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Crossword Clues Start With L, page 874

List-ending abbr. List-shortening abbr. List tail List extender List-ending abbr. List abbr. List ender List ender Lineup finish List wrap-up List-shortening abbr. List abbr. List-ending abbr. Latin list ender List-reducing abbr List ender: Abbr List shortcut List-ending abbr Latin catchall Latin list ender Long list shortener List-shortening abbr List abbr List-ending abbr List-lengthening abbr Latin list-shortening abbr Latin abbreviation for "and others" List abbr. List-cutting abbr Latin list-ender List ending, briefly Latin list shortener List-ending abbr Latin list-shortener List ender, briefly List ender List-shortening Lat. phrase List shortener, for short List-shortening abbr List-ending abbr List shortener, briefly List-shortening abbr List-end abbr Latin list shortcut List writer's shortcut List-ending words List-shortening abbr. Last entry on a list, maybe List ender, for short Listing abbr. Latin list shortener List ender List shortener List shortener, briefly Literary wrap-up List ending List finish List lengthener List tag List ending abbr. List shortener List ender, for short List ender, briefly List shortening abbr. Latin list ender Lat. list ender List ender: Abbr. List shortener: Abbr. List-shortening term List ender List finisher: Abbr. List catchall List shortener, for short List substitute Lat. shortener Letters replacing unlisted items List-ending abbr. List-shortening abbr. List-ending abbreviation List extender List-ending letters List abbr. List finisher Latin list ender Latin abbr. List-ender from the Latin List ender List ending abbr. List ender: Abbr. Lister's abbr. List cropper List shortener List-ending abbr. List-shortening abbr. Lister's shortcut List ender List stand-in Latin list ender Latin abbr. used in lists of names List ending Lat. list-ender List shortener List-shortening abbr. List-ending abbr. Latinate abbreviation. Latin phrase, for short. Look rudely at Lat. abbr. Latin abbreviation. Latin catch-all Look at impolitely Leering look Leer at Lat. list-ender Long gaze List-ender: Abbr. Lat. catchall phrase Lat. phrase Look impolitely at Lat. catchall Late anagram Look like a wolf? Lounge lizard's look Lustful look Latin list-shortener Latin catchall abbr. Lecher's look Latin abbr. Look at flirtatiously List extender Library catalogue abbr. Look at leeringly Library index abbr. List extending abbr. Library card catalogue abbr. Look at impertinently. List-ending abbr.: 2 wds. List finish List wrap-up List-shortening abbr. Library catalog abbr. Look at. List space saver Listing abbr. Look flirtatiously. List ender Look, in a way. List shortener Look. Library indexing abbr. List abbr. Leer. Look in a way. List ender: Abbr. List-ending abbr. List-reducing abbr. Latin catchall List shortcut List shortener Lecherous look "Loverly" look Leer's relative Lecher's wide-eyed stare Look longingly Look of desire Look with admiration Leer's kin Leer's little sister Leer's cousin Look longingly at Look lustfully Look like a wolf? Lothario's look Lecher's look Look accompanying a line Look at a looker, perhaps Lust after, visually Look like a wolf Look at flirtatiously Look at long … and with longing Leer at Look at amorously Look at lustfully Look like a creep Look badly? Look like a sleaze Look like a creep? Look while delivering a line Look up and down Leer Look lecherously Look at on the beach, say Look upon with lust Look at wolfishly Look at with lust Look like a creep Leer at Look lewdly Leer at Look rudely Look at amorously Leer's cousin Look accompanying a line Look at a looker, perhaps Look lecherously Look at too intently Look like a lecher Let one know you're interested Look at long with longing Leer lasciviously Lust after, in a way Look at from head to toe Look at with intentions Look up and down? Lust after, visually Look through a swimsuit issue Look at flirtatiously Look like a creep Look up and down Look up and down rudely Leer Look at lustfully Look lustfully Leer at suggestively Lecher's look Leer at Leering look Look at creepily Look with lust Look at lustfully Leering look Look lasciviously Lecherous look Lewd look Look over licentiously Look amorously at Look at with amorous intentions Lothario's look Look given to a looker, perhaps Lay eyes on Look at lasciviously Look like a lecher Look too warmly Look at desirously Look, as a wolf Lecher's look Lust after, visually Leering look Lustful look Look over leeringly