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“Juno and the Paycock” playwright 2015 Jesse Eisenberg film, American _ (5) Japanese money Japanese noodle Justine —, 2007 US Open singles tennis championship winner Joke suitable for all by a Biblical character Jamie, Highland warrior played by Sam Heughan in TV series Outlander (6) Jawaharlal ---, first Indian PM (5) Jet set; 36 Down size (5) Job, post Job on the line? (7) Josiah ---, potter (5) Jumbo that went down? (7) June, July maybe? I’m ready afresh Japanese musician Yoko ___ Juniper's berry-like fruit, once developed (4) Jeer or boo Jenny McCarthy to Melissa McCarthy Jaw bone Jane in "80 for Brady" Jeer from a disgruntled spectator Jeweled headpiece for a princess Johan ........ , 1970-81 Holland midfielder; 1974 FIFA World Cup final penalty scorer against West Germany (8) Julie & Julia actress, - - - Streep Jordan Spieth's org. “JAG” spinoff ... Jones, singer (3) John's mad puppet performed in athletic event (3,4,3,4) Just _ Johansson, actor (8) Jean-Michel ***** , electronic music pioneer noted for his 1976 album 'Oxygene' (5) Judas Priest song, "____ --> Joke in metro about loan Jump a place in the queue (8) Joint above the knee "___ Just Not That Into You" (2009 film) Jet ___ (watercraft for a tourist, perhaps) Job of rock carving (12) Just a tick, not one on the same pitch (8) Just OK (5) Jury verdict Joint owner admits staying in this locality Joint with a digital location? (7) Jonah ___, New Zealand rugby union player (4) Journey from place to place with Turkey's top composer (6) Just not see, living as a curtain? (2,5) Julius is drunk, going over the maximum (5) "Just name the day and place!" Japan's dollar Joint John Deere product Jargon suffix Jittery 'Johnny --', 1947 film starring Dick Powell (6) Johann, 17c Austrian composer often regarded as the true father of the Viennese waltz (9) Jerk Jim ......., Dundee United manager appointed in March, 2023 (7) Joe ....., former Rotherham Titans, Bath, Gloucester and Bedford Blues centre (5) Just reason for site of entertainment (10) Jack an Oriental, brought up glass from German city (4) John Wayne film True - 2021 James Bond movie with Rami Jeer, tease Julia or Patrick 1935 John Steinbeck novel (8,4) Jon Voight's co-star in Midnight Cowboy (6,7) Jung's term for a man's feminine side (5) ___& Jerry's (ice cream company) Jacques ___, French prime minister in the mid 1980s (6) Japanese marinade Jane Austen classic Jack, same silly boy (5) Jumped into blue carpet regularly (5) _ Jarvis, star of TV'S Raised by Wolves and Peaky Blinders (5) _ Johnson, star of the films Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker (6) Julia of film Jazzy Fitzgerald John —, field marshal who commanded the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium from 1914-15 Job reward Jabba the ___, Star Wars character (4) John Atkinson —, Victorian-era artist John __, author of the Rabbit novels (6) Judged a way to limit speed of data processing Japanese car manufacturer with a 'three diamonds' logo (10) "Je t'?" (Gigi's "I love you") Jet ID locale Just a single partner of tatties at Burns Night! (4) Jail 2008 Jim Carrey movie, --- Man (3) Jump from £1,000 plane close to France (5,4) Jazz singer Lena John __, author of the Rabbit novels Jim Croce’s “I Got ___” ___ James, US jazz singer (4) Jingoism Juliet translated groan in pigeon (6) Just cash to risk with 50/50 prospect (4,5,6) Josh Taylor, say (5) Joke often delivered by pantomime Jane ___ (1775 - 1817), Hampshire-born novelist who wrote Pride and Prejudice (6) Japanese delicacies of raw fish, etc (8) Japanese religion dating from the 8th century (6) John Coltrane's genre Julia's character in "Ocean's Eleven" Jane of "Hot in Cleveland" and "Frasier" January 15th to January 19th, 2024... Annual meeting place of the World Economic Forum (More at #91-Across) Jersey NHLers, four riding winter vehicle back (6) Job-interview conductor, briefly Jailer holds unspecified number in the country (7) Joseph ___, antiseptics pioneer (6) J E -, England Test cricketer who hit 200 not out against Sri Lanka at Lord's in 2014 (4) Jessica -, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Blue Sky (5) Joker on cart Joseph -, French stage entertainer whose stage name was Le Petomane (5) Journalist has soldiers to fix Jump playfully in cloak beside river Jet ___ (traveler's concern) Just ... all right Julie _, star of the classic musical film The Sound of Music (7) _ James, actor whose TV credits include The White Lotus and Sanditon (4) _ Jones, singer-songwriter whose debut album was 2002's Come Away with Me (5) Jack —, English hangman whose victims included the Duke of Monmouth in 1685 “Je t’—” (Gigi’s “I love you”) Jail on a ship Jomo Kenyatta Airport serves this capital city Julius ____ was Tanzania’s first president Jack in Jozi spinning German’s one film Jai ___ (fast moving sport) Japanese dog breed (4) Joining by fusing (7) Journalist "Je t'_" (Gigi's "I love you") Jockey or cyclist ___ Jordan (line of basketball shoes) Jaime Harrison's org. Jane will go up state, finally, to skip the big ceremony (5) Jazz trumpeter Donald Jockey Frankie is in busy Detroit (7) "Just figured it out!" Jump on one foot Jamie-Lynn _, briefly shared the jungle camp with 2 Down (6) Jenna _, plays Wednesday on Netflix (6) Jessica _, US tennis player who won the 2023 Korea Open (6) Jesy _, former Little Mix singer Josh _ _, Middlesex cricketer who is the son of Michael Atherton (2,6) Junior in foreign office cross when a state article is dropped (3,3) Justin Ryan's interiordecorating partner, _ McAllister (5) Jacket material for Mr. Bean Jerez wine Japan's national symbol (6,3) '___ & Juliet' (animated 2011 film) Jar clasp (4) Jot, iota (4) Jerry -, New York-born stand-up comedian who voiced the title role in 2007 animated film Bee Movie Journalists formerly articulate Just string along in this era - you'll find it's catching (9) John in the 2021 Netflix series "Cowboy Bebop" Just rely on me? Quite the opposite! (6) Jorge —, WBO Bantamweight champion from 2011-12 Jessica —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Blue Sky Joining by fusing Joint Jack Horner's spot James, actor who played Private Walker in Dad's Army (4) Janitor is a cautious tgpe! (9) John, Republic of Ireland defender and Sheffield United captain (4) Just developing a style for children's stories (5,5) Japanese wrestling Jacket – fire Just developing a style for children's stories Johnny of “Pirates of the Caribbean” Jessica of “Sin City” Jamaican music genre Jacques of “Mon Oncle” Jack tar (8) Joining group of military personnel before second half of spring (7) Juicy summer fruit (5) "Just a ___!" (salon request) Japanese soup base Jazz singer James