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Not playing Not playing Nov. 11 commemoratives 1999 NFL Defensive Player of the Year collecting tree drippings? North Carolina city Northern English river. Northumberland river. North Sea feeder Northumberland river Northumberland river New York pro after dark? New York pro after dark? "Nice job!" Nazi steel city. 1937 novel about a hockey team? 1937 novel about a hockey team? Novel about a research-lab assistant's reminiscences? Neighbor of a Prussian Neighbor of a Prussian Namesakes of the chief Norse god Namesakes of Mrs. Durocher. Noted diamond family Newsworthy Newly famous celebrity No good: British soldier's slang. Nothing doing: Brit. slang. Nash and others "___ Nut Gone Flake," celebrated 1968 Small Faces album "___ Nut Gone Flake" (1968 Small Faces album) New York range or chair New York's ___ Mountains No help in the rumpus, the lamp just __ New York vacation region. Name in the news. Novel about a surrogate mother? Not so nice Notorious Nazi camp. Name of a pair of Parisian designers. N.Y.C. jewelry district, once *Nancy Pelosi was the first person ever to have this title in Congress Northern Hemisphere bird Not playing with ___ deck Nuclear-powered poet? Nuclear-powered poet? Nursery rhyme start Northwestern site Noted Australian statesman. 1966 Naguib Mahfouz novella National treasuries Navy V.I.P. North American Indian No dice! Nickname in Wilde play Nickname for Thomas Edison. Norwegian fjord "None of the leading sales people came in today"? Naked "Parks and Recreation" star? Naked 'Parks and Recreation' star? Nonsense line sung by Frank Sinatra in "Strangers in the Night" N.Y. exhibit, as of 50 years ago. N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Bronko ___ N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Bronko ___ Not paying immediately at the bar Not discouraging feedback Not discouraging feedback Nearly identical Noun suffix, in Britain Nassau Coliseum skater Novae. Novas Nebraska river No way! New NATO head. NATO's chief. NATO Commander. NATO name. Negative review of a calendar company? Not meant to be shared Noted 19th-century Peruvian historian Nonresident doctors Not beyond redemption No city dweller, this Now called {/vilayet/}. Not from the same brief film? ___ needle. New York's 100th mayor, 1946-50 New York's "Dick Whittington." Naval officer Hopkins: 1718-1802 New York village, scene of Dutch-Indian warfare. N.Y. town on the Hudson Nickname of hockey legend and others Nonresident doctor Nonresident hospital worker Nonresident doctor: Var. 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner NOBELIST WRITER Nixon CIA director Nobel Prize winner in literature, 1950. Nobelist in Literature: 1949 Not covered, in battle Nitpicker's headscratcher (Part 1) Near the navel No longer married, in a way Native of Kiev N.H. peak that inspired a Hawthorne tale Netherlands-born painter Neverending soup course? Nickname for a fierce moon of Jupiter? Not a song from "Bells Are Ringing"? Neil Simon play, to a Greek? Not yet attached, in a way Not absolved "No bet from me, trout"? Namesakes of Mr. Heep Nobel prize winner in chemistry, 1928. <<NO CLUE>> Number one field in medicine? Not banal. Novelist Jane's family. Novelized family at Steventon Newswoman Barbara Novelist of the romantic period. Nitrogen-based compound Naut. dir. Normand and Mercer Namesakes of a First Lady. Namesakes of a first lady. New Years' Resolution #2 Niters. Nightspot with Latin music Nobelist in Medicine: 1969 New Olympic dance event? Name in the news, July 9, 2001 Novels featuring ingénues in spooky settings Nails … No spur for this poet Nurse sharks Nurse sharks. Nurse sharks Namesakes of Egyptian King. Namesakes of Egyptian king. Naut. depth New Testament, to Oursler Neutralize encounter with 57 Across Not a late touchdown Nail-polish solvent Nail polish ___ Nameless object. Newton or Gretzky, whichever you prefer? N.H.'s state tree N. Y. village near Roosevelt International Bridge. Napoleon's great marshal. Napoleon on what persuades men Namesakes of a first lady. Notifiers. NFL's corrective device Not as confident Not as confident Not as confident N.Y.C. subway line in one's imagination? No longer able to endure Note-taking actress? Napoleon on Elba, e.g. Nimble Nod? 11/25/1867 news Numismatist's residence Numbers from the past Numbers on 45s Nostalgic numbers Numbers from the past Numbers on 45s Nonagenarian, for one Nonagenarian, for one Neologism Night court call Non-speaking line? Non-speaking line? "None of the above," essentially Note taker's aid Note taker's aid Namesakes of Theban queen. Nine? Noted missile range site Not ___ red cent New England's great rivals. National problem. Niagara Falls, e.g. Nectar-eating avian Niagara access? New Zealand rail. N. Z. bird. New Zealand bird Northwestern cap. Noted German zoologist: 1817–95 Nullify the bank payment Nullify, redundantly Nullify, redundantly Noted conductor Napa Valley, e.g. New name for city founded in 1589. Non-oil painting method Non-oil painting method Not needing dry-cleaning "… New Orleans" Note of assault. Nixon anti-inflationary proposal Nixon anti-inflationary proposal Nixon proposal Network censor's motto? No author Number on a scale (abbr.) No. of lbs., e.g. Nobel laureate who wrote "The Enigma of Arrival" Native of Northeastern Burma. Novelist Peter De ___ Norse goddess Needing, with "of" Needy Nigerian native Not-so-bad bill? Nick of "Heartbreakers" Nick of "Heartbreakers" Nick of TV's "Stingray" 1976 Nobel chemist Nasal hemorrhages Nods. Nathan after sunbathing? Not come in first North American weed Neck wrinkle remover? Non ___ contendere. Nicely adjusted, as to a new situation Nicely adjusted, as to a new situation Note from the power company, part 1 Nobelist in Physics: 1910 Natives of a Biblical kingdom. Natives of an ancient Asian kingdom Notorious Communist bail-jumper. Notorious Batory stowaway. Notes of Guido's scale. N.Z. tree New York Times critic Janet New York Times critic Janet New York Times critic Janet No place for cotton-tipped swabs Negatives to reporters? Napoleonic marshal and family. Nickname for an itinerant police officer? Not head and shoulders above the rest?