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Material. Matchmaker Methodist bishop of N.Y. Media opiners, derogatorily Media opiners, derogatorily Monoplane of World War I. ___ Moses (heavenly animal of myth) Made an additional utterance Made another comment Make pungent. Make sour. Master painter of light and shadow Mikhailovitch guerrillas. Money of Bhutan Mark off again Main member of a medieval Italian party? Milkmaid's measure Merrill Lynch rival "My job does not end with being ___, however" Member of pre-Israelite race. Metallic restraint on Baryshnikov? Make new land divisions Message transmitter Midwest snowfall? Midwest Greyhound depot? Michael Jordan, for years Motorist's convenience Membranes. Membranes: Anat. Membranes Multicultural place to shop? Mann-Kramer 100-to-1 bet? Made slow but steady progress on Made slow but steady progress on Mayan ruin in central Yucatán Mayan tourist site Mayan ruins site Mayan tourist site Mexican-Americans Mexican-Americans Mexican-Americans Mexican-Americans Made off with the meat? Made off with the meat? Mitsubishi model of the '80s Molecular link Machine for notching girders Milky liquid: Abbr. Main dedicatee of an Austin cathedral? Maine breed Mimic suffragist Carrie? 'My Way' singer, to Roget? "Ma" who bootlegged? Missing persons. Middle of the pun Middle of a warm weather pun Michael Jordan's champion team Major Old West cattle route Missing letters? Missing letters? Mao's title: Abbr. Most ludicrous More of stepquote Ms. Rivera, et al. "Must I hold ___ to my shames?": Shak. Movie about a claim against a singing group? Make very cold Movie with style? Movie with style? Miami neighbor Musical ocean hazard? Musical ocean hazard? Monetary system Maya Lin or I. M. Pei Martinez's cell substances? Martinez's cell substances? Many roller coaster riders Monarchs: Abbr. Magpie of SE Asia Mountain people of India Mountaineer's cap Motion picture director More inept My dentist told me . . . Municipal contract Modern airport amenity Maggie ___ (Martha Raye) Make repeated efforts 560 mi. river in Assam, main branch of Barak. Monastery refectories Mozart's bride in 1782 Musical of 1929 Marked with grooves Many 17 Across honorees do this Mathematical term. Make a maxi a mini Math term. Math term Miscellaneous articles: Abbr. Malay island chain. Malay island group. Meat pie type Mohammedan religious customs. Modern train. Mildly embarrassed? Most tickled? Most tickled? Mohammedan spiritual guides. Moslem saints. Muslim divines. Moslem saints Money that makes the heart beat faster? Magpie: Var. Melancholy? Melancholy? Mars or the moon Money put on a horse to finish second Money put on a horse to finish second More of quip Masochist's plea? Meshy pattern Malfunctioning wildly, as a computer MARK Michigan cheer Michigan Wolverine cheer MONTGOMERY celebrates a single scene from a slasher film Method for choosing the valedictorian? Musical offerings. Mild radical of former days. Montreal site built specifically for 1976, if Quebec secedes? Metropolitan rarities Mob members Makes people offers they can't refuse? Mohammedan month. Make powerless Mortar mixing beaters. Mortar beaters Marxist Marx? Marxist patronage of the far left? Many New Guineans Most ash-colored Most overcast Most senior, say Most in need of Grecian Formula Most ash-colored Most ill-defined Most like the old mare Most bleak Most ashen Most dreary Most dismal Most dismal Most in need of a dye job? Most dreary Massage for grandma? Mathematician Leibniz Moderation Mass assault on the world's secrets. Memorable star from Ireland Mario Andretti Madison Square, for one: Abbr. Mecca pilgrims Mecca pilgrims (Var.) Musical professor MD on a plan Middle of comment Make a beeline for, quaintly Many a Woody Allen film More of sage advice Metric measures: Abbr. Mason's assistants Most weather satellites have one Man from Bombay Maxwell Anderson play involving a mountain owner Maxwell Anderson play involving a mountain owner "My ___ up . . . ": Wordsworth Mansion feature, perhaps Musical stop symbols Minor items Minor expenses Made a home, as bees Move slowly Move little by little Maglie of the Giants. Movie about an awful hockey player? Middle of the proverb Music at the grocery checkout? Make trouble Museum detectives? Make a fuss Make a commotion Middle of a historic quip Major mooring mishap? Major mooring mishap? Meet. Make mistakes Movie about rural fixer-uppers? Medieval castle owner's view? Medieval castle owner's view? Mariner of '29 song Maine state bird? Member of a religious order. Misdirect one's energies. Managing, emotionally Mickey Mantle's nickname, with "the" Make an observation. Meteorologists' devices "Manic Monday" band appearing at a jewelry-making show? Movie house come-on. Molly Ringwald film Money handler Music forbidden in Germany? Member of the French nobility 200 milligrams Music scout's co. unit Made a harsh restaurant decree in India? Mid-morning snack pair Marking choices More of the quip Maine shoe 1971 Malcolm McDowell satire, with "A" Money in Bucharest. Much ado More of the quip Math teacher's warning? Merry spud? Malayans in Luzon "My thoughts exactly" Muscle of the calf. Melanesian people Monopoly, for example Marriage suggestion for a movie hoofer? Marilyn Monroe movie? Meteorological probes Meteorological devices Middle of quip Modern witch's conveyance? Modern witch's conveyance? Movie showing for the top echelon. Mad PI? Moans hollowly. MIKE Mess: Dial. Most curt 1935 movie, "__ the Rose" More sternutatory Most pathetic Maximally miserable Most rueful Most pathetic