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Crossword Clues Start With N, page 800

Not very outgoing Noah's construction Nine-digit identity in the U.S.: Abbr. Network with a peacock logo: Abbr. Number in a pair or a duet Night club light "Next ___ Wins," sports comedy film directed by Taika Waititi that is based on a 2014 documentary of the same name NYC's Madison or Lexington, for short Netflix alternative "Never going to happen!" "Now ___ seen everything!" Nintendo's Super ___: Abbr. Nolan ___, baseball third baseman who signed an eight-year contract worth $260 million in 2019 Non-commercial TV ad: Abbr. Number of sides on a cube Not an angel Nine yards of Indian drape N.R.C. predecessor: Abbr. "...___ note to follow sew..": 2 wds. Naughty or ___ list (Santa's list) NBA's Spoelstra ___ Nas X, "Old Town Road" hitmaker who has more than 49 million monthly listeners on Spotify Nickname of "Thank U, Next" hitmaker who has more than 60 million listeners on Spotify Nicole, to Keith Urban Nocturnal cave dwellers Norway's capital Noah's biblical boat Nearsightedness Not just NFL scores: Abbr. Newton's trio NFL distances: Abbr. Not a friend Nancy Drew's boyfriend Noisy summer bug Need to repay "No ___ intended" (No wordplay) "Not if ___ help it!": 2 wds. "NYPD Blue" actor Morales Nat ___ Wild (cable channel) "No ___ among thieves" Narcissist's problem "Next ___," 2018 animated film that features John Krasinski and Michael Pena's voices Not fully shut, say Nirvana's ___ Cobain NBA's Thunder, on scoreboards: Abbr. Not home, on a sports schedule "Not ___" ("Be patient") North Pole worker? Novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that won the 2013 National Book Critics Circle Award ___ Night (party for men) "Not in a billion years." Nile reptile Numero ___ (most important) "___ now, then when?": 2 wds. Nara currency "Not impressed" sound Null, on a soccer scoreboard Nintendo's Super ___: Abbr. Number on a receipt, for short New Zealand bird or fruit "___ Nine-Nine," comedy series starring Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta Nobel Peace Prize city "Nightmare on ___ Street" Needle's hole Northwestern Californian river ___-noir (film genre) ___ Newton, actor who plays Colin Bridgerton in the TV series "Bridgerton" Nacho dip made with tomatoes Needle's "eye" Note that follows "fa" "No pain, no ___" "Nightmarish" tree? Novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky first published between 1871-72 NYT competitor: Abbr. Narcotics watchdog: Abbr. ___ necessity (basic need) Nile reptile "Nurse ___," medical series about an ER nurse played by Edie Falco "National" URL ender? "Nothing ___ the truth" "Notebook on ___ and Clothes," movie on Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto Narrow bony fish (rhymes with "mar") Neckline shape Nocturnal bird Not positive, for short "No way," in text speak: Abbr. Navigation hazard Norway's capital "No need to be ___, miss" (Cheeky) Not an ally Not at all common Nine-digit ID information letters Norway's capital Nitrogen or Hydrogen, e.g. Noah's boat? Newborn in a crib Numbers game Not cooked yet Not a win Nile slitherer Not very bright New ___ (India's capital) Nuptial agreement: 2 wds. Not a strong argument? "No alcohol provided," on invitations: Abbr. "Now that's what ___ service!": 2 wds. Nat ___ Wild Not ready to mingle? Narnia's Aslan, for one "Not ___" ("Be patient") Norway's largest city Novelist Philip Milton ___ Not yet announced: Abbr. "404 Not Found," e.g. Navigational aid in a city guidebook Natalie Portman starrer "Black ___" ___ Nurmi, Finnish athlete who has won 12 Olympic medals Nintendo's Super ___ ___ Navy, American clothing brand Nutmeg-based spice Not great, but not bad? "___ never too late!" 32nd President of the United States: Abbr. Not outgoing Non-___ food (label on a food item): Abbr. Nonetheless, in text Newspaper sections: Hyph. "Nuh-uh!" Number of thieves with Ali Baba ___ nerve (eye to brain connector) ___, night-blooming flower with a long spike known for its scent ___, night-blooming flower with a strong scent known to attract hummingbird moths Natalie Portman's "Black ___" NFL's Manning "Now You ___ Me" (2013 movie) Not a friend? "Nothing else" in text speak: Abbr. Not even 2009 NBA MVP ___ James Nile slitherer Nobel laureate ___ Wiesel known for his book "Night" Not admitting to a fact, say Not common Naval rank, for short Numbers on a scoreboard, for short "Neither here ___ there" "Norma ___" (1979 drama) Not at home NASA thumbs-up: Hyph. Night light filling gas Never have I ___ Nintendo's Super ___ Neo-___ Notre ___ de Paris ___-natal Nelson Mandela's country: Abbr. Newspaper sections: Hyph. Not clean-shaven? Narcotics watchdog: Abbr. Napkin's place Nintendo's Super ___ Nobel Prize category "No One ___ the Wicked," opening number for Broadway's "Wicked" performed by Glinda "Nothin' but blue ___" "Not to mention..." Norway's capital city Newswire letters Neckpiece in a Burlesque costume Need a doctor's appointment, say "___ N Cold," 2008 hit by Katy Perry "___ Now or Never" Not too well Number of dwarfs in "Snow White" Not even? Next of ___ (closest relative) Nurse a drink, say Novel written by Leon Uris in 1984: 2 wds. "Next in ___," TV show hosted by style gurus Alexa Chung and Tan France "Now it's clear!": 2 wds. "No Country for ___ Men" (oscar-winning movie) "No way!" in text speak: Abbr. No longer junior? Nautically nauseous NY summer clock setting letters Norway's capital Not a friend Nonsense (rhymes with "gripe") Nose-related NeNe ___, reality TV star seen on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" "National ___," 1944 sports film on a horse-crazy girl based on a novel of the same name Nitrogen or helium, e.g. "___ new world," phrase popularized by William Shakespeare which means a new period in history November 1st honoree Navigation technology: Abbr. ___-natal (relating to newborn) Not fitting any category, for short "No Time to ___" (Daniel Craig's last Bond movie) Nacho dip Norway's capital "Never Have I ___," party game "Now ___ seen it all!" Netflix or Hulu: Abbr. NHL's Bobby ___ ___ noire, French phrase adopted into English to mean "something that one dislikes" Nintendo's Super ___ Nothing at all? Necklace fastener Naughty child's Christmas gift? Nursery bed Nickelodeon's bilingual "Explorer" NASA affirmative: Hyph. NYC museum nickname, with "the" Not singular Neither's mate Napper's disturbance "Now I've ___ everything!" NHLer nicknamed "Hockey Bobby" Nine-armed candelabrum that's lit during Hanukkah Not authorized by law Nintendo's Super ___ Name before "B" or "C" of Spice Girls Nave bench "Now I get it!" ___ necessity (basic need) "No more, no ___" Nebraska's largest city Nickname letters Needle and thread's target Negative start to "sayer"? Narcissist's easily bruised part Noble act, or proof of ownership Non-human family member, perhaps Nocturnal hooter "Not finalized," in a concert lineup: Abbr. Not minding one's own business "No problemo" Non-amateur athlete, for short "No Country ___ Old Men" Net holder, in basketball Neighbor in "The Simpsons" "___: New Blood," 2021 miniseries that's a revival of the original series starring Michael C. Hall Nutella container Nape's location "No ___, no foul" New ___, term popularized during the pandemic to indicate an acceptance of the current situation Nails, as a quiz "Not only that..." "Newhart" production company: Abbr. "No ___ is an island"