Crossword Clues Start With K, page 26

Knock-back in Government leads to fights and all-night sessions Keeps from backing up Keeps from backing up Kwanza users Kwanza spenders Kwanza users Kiln user Kiln user *Kale, quinoa, etc. *Kale, quinoa, etc Kiddie racers " . . . kind, obedient, __, . . ." '' . . . kind, obedient, __, . . .'' Kramden and Norton did it together Kachina doll carvers Kachina doll makers Kraft spread Kraft concoction Kraft spread Kraft brand Keeps the rust away from family in boat with gear that's waterproof Knock off early and leave the books with no end in sight Kick-start new life with Nora and Clare's band King's moniker? Kitchen utensils. Katherine Graham's editor at the "Washington Post" Kindergarten trip destinations Kind of farming Kind of farming Kind of farming Keep up with what's new Keep up 1947 Kentucky Derby winner or a 1957 John Wayne movie Knife thrower, perhaps Kind of engineer Kind of storm or tape Kind of engineer Kind of discharge Kind of engineer "Keyhole" surgical procedure Krugerrand, e.g. Krugerrand, e.g Kobe Bryant, e.g. Kobe Bryant, e.g Kind of land Kaffirs. King Ethelred, who pooh-poohed books? King Ethelred, who pooh-poohed books? Kodak Brownie model of the 1960s Kodak Brownie model of the 1960s Kinfolk: Abbr. Kin (abbr.) Kinfolk (abbr.) Kinfolk: Abbr. Kinfolks: Abbr. Kindred: Abbr. Kinsmen: Abbr. Kinfolk, in short Kinfolk: Abbr. Kin: Abbr. Kin (Abbr.) Kin, briefly Kinfolk: Abbr. Kingmakers in 21 across have stocky figures Kit Kit Kit Key opens 9 across unnaturally rigged by bounty hunter Knows the origins of the great wave off Kanagawa being an expert on The Liffey Swim Knife job over coward freaking out Kent and Casement, for example, provided means of transport for the police Kitty goes back around lake with frozen water in sections Kicks a check around? Kudize Kudize Keysmith's tool. Keep making alterations to church by a pond preparing convert Kind of nebula Kind of gland Kind of window Karlsruhe is its capital. Knife attack: sailor beginning to bawl in pain Killed broadcast from Woodstock Kim Deal "Last Splash" band Kitsch Kitschy quality Katy Perry performance Key school in the Middle East takes direction from old Northern Iraqi Kit is one of those in league with Peel King consumed by wealth working on track exercising the boxers Kvetched Kind of bridge hand Keeping mum, sidekick's outside in disguise Kind of start for Nicklaus and Moranville King Henry, legendary male appearing later than expected in time Kind of show Kind of show Keyboards of pianos, organs, etc. King leaving cream for each journalist grinned self-consciously Kool-Aid owner Kool-Aid maker Kin of dashes Kool-Aid maker Kool-Aid owner Key to 8 across has nothing to do with loud blunders committed by ludicrously incompetent people Kind of palm tree. Kingdoms. Kingly toppers Kings' headgear Kings' headgear Kind of interest Kind of artery Kicks someone when they're down Knickknack King of Thebes King of Thebes King who entombed Antigone King of Thebes King of Thebes slain by Theseus King of Thebes, in myth King of Thebes, in myth King of Thebes King of Thebes, once King of Thebes, in myth King of Thebes King of Thebes, in myth King in 'Antigone' Koran studier Koran reader Krupp product Key stimulus, in animal behavior Kiwi at The Observer is half interested in the tweeters Kind of accompaniment Knock in, as a run Kind of dolphin Kodak concoction, once (Knowledge of) the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring Kobe's teammate Knocking off Kobe Bryant teammate Gasol Kind of wheat? Kind of Sanskrit Kind of joke Kidded Knock over display from Cabaret King of Mercia, 626-655 Kind of theater. Kind of synthetic textile fiber "Kissing" Jim Folsom is one. Kindergarten break Kindergarten period Kindergarten period Kooky traits Kooky traits Kooky traits Kind of wide KN Kept back Kept back, as salary taxes Kept back, refused to hand over Knickknacks __ knot (tough problem) Kind of knot Kind of knot ___ knot (difficult problem) Keens Kind of vine Kind and caring Kindly Klutzy Klutzy Knowing where one stands with group of students on reasoning Kept quiet Killing: making redundant Killer whales that specialize in legal exemptions Keeps all for oneself, in drug slang Kawasaki alternatives ___ Killam, alum of both 'MADtv' and 'Saturday Night Live' Kin of voodoo Kin of voodoo. "Kiss of the Spider Woman" spider woman, in real life Kilted musicians Kin of starlings Kind and caring Kind of beer. Kind of beer Keep betting the winnings. Kirghiz town Kiss ass? (Well, aren't they all?) Known as Smith or Jones, perhaps Koran supplement ___ kiss Kia concept cars Knight of the British Empire: Abbr. Kauffman Stadium team, for short Kaleidoscopic displays Kept in an enclosure. Killers "Smile ___" Kern-Hammerstein hit: 1927 King (1727-1760) crowned erewhile in Washington Keyboard feature Know: Latin. Kinds of sells Keep your eye on this Kind of seaweed. Kitchen helpers Key in the top row of a computer keyboard Keyboard key Kojak and others Kojak et al. Kojak and others Kojak et al. Kojak and a Huxtable Kind of sandwich. Keep apprised of one's activities, as a superior Kitschy, island-themed construction beam? " . . . keep the word of promise to ___": Macbeth Key in which "Tristan und Isolde" concludes Key in which 'Tristan und Isolde' concludes Kept away Key figure in what Nixon called "the week that changed the world" Key figure in what Nixon called 'the week that changed the world' Kind of swimsuit "Kane and Abel" author Kicks the bucket Kopecks' superiors Kindergarten outlay Kindergarten outlay Kindergarten outlay Kitchen tools Kitchen devices "Know what I'm sayin'?," in hip-hop slang Kind of genetic pair Kind of genetic pair Kind of genetic pair Kotoka International Airport setting Keep ___ the windward "King Kong" abductee ___ kanfoth, Orthodox Jewish male's garb King Kong attacking Chaney? Kind of thrush. Kind of long cape or cloak. Kidd kidding? Kidd kidding? Keyboard technique suggested by the instruction "attacca"? Kern again Knight life Kurt Vonnegut book about quintuplets' regular diet of steak? Kurt Vonnegut book about quintuplets' regular diet of steak? Kind of pigeon