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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 315

Kind person Keith --, Billy Liar author Kid's retro cap Kind of insurance Knight's tales *Korean-Mexican cuisine, e.g King of France Knocked back gin and it to the accompaniment of a musical suite "— Kapital" Kunis of "Family Guy" Kind of eclipse ''Knock it off!'' Keep out Keyboard shortcut ___ Kippur Keen expert outside but losing head King David predecessor Keeps Key part of a cephalopod's defense mechanism Knight titles Key people mostly returning to support German city King Arthur's sword Kept cool Keen to put name forward for bender Knight weapon Kind of phase Kind of palm or berry Keep clear of Kitchen garden plant Korea's most common surname Korean fermented cabbage dish Keep cooler? Kitchen counters? Keep going Kid often nicknamed "Trey" Keep up Komodo dragon, for example Knight's weapon Kaitlin of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Kind of boom King's boring flair for language Kerfuffle is not yet completed Kitchen stands for hot plates Karaoke selection Knighted women ___ kwon do "King" among snakes Kick into gear Keeps on going Key partner welcoming proposal in excited manner Keenness "Kiss From a Rose" singer Kids' searching-for-kids game Kitchen glove Knotted neckwear Kauffman Stadium team King among monied people with time to reap benefits? Killer I sidetrack, caught leaving plant Kick off Kind of belt Keister Kind of balloon or therapy Kristen of “Bridesmaids” Kind of chestnut picked up for master Kanga's kid Keeps mum’s authority Knowledgeable, with "in" Kicks with swooshes Kwik Seal maker Knocks the socks off " — Kapital" Kremlin setting KFC piece Kind of list Kind of congressional bill Killer whales Kid no longer crawling Keyed up Kingsley role Kind of badge Key with six black keys Koteas of "Chicago P.D." Kiss, in Britain Kneecap Kitties Kuwaiti chiefs __ Kong "King of the Hill" town Kermit is one Kind of acid in vinegar Keeps down bears "Keen!" Karaoke need Kept an online journal Kind of mask or pole K-pop group named for a type of planet Kind of cotton cloth inside bulging hamper Kind of turnip Killers deeply sceptical at first, following men around Knight's title Knight wear "Keep it polite!" Khai yat sai ingredient Keep quiet about first shot at Wimbledon? King Lear, perhaps, in play orchestrated upset King, in Cannes Kindly Kind Shakespeare showing benevolence? Kick out, as a tenant Kind of center or room Kind of wave in math Kind or sort Key in the corner King taking control, going outside limits of monarchical government Knead right inside pan Kick out Kitchen fixture Knight's weapon Kind of navel Knee injury site, for short Kind of blue, counterpart of shocking pink? Kindly media boss supporting golf tournament card Kernel Keenly "Kapow!" Kept tabs on Katarina __, German figure skater Kids' Choice Awards goo Kind of pan Kind of moss Kind of comb Kansas' capital Kid-lit elephant king Kings and queens Kid's weapon Kind of boat Kind of dress without a waistline Kind of kit with bandages, antiseptic, etc. Key between Control and Command, on a Mac ___ kebab Kuala Lumpur's land Key material from spiv or yob Keep in subjection 401(k) alternatives Katy Perry song whose title is an animal sound Kemper of "The Office" Kitten's cry Kind of roast Killer getting rid of poet’s wife Keep quiet about fate and sin King with singer and North African Knock sharply Kelly of daytime TV Kinda like milled grain? Katniss’s love in “The Hunger Games” Kinda like the vocal stylings on “If I Could Turn Back Time”? Kinda like a bit of wordplay? Knowledge-loving sorts Kept Kiss Kicks back Kindled Kylo ___ Key worker in the office (6) Kaiser ___, I Predict a Riot band (6) Knives and forks, e.g Keyed up Knight's title "___ Kills Monsters" (play) Kitchen gadget Kept in the loop, in a way Kid Kvetch and kvetch Ketchup container, maybe Kate ___, supermodel (4) Keep Kitchen raider Knock hard Kuwaiti leader Kawasaki rival Kissers Keen or sharp Kind Knocks back (a drink) "Knight Rider" car Kid's cute coin holder King died shielded by porter and nurse Knightley's "Pirates of the Caribbean" role Keyboard sound "Kate & __": 1980s sitcom 10K, for one "Karma" by Taylor Swift ft Kind of meal or milk Keep quiet over substitute Kids' card game Kindle item Knock out boxer as everyone gulps Kill Scout leader with happy sound? (9) Kinda, sorta Kind of potato also known as a "russet" Knights' titles Keep an eye on 2017 Kendrick Lamar album Kareem and LeBron, 19 times each Keep going; nourish Kings and queens Knee protector Kind of palm Knock Kind of situation that's hopeless Keyboard key not found on smartphones Kink in pot – sent back Keyboard pro Kitchen catchphrase on "The Bear" Kurd bullied occasionally in EU country creates deception Keen — kwon do Knocking off daily Kitchen need Kind of semiconductor Killer whales Key next to F1 Kiss, in Bristol Kid's three-wheeler, for short "Kinda" Kid who keeps asking “May I? May I? May I?”? Kitchen gadgets Key issue Keep record now, e.g. when training flier Knight wearing robe in island monarchy Knot again Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts Kitchen counter Keyboard ornament King in a touching story? Knee tear sites, casually Knight is about right (3) King Tut, during most of his reign Knack "Kapow!" Knitting stitch ___ Killmonger ("Black Panther" character) K) The ___ (movie finale) K) ''Go on, keep telling me'' K) ''I'm present'' K) All inventions start with a good one K) Behind? No, do a 180 K) Box waiting for a match K) Boy Scout's promise K) Capped joint