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Major South Korean city and provincial capital *1959 Monroe classic 1959 movie with Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe *1959 Monroe classic Movie that the musical "Sugar" was adapted from Monroe movie. Monroe-Curtis-Lemmon film Monroe film Motormouth Marching order Marching order Marching order Marching command, and a hint to this puzzle's theme Marching command, and a hint to this puzzle's theme Military command to look in a certain direction Made like a person with vulgar tastes Mobutu Sese Seko was one 1969 Michael Caine movie remade in 2003 Merseyside town and resort Madam Butterfly portrayer Mirthfulness. Mental infirmity in old age Movement advocating absolute private and public accepted standards Most tediously protracted Motionless. Motionless Motionless Merchandise as yet not shifting Member of a group of North American people living in parts of Alaska and British Columbia Miss Utley, author of "The China Story." Man's name. Mr. Tilley of the "New Yorker." Mr. Tilley of "The New Yorker." Man's name Major mainline railway station in Central London Maurice --, biochemist who helped discover the structure of DNA Mr --, a character in 'Oliver Twist' who eventually adopted Oliver Member of the Ivy League. Member of Ivy League. Mount ___, Colo. peak Mythical Dixie ruler Musical written by Jimmy McGovern Make comprehensible Make clear. Make clear Make clear and more comprehensible Make clear, more comprehensible Make free from confusion 1,500-mile mountain range. Mountain range extending from Quebec province to Alabama Meal made of parched maize March on Fourth of July on open space in American state Man of distinction. Missing essentials Movie-credit word Marina charge Managing to grasp difficulty at home with source of gas Merman, notably Merman, notably Making fist of PE, avoiding usual runs? Moon or horoscope division Merely exist. Mother Goose offerings, or in a different sense, this puzzle's title Mother Goose offerings, or in a different sense, this puzzle's title Memorable Italian director Mom's start Ma Rainey, notably Much-read prophet Making a comeback in Hilversum, a darts one-time visionary legend Man of noble character. Make one punt with wise bet excluding outsiders Maybe saw if you do this it'll produce goalless draw? Must get into Government with one of those descriptive figures Must get in to Government with one of those descriptive types Math class calculation Math class calculation Math class calculation Math figure Math table entry Math function Make up for dropping down to Pyrenean peak My small book about the Newcastle area My weight's massive after vacation Mick or Keith, the compiler of this puzzle? Crikey! Most powerful, content only for some years Medieval players Musicians. Minstrels, often Many troubadours Mediaeval pluckers sit with lust boiling Maiden squeezed by thin old lover Miss Doolittle's origin. Mineral asphalt. Mediterranean island crop one delivered in early January Mimic Merlin Most of the beer, leading lager and stout is versatile Made an impression Met on the road Musical combo Musical group with violins, cellos, etc. Musical group with violins, cellos, etc Moisten, as certain cutlets Moisten, as certain cutlets Most hokey Most maudlin Most banal Most hokey Max in "Hart to Hart" Mussed up, as clothes Mussed up, as clothes 1989 Matt Dillon film 1989 Matt Dillon film Most important thing to do Most important thing to do Most important thing to do 'My career as a tailor will start soon'? Makes up for Makes up Makes back, as an investment Makes back, as an investment "Match Game" regular who won a Tony for "How to Succeed . . ." Musing's source, in the media Made an intrinsic part of Many a metal alloy, chemically "More in sorrow than ___." Most common blood type among U.S. residents Most common blood type Most common blood type Most common blood type Most common blood type Mid 10th-century year Mid-10th century year Mid 10th-century year Mid-10th-century date MTV reality show that controversially uses the terms "Guido" and "Guidette" Maleficent and such Math whiz Math whiz Means of betrayal Mum carries seasoned oil around in glazed earthenware Make fun of Mock Misleading verbiage. Mumbo jumbo Melange Motley assortment Mélange Mishmash Mishmash Mishmash Mishmash of chatter recalled after nine engulfed by sea Modified skiing, etc -- a different winter sport Make most of large tent Miss Millay, e.g. Millay, for one Marianne Moore, for one Millay, for one Mistral or Moore Marianne Moore, for instance. Millay or Dickinson Millay or Plath Millay, to a sexist Meter maid? Met the pariah upset in the Coliseum, for example Musial's 6 and Gibson's 45? Makeshift mender Metal fastener 4 maybe seem to lack a debugging device Moocher, A-levels being dealt with -- me escaping? More sound volume overlooks a top lady from Windsor Making a big impression Messengers. Member of a Kenyan secret society Member of iconic English group, the inspiration for 'Come Together'? More objectionable More objectionable More 3 in job scene, reportedly Metternich et al. More offensive against accepted standards of morals or taste Means of support More than buzzed More than buzzed 1986 movie set partly in the Australian Outback 1986 movie set partly in the Australian Outback Mediterranean arm Mediterranean arm Mediterranean east of Italy Mother, Catholic, wasting pound, spilt drink "Money for Nothing" band Mark Knopfler's rock band Minor Greek coin. Money in Athens. Meat quality Meagre quality of girl wearing not so much Money in the agora. Magistrates and journalists bear great weight Magistrates push for weightlifting exercise Make drunk Make drunk Make drunk Make drunk mix it in a beer Make drunk brew a beer in it Money spent in an agora Make merry as Britain and Europe's borders are redrawn 1979 musical about a half-mad barber Made with an Eastern country's features Major player in international affairs Medicated smoke. Medicated cigarette. Medicinal berry. Medicinal cigarette. Memorable title film role of 1971 Make something more lively Mother of Andromeda Mixture of vapours produced by distillation and used for heating and lighting Member of a humanitarian club Member of a great civic club. Member of a certain service organization Member of the organisation whose main motto is Service Above Self Member of an international association of professionals and businessmen Method of establishing a selling price in which an agreed percentage is added Medical word for fever Mystery ship Merchant vessel with concealed guns Midsize SUV named after a Colorado city Magician's repertoire. Modern toll-paying convenience Morally difficult choice Maiden on staff in company attached to the German officer Muslim teacher 1890 massacre site. Muslim teacher Muslim teacher Moro sheath knife. Make more coarse 44-mile strait at mouth of Adriatic. Mercury rising in French city makes you rasp Mind-set for a golfer wary of sand? Mind-set for a golfer wary of sand? Makes wiser Most easterly town in Italy Movie to watch on commencement night? Mrs. Robinson's movie Monetary unit of Ethiopia Monetary unit of Ethiopia Monetary unit of Ethiopia Money of Ethiopia Moved out. Moved out of Member of a modern school of music or art