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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 316

Just a ___ (wee bit) "Jack of ___ trades..." Japanese soybean paste Jeans and bell-bottoms, e.g. Jack and Jill used this to fetch water J. C. ___, founder of an eponymous retail chain Jazz pianist ___ King Cole "Just ___ water" (common recipe instruction) Jerry's archnemesis and neighbor played by Wayne Knight who is a recurring character on "Seinfeld" Japanese noodle dish Jet ___ (globetrotter's woe) John who sang "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Janitor's apparatus Janelle ___ who sang "Dirty Computer" Johnny ___ who portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow ___ John's, pizza chain Jelly-like substance obtained from algae (anagram of "raga") Japanese decorative fish Judge's specialty Jack Russell Terrier who is Stanley Ipkiss's canine sidekick in the film "The Mask" Joseph Force ___, New York State Supreme Court judge who mysteriously disappeared on 6 August 1930 Jimmy ___, influential American labor leader who mysteriously disappeared on 30 July 1975 James Bond's alma mater Jiggly dessert: Hyph. Jungle swinger Jamestown Colony Cargo ___, object sent into space in NASA's Atlantis Jazz club instrument, for short ___ Jackson, NASA's first African-American female engineer "Just ___ suspected!": 2 wds. Japanese cartoon genre Judge's gown Jacob's biblical twin Jedi Master and protagonist of the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy played by Daisy Ridley Jeffrey Archer novel "Kane and ___" ___ Jima (Japanese island) ___ jar (cookie holder) Jack of ___ trades Japanese golfer Isao ___ Jamaican musician Marley Jamaican dance music Jenner with a cosmetics line JPEG file, for short John Travolta starrer "___ Fiction" Jiggly hair-setting product "Just letting you know" in chatspeak: Abbr. Joint exercised during a proposal? ___ Joel, singer of "We Didn't Start the Fire" James Bond's prep school Jacob's Biblical brother James Cameron's epic science fiction film of 2009 where humans colonize Pandora Johnny ___, successor of 6a ___ Jordan who is also known Green Lantern Jet ___ (traveler's concern) Jane in a Bronte novel Jack and Jill's bucket Japanese wrestler's forte " ___ & Julia," comedy-drama film starring Meryl Streep Just manage with "out" ___ Jack, aniseed-flavored chewing gum originally made of chicle Jawaharlal ___, India's first PM Jar cover ___-Jet (winter vehicle) "___ Jon," 2013 film starring Scarlett Johansson Jamaican music genre Jump, like a bunny ___ Jackson, former member of the boy group The Jackson 5, who went solo with the single "Got To Be There" Julie Andrews' musical "The ___ of Music" Jessica ___, "The Sinner," actress who is married to former Nsync member Justin Timberlake James Bond creator ___ Fleming Joan of ___ Jennifer ___, American actress, singer, and talk show host Janitor's tool ___ Jackson, American singer dubbed the "King of Pop" whose 1982 album "Thriller" is the best-selling album of all time James Bond flick "You ___ Live Twice" Jackie Chan flick "Mr. Nice ___" John Cusack's sister who is an actress "___ John," 2012 song by Bob Dylan which is a tribute to Lennon: 2 wds. Just about squeeze, with "out" Johnny Carson's predecessor at "The Tonight Show": 2 wds. Jack and Jill's vessel Just sitting around ___ John's Pizza Johnny ___, character from Cartoon Network Jungle King's chamber? Jughead ___, Archie's best friend in Archie Comics Jessie J's "Price ___" "JoJo's Bizarre ___," manga series that follows members of the Joestar family "Just the Way You ___," song by Bruno Mars ___ Jinadu and Northstar, couple from Marvel comics' "X-Men" ___ Jane Watson and Peter Parker, couple from Marvel comics' "Spider-Man" Jar covering Jelly holders Jerry's nemesis, in cartoons Jo Bennett for Sabre, e.g.: Abbr. Jet ___ (watercraft) Japanese sash Japanese singer Yoko Julius Caesar's robe Jackie ___ of "Shanghai Knights" James Bond's prep school Jumbo ___ (aircraft) Joan of Arc, for one Jim ___, former American politician and Olympic athlete "Just the Way You ___" (Bruno Mars song) Japanese rice-based dish James Bond or Jason Bourne, for one Jazz instrument played by Lisa Simpson on "The Simpsons," for short Jockey's neighing animal "Just ___ water" (recipe instruction) ___ Johnson, former LA Laker who guest starred on "The Simpsons" as himself Jafar's parrot in "Aladdin" ___ Jima, WWII battleground ___ judicata Jellystone Park's ___ Bear Jimmy ___ (high-end shoe brand) Joplin at Woodstock Jamaican pop genre Japan's currency Jake's love in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" ___ Jobs, American business magnate and investor who was the chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Apple Inc. Jot something down Jungle cats with thick manes ___ Johnson, American retired professional basketball player who runs a conglomerate company in his name Jessica ___, American actress and businesswoman who co-founded The Honest Company John Denver song "Leaving on a ___ Plane" ___-jerk reaction (without thinking) Judge's gown Jack, to Rose, e.g. "Just a heads-up," to a texter: Abbr. Junkyard metal, say Japanese currency Juliet's beloved? "Jersey Shore" network: Abbr. "___ job's worth doing...": 2 wds. Joint with a cap "Jane ___" (Charlotte Bronte novel) Janitor's instrument Judges' attires Jacob's twin Josiah "Jed" ___, Martin Sheen's character on "The West Wing" John ___, composer of the "NBA on NBC" theme song Jennifer ___, the actress who plays 12-Down on "Friends" ___ John's (pizza chain) Japanese port city Jeans material Jack Kerouac's most loved novel based on his travels with his friends across the United States: 3 wds. Johnny Depp's character from "The Lone Ranger" Jean-Pierre Jeunet's hit film in which actress Audrey Tautou, a Parisian takes viewers through a whimsical journey of the city Japanese currency which is also the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market Japanese port city where Sanyo and Panasonic are headquartered Joke "Jane ___," a novel by Charlotte Bronte Jerry's feline foe Joey in "Winnie-the-Pooh" Jargon Just a ___ (slightly) Jaguar, for example "Jump the shark," e.g. Jump shot path James who sang "At Last" John ___ of the Beatles Japanese currency ___-J, "Left Hand Free" band James ___, inventor with a unit of power named after him Jerry and Nibbles, for two Jean ___ of Dada art Joan of ___ Joint that is often injured by runners J. R. R. Tolkien's "The ___ Of The Rings" Japanese hunting dogs James Bond's prep school Japanese electronics giant owned by Panasonic Japanese garb JFK's predecessor: Abbr. Joseph ___, popular ice cream maker Jesse Eisenberg role, ___ Luthor Jet ___ (traveler's woe) Jack ___, "Dragnet" creator and star Jake ___, first Congressman to fly in space Jacob's biblical brother Jump into a pool, say Jet ___ (traveler's affliction) Jacob's twin, from the Bible "Jackdaws love my ___ sphinx of quartz," sentence with every letter of the English alphabet James ___ who wrote "A Death in the Family" Jai ___ (half-court game) Jimmy Kimmel's alma mater: Abbr. Jonas Brothers' genre Jerry's catcher, in the cartoons "___ Just Not That Into You," 2009 film Jay of "The Tonight Show" Jacob's Biblical twin Jazz instrument, informally Johannesburg's country: Abbr. ___ juice, citrus seasoning used to enhance spiced cranberry sauce "Just a ___" (little) "___ Just Not That Into You," Jennifer Aniston movie Jack and Jill, e.g. Jazz musician's flourish Jimmy played by Pacino Jumpstart a vehicle & abruptly head south for the beautiful trees (10) Jonah Lomu perhaps didn't touch the side (4,4) Jean Tatlock, e.g. Judo degree Jubilation in house with kin (9) JFK's ___ Flight Center: Abbr. Jockey and TV sports presenter Steve (5) Joe and Anthony_ , co- directors of Avengers: Endgame (5) John Lennon song used in BBC arts show (7) J S ___, Goldberg Variations composer (4) Jam in shoe? Jonah ___, All Blacks rugby legend (4) Jules ___, Phileas Fogg creator (5) Jungle beast Join forces? January, in Cancún Jackets to be worn whilst we free the Southern Queen (7) Jelly-like in consistency Jazz singer or actress Sylvia Journalist Clark who is secretly Superman John M (1871-1909), Dublin-born playwright (5) Just the tickets for people needing a lift? Jurassic beasts, cute-style Jumping sound, in comic strips 1985 John Hughes movie whose title song is by Oingo Boingo 2023 joint memoir subtitled A Mother and Daughter Talk Life Death Love (and Banana Pudding): 3 wds. Joy actress who coauthored 33-Across with her daughter: 2 wds. Jurassic World Dominion actress who coauthored 33-Across with her mother: 2 wds. Jumps on a foot Japanese wrestling with huge wrestlers Japan's currency Johnson of old comedy Jelly made from seaweed (4) John and Arthur, early British aviators (6,3,5) Jedi master Jazz phrase Jordan's capital JFK's predecessor Judith ---, writer and illustrator whose books include The Tiger Who Came To Tea (4) Jackal cousin Jacob _, star of Priscilla and Saltburn (6) James Bond's first movie foe Jewellery item JumboTron maker Juneteenth advocate Opal Jam alternative Jogged Jonas or Cannon Joy's novel got Africa in it (13) Jazz instrument (abbr.) (3)