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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 299

Keurig pods ___ Kringle King, in Spanish Keyhole's place K-O linkup Key of Beethoven's "Eroica" Koala hangout Kibosh Knob on a radio Kilmer of "The Doors" '___ Karenina' Keep Keen on including rook in opening Keeper of records about substance, endlessly scarce King tucked into fruit, very first from exotic tree Key? It's in steel as ordered King in end has got son prepared? What a relief Keeper of records in vault, one with endless view Keeping collection of data about lake and river for present Keep going, having advertised with energy in press Kind disposition Kindly captain initially just accepting team on merit Kohl has row in Europe, the old rivals taking sides Kicks back and captures man alive in bingo hall Kramer's taken aback, giving notice King rode off before giving command Kleptomaniac craftily concealing capital Kinky practice is seen in blue movie's intro Knock off turbulent priest beforehand Kicking heroin habit for short while Keep speed trap working? That might be rare King Ethelred garrotted (to some extent) King George and Queen Elizabeth: that's even more majestic Knight abandons aggressive tone Kinky game Kudos: you finally decoded puzzle Kosher pasta-eating professional trekkers Knocks over in fight Knocked out in middle of round with bad concussion Knotty ones do look knotty Kin are mostly confused Kid happily eats last bit of chocolate  Kamala is elected, curbing unease King is back with a degree! King for one, with appeal on last day in command Knight backs Arthur, perhaps taking a chance King is followed by sicker assassin Keep backing Tesla Kit, Sally and staff featured in business newspaper Killing performance Knotty? Certainly not! But extremely singular Keep it under your hat... It's headgear King had one wish Knight of Holy Grail, confused lone hero, initially laughs? Not quite King's swindle, Spooner says 'It is found in the vehicle' Key? Perhaps. Hole? So we're told Kind son taken in by sponges and wimps King left for dead in castle, mysterious Knot undone? Done  Killed a large number ‘Key', somewhat misleadingly Key ancestors of humans primarily transformed mechanism used in timepieces Kohli gives up captaincy in Tests for Rahul at last, becomes an Internet sensation Killing a leader in market Kind of baseball player that is sometimes beaten in the kitchen Kept repeating nonsense, cut off from outside Kicking ball, Bobby Moore played with a senior citizen Kind of cougar roughly grabbing one sheep's head Kidnapped sailor Edward carrying pipe Kitchen for craft right out of art venue Key rings unable to be brought up Key area, watering hole Knock over wine for communion Key mineral fat for pastry producing artistic effect Knock out jockey regularly — that's strange! King taking a position no longer viable Knight, travelling far, is in China Kick, but not from drug Kid medic placed upside down Key one supports feature of mobile phone contracts Kid goat, unevenly, is to take steps in a line Kit sappers packed in dismay Keen on captivating start to Rameau prelude Kentish gentleman and revolutionary a northern leader nixed Kentish spirits? Amber-coloured liquids Key elements in data one top team's manipulated Killers that woman also reported Kiss Hollywood great Knocking out West Bromwich, playing in diamond formation Knight in commotion missing entrance to tent Kingmaker needs tree for English country home Knock up meat dish for a tale teller Keeping in mind company millions — note and share King's indication of approval perhaps for something in garden? Knight maybe is returning with king Key on a dead mushroom Key legislation's defect Keen little twerp's back Killed the wrong way, certainly casually? Knight drinking in hell regularly went on a bender King seized by drunken fool, closely bound Kind of legal position for player in case Keep smothering old woman's style Kitty's heading north on vacation, adopting English ways to escape Keeper of birds treasuring larks King and leader of armada chat in boat Keen to receive book shedding some light Knowing sort of look — mystery's ending Key passage without its opening note Keen worker at bottom of ditch Kit ceases to work — things essential for some sporting competitors Keen to have opera star sent up Keeping under surveillance a top man determined to get outside Kind of red or grey ducks each soaring King exiled in decisive battle Kind husband has brooded about one coming down on the head at Eton once? King Edward fencing short, timid eastern ruler Keen on wife being dragged along Knight besieging German town rejected foreign diet Key broadcast that sheds little light here? Killer who has a cheek, interrupting crime King showing some heart — hurrah! Killing / beyond value Kind but uncouth fellows nourish mad dog on the loose Kind son gripped by aversion to speed Kit initially seen on eg Man Utd for a month Kitchen apprentice sounding extremely left wing Knowledgeable English composer beginning to emerge ruddy fat Knock over empty potty; headstrong toddler may get it Kid, outlaw from North Carolina, into ice cream King getting tipsy was agitated Kitchen device in book obtained by library? Keep dragging donkey with ropes? Kitchenware chipped on top used for garden feature Key worker's jargon Knowing a king is held in great respect Killer at sea concealed bloomer Key army corps almost crazy about hotel's liqueur Kick the telly — might it shock the children? King George I, the day before becoming upset Kept back to be given new teaching: not right King removed from power, perhaps, in one-sided battle King working in the queen's seat? Key European manuscript with character is a precious jewel Keep quiet about your area's grape variety Keeping going after working in new dough Kensington Gardens, wherein you'll get natural pain relief Key picture is very impressive Kitchen item stuffs centre of marrow with something very cold Kind old man returned theatre member's programme Keep things quiet, with chap's permission, abandoning assignment Knight, beset by flies in sun resolved to take armour off King squeezed by partners playing joker Keep quiet about sex? No problem King wrapped up in short skirt King Edward possibly taking bath with Queen Keen after favourites put in tender for cleaner Keen to embrace good retro music King opposed to an apriorist Knock that's taken by party evident Killer's aim with direct shot Knocks up a wedge full of cold chicken Kind of an Einstein? Not I Keeping to oneself, sulk endlessly amidst dreadful rain King, at the end of the day, is a chess piece Kind of speech by one still defending unusually realist aim, in theory Key expert's hint about wrong answer completely rejected Kid wants to steal a bird Key I placed in bed for singer Keep talking about sport — crushing bore? Keen on catching Mahler's last prelude King in spectacular drive Key man more uneasy in potential goldmine Keeping quiet, initiated into slaughter Kills female animal — wicked act King and queen may get together in this / operetta Keen on extremely loathsome diatribe? Evidently not? King follows his noble, barking Great Dane Kind of sleep-deprived, think back and glower Keen on including composer's last piece of music Knight dined in airport in sumptuous manner Keen student's wife ensconced in boozer King visiting Irish islands, or a Scottish one King collared by parsimonious consort with whom words are often exchanged Kitchen item of many colours is on top of hob Killer whale in major catastrophe Kitty, after quantity of money, brought back wine . Kid in Bavaria, ok with training Keen to be a long time in Her Majesty's embrace? Kingdom once a great place, mostly, to be brought up Keen to eat old duck Kitchen ingredient we'd cooked in novel pud — carrots King, dissolute fellow, bit of nasty monster King's daughter succeeded after his sons? Knocked unconscious, and available for inspection? Keep shaking cart Keen about that woman's fruit tree Knee-jerk reaction about electric cable Keen to swamp me with remorse, providing uncomfortable fact Knight is recalled by king Knight taken by chess champion in school Kind of skirt oddly twee around posterior King at home has duck first as appetiser Keep an eye on hunter? Know about new habit Keynote article on Middle East Kart in demand, potentially a source of pleasure King, say, starts to exhibit neurotic tendencies? I may act for him Knight about to enter final scene, saying something's wrong Key command in move against thieves Killing earl's thug arranged Kenneth longing to go inside part of house Keep up South American army at home Kind heart of Lysander guarding house of Greek monster Kitchen device to ruin plumbing fitment King has foreign friend, a lord Kid in stories not exactly well-behaved, for example Knock public house sign, unfortunately Kid's food and drink money accepted by European King of Babylonia, father of Egypt and Greek character connected to disheartened Jewish leader Korean city rejected enormous capital cover without any hospital Kangaroo or rhino on the Continent Kid on time, bringing some crockery Keep down work on all the papers Kind of fish on top of whole chunk of bread? Killer policeman in Jamaica is hiding King is backing youngster given leadership Knocking back most of the drink, pine throughout dark hours Knock back burgundy, one with cold drink Keep to yourself: painting hard for painter Keenly targeting goal but I aim so badly King in play destroying Borneo Kidnapping ending in distress, of course Key at one point right with far from moving piece King Lear roughly captures capital — Rob Roy's rougher King soon goes round quarry on mare Kinsman's narrative? Keen for network of leaks, perhaps, to be turned over Knot tied originally on slant Kidnap son, of course Knight on silver horse Kinsman keeping US chopper for leisure Killer mixed up a small portion Keeps out of underworld drinking dens Kind of family that's equivocal, putting university back Kind woman in a Northern set Knot wheeling around exotic ree (sandpiper) Keep manager, outstanding almost to the end, in prison Kind of tart whose company's not wanted Key words of a thief, slimy customer?