Crossword Clues Start With K, page 16

Kind of lamp "Kubla Khan" poet Kid with his cap on backwards, maybe Keen, in Scotland Kind of cake KNH2 and others Key Key Kind of Mennonite Knight's recent bride? Knock out some stamps? King Kong kin? Kind of subtle ad technique Kind of TV ad technique Katy Perry's debut single "___ Gay" Kicking specialist Kind of start, formally Kind of powdered drug. Kurdistan, for example Key building support King of the links King of the links Kin of baseball's all-star contest Karamazov nickname Kidders ___ (kissing game) Key-lock creation Kipling's wild dog of verse? Kipling's "___ Din" Kipling's ___ Din Kipling name. Kipling's ___ Din Kipling's "___ Din" Kipling's '-- Din' Kitty Kids put coins in them Kind of provisioner. __-kiri ___-kiri ___-kiri ___kiri ___ -kiri __-kiri ___-kiri ___ kiri. Kimball O'___, Kipling hero. ___-kiri. ___ kiri ___-kiri, samurai's end all Kiri predecessor ___-kiri ___-kiri ___-kiri Kate's words? King Arthur's mother King Arthur's mother. King Arthur's mother "___ kick from champagne ..." "___ kick from champagne" "___ kick from champagne..." Kick blocker, at times Keg accessory Kind of musical beat. Knocked at gently Knockoff from Nantes? Knockoff from Nantes? ___ knowledge ___ knowledge (Eden landmark) Kickoff response Keeps an open bill at the bar Kind of day: Abbr. Korean battle site. Korean battle site Knee-high to a grasshopper Kind of relations Karl von __:Prussian commander 1914 Karl von ___, W.W.I. German commander Kettles' coverings Kitchen caution continued Knock: Dial Eng. Kathie Lee's intellectual passion? Kicks the habit "Knowledge... makes a ___ me": Keats Kate Smith standby Kate Smith favorite Kate Smith classic Kickoff handlers Kind of fishcake Kingdom, to Rocco Knocks down the Lego blocks and starts anew Key to answering 16- and 58-Across and 10- and 27-Down Kluszewski, Raffensburger, etc. Kin of two-fisted Knots Kindle the flames again Kind of wall 1986 Keanu Reeves film Kiss debut classic without repercussions? Kind of farming that doesn't disturb the soil Kind of clause in many leases Knitted shoulder scarfs King of workouts? King of workouts? "Krazy Kat" cartoonist George Kind of cap Kraft cheese spread Kraft cheese spread Kind of marble King Philip et al. Kind of ammonia molecule Kind of engine Kubrick's finale, letterally speaking King of Sweden Keyboard player is one preaching about salvation without limits (8) Kin of demijohns Kittiwakes' breeding place Kind of ground Kirk's nemesis in "Star Trek II" Kitchen driers Kitchen driers Kitchen driers Kite-lovers' patron saint? Kaffir fighters Kaffir warriors Kaffir warrior groups Kevin and Stephen's breakfast diner? Kind of virus that infects birds Kind of bed Keeps the stock pure Kaufman play based on the Matthew Shepard incident, with "The" Kaufman play based on the Matthew Shepard incident, with "The" Kernel containers Kid's taunt Knobby. Kalamata container King of Welsh Kids' riddle Kids' riddle Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novel, to go? Kitty Kidman and others Keeps dainty: Dial. Kind of hair-do. Kind of barracks inspection Kol __ Kol ___ (Yom Kippur prayer) Kol ___ (pre-Yom Kippur prayer) Kol __ (Hebrew prayer) Kol ___, Hebrew prayer. Kol ___, prayer of atonement. "Kol ___," sacred Hebrew song. "Kol ___." Kol ___ Kol ___ (Hebrew prayer) Kol ___ (atonement prayer) Kol ___, Hebrew prayer Kol ___ (Yom Kippur prayer) 'Kol _____' Kol ___ (Yom Kippur prayer) Kol ___ Kol __ Kentucky's northern border Kind of bathing suit Kitchen bulbs with a Twist? King of Bashan. Knotted fringes King Croesus was one. Kicked up a fuss Kirk Douglas deals with an eccentric parent? Kaitlin of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" et al. Kinky costume Keyboard shortcut Kid around Kid around Knight's bejeweled weapon? 1957-91 king of Norway King of Norway, 1957-91 Kevin Costner thriller Kevin Costner thriller Kings Kansas river, with Creek Kids play it Kid who plays neighborhood baseball King Korean money Katrina's cousin in 2005 Kid-lit pair Kindred feelings Knebel-Bailey novel in new time frame? Kindly spirit? Kazoo-playing panel? Kiss "___ the Shade" Kiss-filled weekend? Kosher combo? Knightly news? Knightly news? Knight's search for adventure. Knight's quest for adventure. Knight ___. Knightly pursuit Knightly activity Kind of regimen Knight life? Kamasutra focus "Kismet" star. Keeps back 2010 Kesha tune written in response to the bullying of gay youth 2010 Ke$ha chart-topper with a creatively spelled five-word title Kind of bread. Korean city. Kwajalein, Eniwetok, etc. Korean port Knot-tying fastener? Koh-___ (diamond) Kind of chemistry: Abbr. '03 Korn album "Take a ___" Key things? Kirkuk resident Kitchen appliance Kitchen fixture Kicker who became Green Bay's all-time leading scorer in 2015 (XXXIII, 7) Kenyan pastoral people Kind of roll Key sequence in a chromosome Kind of clam "Keep America Beautiful"' aid. Kenny, of the Indians Kid who carries your briefcase? King of horror Knuckleheads give rave reviews? Kept getting targeted by attack dogs? Knew Know: Archaic. Knew, old style. Know, old style. KING Knowledgeable Kind of "bug," in "Oz" tale. Kramdens' neighbors Keats' name "was ___." Knowledge, in Plato. Kept in touch with the folks Katrina, for one Kiddie Kiddie Kind of shipping with smallish freight Kidvid cult classic featuring the Sleestaks, to fans Kind of pin Kind of alcohol Kathryn Forbes memoir