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Crossword Clues Start With N, page 90

Nina of "Spartacus" Nina of "An American in Paris" Nag e.g. Notables are becoming disloyal Not so warm Necklace for visitors to an Asian nation? Not under any circumstances Never Not under any circumstances Not at all Never ever Noted erupter of May 18, 1980 Newport News installation. 2006 NBA Rookie of the Year Northwestern dish? Nearer to the beach Nearer to the beach Near the coastline. Near the beach. Not deep-sea Not deep___sea Near the beach Near the coast Notre Dame candle Noted series Not the creative sort Near ancient doddery oldster News has spread about Zorro's skill Needing a rest Nabob No stamp fixed? He won't deliver! No stamp irritated this worker! Nonessential Not essential Not essential Numskull to the max Numskull to the max Numskull to the max Name on a campaign button. Natural tendency. New High Commissioner to Germany. Noted Harvard president. Nightly application, for some Namesakes of Cooper heroine. Newspaper worker. Newspaper editor Name meaning maiden. "Nor iron bars ___." "Nor iron bars ___": Lovelace "Nor iron bars _____": Lovelace Nor iron bars ____ : Milton No-votes? Needing polishing Noted Polish diva (1858–1935). New England town official New England town official Nancy's successor Newswoman Walters Neatest way to fill a gas can? New World flycatchers North Sea islanders. Noted collectibles marketer "New York, New York" lyricist Near namesakes of Gymbeline's daughter. Neighbor of Illinois "Nature is ___ of God": Browne Not local. Native of Horta. Novel about an infant's fragrant herb? No logo for microscopists 'No more tears' product Noted interviewer's pet sheep? Noted exile of 1979 "No, 'tis not so deep as __": Hamlet Newport's exclusive seaside. New York City mayor whose name is on Columbia's library Now-discontinued Chili's appetizer with a rhyming name Nerd's goal on a dating app? Noted pianists, father and son. Non-wizard, to Harry Potter Nonmagical one, in Harry Potter Non-magical person, to Harry Potter Non-magical "Harry Potter" animal? Nicaragua region Not to mention Norseman who was misleading? Noted shopper scolder Near Eastern Premier. Newspaper space measurement Newspaper space Number of rows of words. Newspaper space Newspaper ads figure Newspaper ads figure Newspaper ads figure Newspaper space measurement No chance of dessert? Northeastern, he rejected bizarrely unfeasible idea Noble ordered handy MG? It is seen as arrogant 1868 novel (with "The"). Next to the summit. Nursery tale. Nomadic person NBC legal drama No logo for a public health department Nightingale relative Naivety Naivety worsens in dull position Nickeled-and-dimed? Nun's headgear Nun's headcloth Nun's headdress Nun's headcloth Nun's headdress Nun's head covering. Nun's headwear Nun's headdress Nun's wear Nun's headcloth Nun's wear Nun's wear Nun's headdress Nun's headdress in former times Nun's headdress Nun's folded veil No Keats or Poe in accompaniment to Lamb? Not vary from proper procedure Native Not a subject. National National Native Native Nowhere special Nowhere in particular Nowhere special Not alee. Narrow tube Nuts Nuts Nasty beers Rick drained, becoming mad Namesakes of Miss Lillie. Neckwear at dinner? Non-venomous snake Nosy ones Nosy ones Nosy Parkers Northside Dublin hospital Nearest the center Nearest the center Nearest the heart Nearest the middle Nearest the heart Nearest the center Nearest the center Nearest the center Nearest the middle Nearest the center Negro Leagues team No strings attached Not yet delivered Not yet delivered Not yet existing Not alive yet Not yet delivered Not yet delivered Not yet delivered Not yet given birth to Need a tip off when there's little difference, in the main Negators. Naysayers "Nay" sayers "Nay" sayers "Nay" sayers "Nay" sayers Not-so-mild winter ailments Nasty bugs Nothing but baloney Netscape or Internet Explorer Name for the girls North London area Norse code. Northern part of England when under foreign rule Naming ceremony Norah? Newcomers in 30 Down. Not fully awake yet Nolan Ryan specialty Not yet constructed Name in Erie Railroad lore Native of a West African country Norville of "Inside Edition" Newswoman Norville Nightmarish event NCAA member? Noisy instruments. NOT SETTLED Nonsexist, in a way Not leaving any out "No way, Mr. Biographer!" No way! "Never!" Neurotransmitter of note Neurotransmitter 1965 No 1 hit for Sonny and Cher, taken from their debut studio album Nipper heard ____ in Francis Barraud’s famous painting No boarding here in cool shady ground Not as explicit Not as explicit Not so clear Not as explicit Not as explicit Niche I try at first, suitable for design of light bulb Neck glands Not at all outgoing? Not outgoing New on the job. Neckcloth Noisy celebrant Noisy reveller Nobody welcomes new peer Not fit for publication Navy and air training base in Florida. No place as rowdy as Floridian location Near East inn Near East inn. November 5th spectacles in England. Nighttime pep-rally features No briefs (anag.) Near Eastern inn Near East hotel Near East inn Near East inn Near Eastern hotel Near Eastern inn Not yet full NE English region Natural liking Natural attraction Nervous laughs Nervous laughs Nailed down Nondiscount agreement. 2nd T of TNT Not improper. Not banned Not as good, so to speak New arrivals, perhaps Newspaper features. Newspaper feature.