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Crossword Clues Start With J, page 317

Just One -, Doris Troy hit (4) Just the one vest being worn Just; with light skin and hair (4) Jacqueline MacInnes ___ (she won Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress in a Drama Series for "The Bold and the Beautiful" at the 50th Daytime Emmys on Friday) Jane Austen book, ... and Sensibility Joan of ___ Journey of self-importance John —, Governor of Victoria, Australia, from 2001-06; second man to run a sub-four minute mile Just Jumped off a springboard Jillian & Curry Jog back for one horse Juvenile eel past the larval stage, when its transparent body has developed pigmentation (5) Jamming into place (7) Jazz piano style Jonathan who in France left bloomer (7) Jazz club highlights Justice Kagan Jam made from oranges (9) Joint above the femur Japanese feudal ruler Jemma Redgrave's role in "Howards End" Judging case about barrels rebuilt for cheese (9) Jupiter, for one | Dancer's teammate | Flier with a tail Jr. year exams Just manage, with "out" Jumble, confuse (6,2) Join in (11) Juniper spirit Jack to work steadily and intensely (6) Junker feature — Jima Just a lake Jacksonville - - -, NFL team Jot down Japanese peak at 3,776m James Bond theme by Adele (7) Japanese company that was the first to mass-produce the "O"-ring chain. (2) Japanese film and TV actor who starred in The Last Samurai and Memoirs of a Geisha. Ken _ (8) Japanese peak at 3,776m (4) Jazz playing here on radio, thanks to you John turned up grasping and savage (6) Johnny, singer noted for his version of the song When A Child Is Born (6) Judicial spot Juicy red salad ingredient (6) Julie, singer noted for the original version of Don't Cry For Me Argentina in 1976 (9) Julie of "Mary Poppins" Julius Caesar was warned about this time in March Julius or Sid Jimmy .... , 1973-81 Liverpool midfielder; 1976 UEFA Cup final winner (4) John, ex-Labour leader (5) James of political sting videos Judge of line wines Judicial decision used as an authority for subsequent cases (9) Joel's partner in "The Last of Us" Joker, to Batman Jamie ___ Curtis of the "Halloween" movies Journal Jot Jean —, French writer whose plays include The Madwoman of Chaillot and Ondine John, to Ringo John turned up grasping and savage John Lennon's love (3) Journalist lately writes about destructive event in the U.S. (7) 'Just as I predicted' Jimi Hendrix classic (2 wds.) John, author of Giles Goat-boy (5) John ..... , South Africa Test wicketkeeper 1951-65 who died in June (5) Jonathan ..... , St Mirren striker with Swindon Town 2014-17 (5) ___ Jovi "__, José!" Japanese soup noodle Jedi who trained Count Dooku Julia's role in "Ocean's Eleven" Jai ___: Basque game Julie, starting before four with Edward, did some dancing (5) ___-jongg; popular tile game Joe -, actor/presenter who played Mickey Miller in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 2003-08 Johan -, 1981 Australian Open singles tennis championship winner (5) John, winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature (9) Jon -, rugby union fullback at London Wasps from 1997-2000 Jonathan -, 2015 Superbike World Championship winner Jolly tight? (5) Joan of ___, French saint Jamaican song Jewish wedding song Judicial garb Jules Verne captain Joy ____, carol written in 1719 by Isaac Watts (2,3,5) Judge boring religious office making pub empty bar (9) July Fourth (2 wds.) ___ Johnson, Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Josh with Joined Jimmy or Tommy Jazz great James John Galsworthy's "The Forsyte ___" "Just finished!" Jane _, novelist (6) Jennifer ___, actor (7) John of 2-Down Jury members, presumably Jackson or Hilton Jump to right in mist during game (8) Joseph ***** , Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom from 1913-1946 (5) Jogger and Sandero maker (5) John -, Director-General of the BBC from 1992-2000 (4) Just the place to be given puree for nothing! Joined together, like Carlisle? (6) Joint that's bent at a bar Job at hand Jet ___ (traveler's woe) Jewelled head-dress (5) Just adorable Jailer’s janglers Journal John - - -, film director Justice Kagan Judge boring religious office making pub empty bar 1974 John Carpenter comedy sci-fi movie Joke about tree burning Julian ___, creator, writer and executive producer of Downton Abbey (8) "Just so you know ..." Jai alai missile Japanese lunch item with slices of milk bread Jay ...., 2000-06 Brentford midfielder (4) Jude Law film Japanese cartoon genre Jazz singer Fitzgerald Jada Pinkett ___ said she and Will separated 7 yrs ago (5) Jamie ___ Curtis won Oscar for supporting actress (3) Jay-Z and Eminem do this (3) Jennifer ___ starred in two new movies (5) Joan Collins, star of this night-time soap, turned 90 (7) Joe ___ visited Ukraine in Feb. (5) Join a popular activity or cause; jump on the ___ (9) Just ___ it (2) Joe Biden is its 46th president: Abbr. Joint midway up the leg Joint on one's finger Joint that connects the femur and tibia Joy of TV John_, star of the TV shows Jack Ryan and The Office (9) Justified when former spouse got even, say (9) _Johnson, star of the films San Andreas and Hobbs & Shaw (6) Jamaican dance music Jousting spear Jimmy —, singer-actor who played the title role in 1990s BBC TV drama series Spender Jan —, prime minister of South Africa from 1939-48 Jacob's wife, named in Genesis JD's favourite tipple in Scrubs? (9) Jack in the catchment area (3) Jacob's wife, named in Genesis (6) "Jaggery" used to sweeten festive fare including brandy snaps, citrus peel, crystallised ginger, frumenty, gingerbread, glace cherries, jellies, marron glace, marzipan, mulled wine, nougat and Turkish Jarrod, a Hammer for England Jeff, former West Brom and England headmaster Jockey's contest of speed across clear ground as opposed to the fences of the King George VI Chase run on Boxing Day, for example (4,4) Join in, be involved (4,4) Join trail east to find plane's main part Jon , lead character played by Kit Harington in Game Of Thrones (4) Jos Buttler does this as well as bat Journey by rail (5,4) Judo expert (2 wds) Julian , actor who played George Emerson in 1985 film A Room With A View (5) Just an ordinary Roman left out Just one of the first two flyers delivered Just to ___ few (short list ending phrase) (2 wds) Jeer disturbed him, a troubled prophet (8) Just the place for your eureka moment? (7) Jane ____ (Charlotte Bronte book) Jazz saxophonist Baker Just slightly ___ & Jerry's Jamaican city (7,3) Joints that spin a Hula-Hoop Jim Nabors' famous TV role Gomer 2018 Jon Batiste instrumental that riffs off a noted composer John who sings "Your Song" Jovial Jay Japanese word for "carp" Join up, in a way James -------, comedian and host of panel show Hypothetical (7) Jaggy! (4,3,7) Jason -, actor who played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series (6) Japan, its capital (5) Journey's interruption Japanese money Just blonde (4) Jangle John —, theologian who established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland in 1560 Jessica of “King Kong” Jenner of reality TV Jr.’s exam Jesus’ apostles Jackie Wilson’s Christmas No 1 of 1986 Joel’s daughter in the video game and HBO series The Last Of Us Jacqui, first female commentator on Match Of The Day (6) Job with money I emphasise for female supplying stamps etc. (12) Jog (memory) (7) Join, sign up Jim, on "The Big Bang Theory" Journey heading for Florence, easy (6) Jazz instruments Judge's instruction Judge's garment Jewel box John ---, leader of the British Labour Party 1992-94 (5) "Jeez, dude" Jets quarterback Rodgers Jimmy _, footwear designer whose shoes are loved by Sex And The City's Carrie (4) Japanese rice cakes Just fine Janis ___ ("Mean Girls" character) John Lennon's second studio album (7) Jackson ___, Wyoming Justices' org Jack -, actor who played the title role in US television drama series Quincy Just go down until pathway ends (4) Jack, sticker of piano (6) Jolly couple using drug for acting (5) Juniper-flavored clear liquor Join Scrooge on his journey to finding Christmas cheer! (1/10) On Christmas ___, Scrooge, a miser and cruel man, was all alone... Journey stage Jazzy instruments Juicer contains something cold Judo grade Journalist’s boss Joe Calzaghe, eg Jog (memory) Jealous of Venus in conjunction with Io (7) Joins that messed about with the law (9) ____ Jekyll, horticulturist and garden designer born in 1843 (8) Jacuzzis "Julie's Aria" opera Join forces (with) Just horrible Jewish synagogue leader Just a little bit Jocular term used when you want to make it clear that you don't care about athletics Join the chorus Justice Dept. bureau Jotted down, say Jungle swinger James M —, author of novels Serenade and Mildred Pierce Juan —, president of Argentina from 1946-55 Jonathan —, 2015 Superbike World Championship winner Joint Jamaican music genre that precedes Reggae James, perhaps, skirts retired group showing little emotion (6) Jessica of films