Crossword Solver / letters / n / 187750

Crossword Clues Start With N, page 752

Negative campaign message? Nondigital means of telling time New Deal president's initials North African capital Name hidden in "white rice" Name of Spain's current king Name that anagrams to "Syria" Not too happy Not wet Newsstand buy, for short "Norma —" Nimble Newt Nashville awards org NBC foreign correspondent Richard Nuremberg setting Nuptial exchanges Newsroom folks, for short Not self-sufficient New ___, India Nomination, informally NCOs with two stripes Night light "Nighthawks" painter Edward Negotiations that might result in a treaty Not worry Nursery stack No cheating Ness nemesis Noisome girl, vacant, revitalised for new term Note in enclosure kept secret a tasty morsel Nerdy English companion enthralled by empty toy 'Not my favorite' Nora ___ a.k.a. Awkwafina Nickname that sounds like its first two letters 'Ni-i-ice' Neither partner NPR host Shapiro Not in the mood for any funny stuff Nest eggs, for short Nullified Norte's opposite Not 'for here' Not just any Number worn by many hockey goalies Number on a birthday balloon Namely Nothing in striking description that's solid? Neighbourhood detective's fooled, reportedly Name hidden in 'call an audible' No first-stringer No longer able to get out New York ___ (purple bloom) New York ___ (purple bloom) Not quite right "Now!" Notable time Nabokov novel NBA sharpshooter Curry Non-online, for short Note between fa and la North Atlantic island Name given to the framework governing trade between the UK, the EU and Northern Ireland Non-Jewish person, from the Yiddish Notoriety ___ names Number of stripes on la bandera de España Number one fans? Noted employer in Clermont, Ky. Number one fans? Name that shares four letters with a synonym of mistake Norwegian Academy of Music's city Not slack Nearly vertical, like a cliff Nevadan city No, in Fife "Norma —" 'Nah, you're not!' retort Neighbor of the '?' key ___-nest N.F.L. sportscaster Andrews No small favor Notice Notice Nefarious No. for a résumé N.Y.C. ave. east of Park N.F.L. team with the mascot Sourdough Sam, to fans "Now it's adding up!" NFL team makeup? Naked Need a doctor Newsworthy pair Nightie fabric Not on edge Native Nebraskans Neutral tone Novelist Erdrich Not me or them "Not nice!" 'Now, where ___ I?' Nintendo game with aerobics and balance exercises No ifs, ___ or buts Naps noisily Noble expected to shelter monarch Need to pay Neither follower Noggin Nonsense Not dozing Not busy Nut type Neigh N.Y.S.E. events Negative vote Not duped by Not any Not anti- Name that anagrams to "Diana" Nickname that rhymes with 28-Down Night vision? "Not so!" Nickname of Elizabeth I Not in favor of Not share Not openly declared Not working Not at home Not of natural origin Not soft or yielding to pressure 12 noon Naval lockup Neckwear worn by Fred in "Scooby-Doo" Nintendo Switch precursor Not good Noted Auto-Tuned rapper Notion "No seats" sign New York's — Field Negative conjunction NYC cultural attraction Never arranged costumier's first order for string of fibres Not completely loyal worker missing from school Nothing being broadcast? Find a really dull song Note about unsuitable building material Needles found when lid removed from speaker systems No more old tax surplus Neptune's promise to keep left? North African country Nice Noshed Not totally against Nabe in lower Manhattan NHL great Bobby Notable period Not set in stone Nutrient in oysters Name that anagrams to "aisle" Not hard at work Near 'NOW I see!' New edition's more detailed about wanting feminine energy "No seats" signs Nuisance NASCAR climax Not to mention National Poetry mo Novel units Neck wrap Necklace fasteners Not at all subtle Not too long ___ Nasser's successor Not bright Not a soul hit? Name on envelope is American banker, receiving treat 'No problem at all' Narrowly avoided disaster No couch potato "No doubt about it!" Name before Wilson or after Rooney Not engaged "Not in a million years!" "No need to explain!" Norm, for short Nebraska city Narrow point of land New England storm Novel by Yann Martel Number in brackets Name that spells something nice to have backward NBA great Frazier Neither/___ Noisy hospital scan Nigerian ethnic group North African desert Nitrogen cycle of 26 chemist Ne'er-do-well asked for disused goods? Nav. rank New Orleans cocktails Non-opposing remarks? "Not feeling it" Name whose outer letters spell a lightbulb unit Nickname for a loch monster Nine-digit IDs Name that rhymes with 'party' Negative answers Noisy, strident Not docile Not yet final, in law 'No bid' 'Now I remember!' Nickname that drops -ces Nintendo character originally named Jumpman Not to be trusted Narrow passage 'Now's ___ chance!' North Sea feeder Notes after "do" Notion No-___ peanut butter Not very self-assured Nothing Not use these clothes enough? Novelist Charlotte, Emily or Anne Neither's partner Novelist Jaffe No Westminster contender Not closed Narcotic Northwest Territories mountain range Never Norway's capital No 1 story from part of India Newspaper bigwigs (Abbr.) Neck rub response Night flier Nick and Nora's dog Nuisance 'Neither rain nor snow ?' org. Noisy commotions No-frills grocery chain that collects a deposit for a shopping cart Nurses a sprain, say Numbered hwys Nothing to write home about "No thanks" Nightlife venue that stays open very late Nonpoetic writing Not just some Night flier