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Crossword Clues Start With H, page 994

Health resort Hex Hopeless cases House speaker Nancy Humorously twisted Has a hookup over Heavy, deep mud Height-adjustable workstation Herb on bruschetta Holler Honker Hot wok sound Hurler Hershiser Halts Historic times Hidden away Hiding in bush, a very young lad Holidaymaker’s escapade entertaining Mike Hasty Horror film actor Hi there, Richard: Hamlet knew him Hate speech perhaps gets Mike arrested by police with violence Having toilet break, quietly kept in touch Hardly a penny pincher Hit 2021 film based on a Frank Herbert novel Harbour on which Cape Town, South Africa, is situated Hug; contain Hankering Hissed "Hey!" Hotmail alternative Huge bash Hypothetical scenario Healthy green Huff Have your cabbage Hawaiian island Huge grounded bird Helps Health pros _____ Hill, Ontario Hitch in haste High points Hostel Hard to find However, for short Hide family under Samaritan's roof Have guests come into vehicle with no right? Here you can drop off surveillance device, sucker! Herbal tea Hosiery worn by women as stockings Highwayman Host of Netflix's 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction' Historic Mideast city where Samson died "hehe" "Heavens to Betsy!" Have on HBO's "Real Time With Bill __" Heavenly sphere Hopeful but insubstantial? Horseback game with a namesake shirt Human rights lawyer Clooney Hot springs gemstone "Hey there!" "Have an open mind!" Hacker's cry of success Hard-to-spot pattern, briefly Homes for 34-Downs Houston baseball pro Holiday delivery? Hawaiian porch Hawaiian name for wahoo Home for a guinea pig Home for a pig Hodges in the Baseball Hall of Fame Holden Caulfield’s creator Hagen of the theater Half a constellation appears pale blue Hugely influential Swiss mathematician, d. 1783 Handle Hitch Heath Having a scholarly manner (like Trump?) Highly esteemed place surrounded by grass Hotel cook Hopefully learning many are involved in this legal matter H.S. hurdle Hairy cryptids Humorist Bombeck Hold sway Having a twist Heavenly strings Hen's house Hit on the head Horse hair Hindu epic hero Host city for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Home of the Aker Brygge neighborhood Horn of Africa native Howard who was the Yankees’ first Black player 'Hattie Harmony: ___ Detective' (kids' book by Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett) 'Hands off, bucko!' Hesitation to shout — not a mistake Horse giving worry Hammer wielder Historic periods High-pitched electronic noise Hostile feeling Help musician losing lead Hot Half dozen Heat source Hardly any Height Heavily eroded region Heraldic devices Head of coin Hero; film star Humour Holy creature's thrown out -- for behaving thus? Half of the only mother/daughter duo to be nominated for acting Oscars for the same film Hive-minded? Home of more than 16,000 slot machines Hot tub shindig "Hunny" bear "How Great Thou __" Homeowners' documents Highest mountain range outside of Asia Half of deux Hearing things High home Has faith in Hawaiian island home to Kaneohe Bay Heavy weight Holler Home Homebuyer's option Herald Hunting dog — bird of prey Hurt Hand all in a sequence in one suit Hard-skinned fruit Hairy creature heads for youthful expedition's tents, intimidatingly Have a target He wrote 'All good things are wild and free' Hawk in a duet "Ha! I was right!" Harmony, to Taoists Headwear in Santa's workshop Half a pint Home run, in slang Houston team Held on to Honda's luxury line Hospital triage sites (Abbr.) Human rights org Health resort Historic school Hammer or sickle Hawaiian coast Hindu royal Huck's raftmate Herb is awfully arrogant “Holding Out for ___” (Bonnie Tyler song) Hammer parts Hierarchy’s highest level Hold aside Humorist Bombeck Help for a case Holy trinity? Hold in contempt "Hmm, I need to think about that ..." Has a bug Homonym of a banana skin How you may feel in a Zen garden Hybrid golf garment Having clear boundaries Heating pad target Head space? 'Honey' star Jessica Hawaiian fish dish Hang around Hog's hangout High-end camera type House made of compressed snow Happen next Holds fast (to) Heredity unit High-speed races with gates Has an understanding Having free time Huff Head of an abbey Hat Hiker Headdress Holy Communion Having the appearance of glass "How's it goin'?" H+, e.g Has a life? Headline about Condoleezza's gaffe? Head-slapping cry Heart test, for short Hoops score Holding insured by the FDIC Hidden dangers Have a conversation Heart chart: Abbr Hurdle Holder of parked cars Halts Halves of diameters He goes 'to infinity and beyond' Hens do this Historic times Habitat for humanity? Honoree on the third Sunday in June Hall-of-Fame QB Dawson Hotel customer -- Hart, lyricist who worked with Richard Rodgers Head of school wears fur coat in capital Honest fellow managed onset of kleptomania Horse able to be Shakespearean character Had a nice spread, landed estate Hit by the Parisian band Handle carriages, so some say, with credit Hi; bye Howling (in grief?) Hi (cowboy?) Hawaiian hand-outs Hurting He made music with Sylvia Has on Helps in a heist Hotel at JFK named for a defunct airline "House of the Dragon" channel Half an admonishment Hanukkah presents, e.g Helium, for one Help in crime Himalayan cats with spots (letters 3-5) Hollywood icon West Had liver topped with horseradish Hairless Home for a falcon Half- — (latte option) Harangue Hit song by ABBA 'Hey you!' whisper Horrible old chest holding new debtor's notes