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Crossword Clues Start With M, page 54

Massacred US general Military weapons failure Man's name Mother parrot close to attack? Keep going (4,1,5,2,2) My old walk initially is consequence of muscle disease Middle Eastern dessert Muscle tension Muscle tension Muscle condition Muscle property Middle Eastern sweet Main neural pathways Mix together Making firm, supporting Major League's first roofed stadium Machinist's wedge Machine part Made indifferent to suffering (S, not Z) Machine part. Male cat Math coordinate Math coordinate Math coordinate. Math coordinate Merchant More eccentric Money-saving carpeting choices Mono or dia finish Mining center of the 1880's Memorial Match, maybe Match, for one Mariner's worry Mariner's worry Marine hazard Memorable Jesse White role Mr. Fixit Mr. Fixit Mr. Fix-It Merely innocuous, but sacked on the spot Material easily moulded, we hear, producing cherubs? Machine gun setting Multipurpose tool Millions from Asian capital city welcoming sort of writer " . . . men gang aft ___" Mandrake, e.g. Meditative one Meditative type Meditative person. Meditative one Minute person on horse maybe a philosopher? My account could be seen as contempt of court Musical movement Movie beast billed as 'the Eighth Wonder of the World' Monster one banged on about close to rock, chasing family Marijuana Marijuana Marijuana Matter to Metal used for tools Maryland city. Man's early years Man's early years Man's youth Musee d'___ (Paris museum) Marine reptile Made more open/wide Masked merrymaker Masquerader. Masked merrymaker. Marcher in annual Phila. parade Memory malady Magnificent More immune to criticism Magnificent. Magnificent or munificent More in need of a hearing aid More heedless More unheeding More immune to sound More immune to sound More like a post? Mandatory ___-mountain (leopard) Man-eating ogre of legend Margaret ____ (Canadian literary doyen) Margaret ____ (Cat's Eye author) Margaret —, Canadian author Make impossible demands Make an unreasonable, unattainable request Musical that inspired this puzzle Muezzin's call to prayer Muslim summons to prayer Mohammedans' hour of prayer. Moslem summons to prayer. Moslem's call to prayer. Moslem call to prayer. Muezzin's call to prayer. Mohammedan call to prayer. Muezzin's call. Moslem prayer call Minaret call Muezzin's prayer call Moslem's call to prayer Muezzin's call Mind- (psychedelic) Moslem summons to prayer Moslem call to prayer Muslim call to prayer Muezzin's call at a mosque Muezzin's call to prayer Mideast call to prayer Moslem call to prayer Muslim call to prayer Muezzin's call to prayer Muslim call to prayer Made smaller, as improperly dried laundry Mowgli's medium Manage, as multiple tasks Manage, as multiple tasks Mock orange shrub. Mock orange Muted. M. Chevalier Make less responsive More considerable More excellent or virtuous Masters, to Johnson "Mommie Dearest" mommie "Mommie Dearest" mommie 'Mommie Dearest' mommie Mr Doolittle's calling. Manufacturer of the M9 pistol, used by the US military Muscle cramp Mardi Gras setting, with "the" Mardi Gras destination (with "The") Mardi Gras setting, with "the" Member of the Nicaraguan rebel group which deposed President Somoza in 1979 Motto abbreviated on Bénédictine liqueur bottle labels Makes tighter Makes tighter Misrepresent as genuine Manager of Middlesbrough when they won the League Cup in 2004 Mushroom cap Member of a religion regarding Haile Selassie as a manifestation of God Music-hall song associated with Marie Lloyd Mexican partridge. Machine which mixes and tempers clay Metro crime suspect in small unit Motion sickness medicine Main muscle used by mammals when chewing More modern than others Made inaudible by a louder sound Munch museum masterpiece Munch museum masterpiece Members of a troop of up to 6,000 Roman army soldiers Mother of the Duke of Kent Marsh plant with small yellow flowers Movie munchies 1990 Mike Leigh comedy/drama 1990 Mike Leigh comedy/drama Mob rule Mob rule Metropolis of Latin America. Mystery writer whose first name was Edith Mystery-writing Kiwi ___, Missouri; ___, Texas "Maude" spinoff "Maude" spinoff Mimì's sweetheart in 'La Bohème' Malaysian fashion designer noted for handmade women’s shoes Man of the cloth Maritime organisation whose work is currently shown on Tuesdays on BBC2 2003 Mike Myers comedy ''Man of a Thousand Voices'' Morally wholesome Mumbo-jumbo man. Medicine man Most mindless Middle Eastern water channel Mark through, to editors More than equaling More than equaling Mercury Mercury alias Mercury Mercury Mercury Mind - May's problem is, this is supposed to provide vigorous activity and progress Members of the fourth estate Members of the fourth estate Media mass? ___ man (hominid) Motorists' anathema Man in Apocryphal tale. Memoirist Wolff Man of maniac parts? Most unkempt Motivated by spite Motivated by spite Mind: Prefix Mind: Comb. form Mentibus ____: to troubled minds, Horace Odes 3.17 eg Most savage, like the news filling Turnus's ears, Aen. 11.896 _____ mutandis; things having been changed (that needed to be changed) (abl. pl.) Made a dull sound Maintenance of locks "MAYtime" star Musical instruction to play a note with strong attack Meeting at a Grand Rapids paper? Most difficult foe Many hounds sat barking Many desert, led by you in the past Many cheer wildly for Satan Merging set (anag.) Melody dances across street without pretension Mockeries Mockeries Medical instrument Muscle that draws back an organ Muscle resistance seen in retired player Marine mollusks that cling to rocks Marine mollusks that cling to rocks Most insincere Most unctuous Most unctuous Most ingratiating hosts in small, manservant's housing Most ingratiatingly earnest Most ingratiatingly earnest Most brilliant Most clever Md. neighbor Mitsubishi driven by Neil Armstrong? Md. neighbor Md. neighbor Manx cat feature Manx cat feature Manx cat's feature Manx trait Manx cat trait Mackerel catcher Mattie Silver's love Made it through Manufacturer's need Movie critic Richard Member of a European political party. Member of the Third Reich. Member of a panzer division Many a part in "The Pianist" Martin Bormann, for example