn't look new Hypothesis leads to extremes? The rest is history! Heavily taxed? It's what those worn down by Labour complain about to journalist! Honey bunch Hypnotic state Handheld organizer Hammers would be present, but not always saw Home cup tie? He’s poetry in motion: that’s magic! Had import, counted Handed over Having an unreal lightness or delicateness Head of a prison Hustled Habituate Hand lotion additive Hospital colleagues of MDs Hall partner Human being Hall partner Hustled Habituate Hundred-to-one shot, e.g. (In this clue's answer, note the first 3 letters + the last 2) Humpback's home Hawaiian greeting Hot sauce ''High'' time of day ''Hurry up, let's go!'' Haggis ingredient Hit letters Hosp. workers Hope of comedy Had incentive to rework English opera 'Honestly . . .' Hard with journalist on coach to clear a way through the woods Happens not to be the thing tinned? The opposite Hurried Had some food Honchos Hotel chain Horsed around on the Greek island Hole allowing gas or air to escape "Holy smokes!" Hampers site off side street Hazardous areas High point Having no time at all for money, online pest producing bumf How some may pick up old picture in seaside resort Have because of Hail, in a hymn Have trouble closing the suitcase, maybe Higher than Hill by a loch Hound 'How silly of me!' 'Hunan Report' author "How silly of me!" "Hunan Report" author Have because of Hound Hill by a loch Have trouble closing the suitcase, maybe Higher than Hail, in a hymn Hog's home He/him/___ Ham it up Hearty laugh Hit, in a way Hackneyed Have the flu Here, in Dijon High-five sound Harbor blaze fighter Herbal ingredient in acne treatments Hesitated Habitual drunkard Having a beginning and an end High, steep rock-faces Horny plates and pointed pins Happened to turn up a month before woman has done likewise Hat not right for combined forces doing tour? Herald in front getting keepsake Highlands dish given to the French — Hesse, writer Highly seasoned stew High-calorie dip is perhaps seasonal Hardly libertine Hole makers How tuna may be packed ''__ happens . . .'' Hardly libertine Hole makers How tuna may be packed Hardly any time at all: Abbr Hype up '___ Her' (Shea Diamond song) Hair fastener High-urgency mindset Holiday when xoi gac is served Honcho Hairy growths on faces Handy, practical Has a reputation for teaching The Pretenders in a place where one is taught to play well presumably? Head of fish for wild cat here? 2000 Home Run Derby winner Hawaiian goose Handed (out) Home of the Tyrolean Lodge H.S. class where students study their cells 'Hunger' memoirist __ Gay Hightail it Husky cousin Herring type Half-portion of a course Half an odd-jobber nickname Hit __ "Hunger" memoirist __ Gay Hightail it Herring type Husky cousin 'Hawai'i '78' singer Kamakawiwo'ole Have the courage Hand, in Spanish He's often depicted with a scythe and an hourglass Hindrance to fairness Hollywood trophy Helper: Abbr Hole to receive a lace Higher ground? Half a train track Holy Week's time Huffington of HuffPost "Happy Days" actress Ross "— have to wait" Hindu ascetic Historical periods Hotel room fee Hang, as a wet shirt Hanks, Hardy, Hiddleston or Holland of Hollywood Have a fixation, with 'over' Have a night meal Heat in a microwave High-five call before 'down low' Holistic massage practice ___ Hendrix Experience 'Hold That Ghost' co-star Costello 'Hair' clips? 'Hey! Come over here!' 1300 hrs Habituate Heel Happy Meal toy replica of Captain Kirk's ship? Heineken brand named for a Mexican city High nester Historic time Horatian work Half of a semicolon Has a bite High hairstyle Historian __ Kearns Goodwin Hustle and bustle "Https" address 24-hr. bank thing Head warmer Had cornflakes with avocados Habituate Happy Meal toy replica of Captain Kirk's ship? Heel Historic time High nester Heineken brand named for a Mexican city Horatian work Hay unit Heaven-___ Helper Hot cocoa holders Hulk out Have in mind to do Hudson River feeder Headless type of beer turned up, designed for older tastes? Heartless pussycat misbehaves and makes trouble Helped financially, supplied with pounds and always getting on Heart with "Mom" in the middle, in cool talk Huge bag "Humble" home __ Howard, director of the film "Frost/Nixon" __ Howard, director of the film 'Frost/Nixon'