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Crossword Clues Start With N, page 128

New College hampered by twelve working with no representation Non-metallic element, atomic number 34 Nippy motor to race new U-boat "No cause for alarm" 'No cause for alarm' Neediest Neediest "Not __ out of you!" "Not __ out of you!": "Shh!" "Not ___ out of you!" "Not __ out of you!": "Shh!" "Not __ out of you!" "Not __!": "Quiet!" Not ___ (mum's the word) "Not ___ out of them" (no word) "Not ___ out of you!" 'Not ___ out of you!' 'Not ___ out of you!' 'Not out of you!' "Not __!": "Quiet!" 'Not __!': 'Quiet!' “Not ___ out of you!” (“Keep quiet!”) No marriage of convenience Nothing in court contest producing true partnership No-___ (brand of caffeine pills) Nuremberg negatives Nuremberg denials Negatives of a sort. Noted Ohio family Noted Ohioans Not one to see it through Nightclub Nightclub Night club: Slang. Nightclub: Slang. Nightclub. Nightclub Nabisco's parent company, once (abbr.) __ Nabisco Nabisco's partner ___ Nabisco __ Nabisco ___ Nabisco -- Nabisco -- Nabisco (Oreo maker) -- Nabisco (Oreo producer's former name) -- Nabisco (1980s corporation) -- Nabisco (former corporation name) -- Nabisco (old corporation) -- -Nabisco ___ Nabisco -- Nabisco (old corp.) ___ Nabisco (bygone corporation) Nutcases Nut cases Nuts Nutcases Nutcases Not bother Not touch Not touch Not disturb Nasty place to get cheap drinks *Non-glitzy local tavern *Non-glitzy local tavern *Non-glitzy local tavern Novel aunt. 1983 N.B.A. champs Nickname on 45 Across uniforms Nix on Nickelodeon features Night-flying insect Not half unwell in bed, is ill on account of drinks Nice and clear, on TV Nobody's. Not anybody's Not belonging to anybody Not belonging to anybody Not belonging to anybody Noncombatants' place Neon and others Neon and argon Neon and argon, for two (Var.) Neon and others Not have a hunch? NBA All-Star weekend event NBA All-Star weekend event *NBA All-Star Weekend competition Not store-bought Not from the factory Not bought News programs. News on TV. Noises heard during the news? Not a good looker? Not a good looker? Nylon appraiser, on windy day. Neighbor of Castile. NE Spain. Neighbor of Catalonia Neighbor of Hadrian's Tomb. Needed smelling salts Needed smelling salts " . . . now it's already Tennessee" 1932 novel of crime and race by 40-Across Not at all tight Nominee for Vice President, 1920. New Congressman. Nobel peace prize winner, 1906. Nobelist who proposed a League of Peace Nice pupil Native of ancient Italy. Nice pupil Native of Clusium. Native of an ancient state of Italy north of the Tiber Nursery rhyme character who went to sea Nervous type who is outdoors with binoculars? Novelist Maxim Nizhnii Novgorod. Novelist Maxim. Nice pupil. Normandy battle site Napery locale No matter what Next year No matter what Next year Numerals seen at the end of ''Ice Age'' NBA player, in slang Nader's "Unsafe ___ Speed" Nader's "Unsafe ___ Speed" News anchor's workplace N.C.O.'s order Neutral area between hostile forces New, in Nicaragua New, Mexican New, in Mexico New, to Juan New, in Nogales New: Sp. Numeral on some old clocks New, in Nogales New: Spanish. New, in Navarra New, to Neruda New, in Mexico New, in Spain New, to Juan Number on a sundial Numerals on some sundials New, in Spain New, to Julio Newlyweds may share one New, in Nogales New, in Nogales Netflixed No cash produced for cheesy snacks Nasty headache puts Margaret on edge Not the quality of a 'Dexter-type' writer! Nativity trio Nativity trio Nativity trio Nativity-scene features Not as chilly Naval hero. Not flaky Not utopian Niobe's tormented dad Notes Annie has a job at the bar - it's popular with the drinkers Notes Annie has a job at the bar providing something for the drinkers Napoleon at Waterloo Not threatening to the environment Not harmful to the environment Norwegian masterpiece. Nonpareil: Slang. Nonsense syllables in a 1965 song title Network pioneer Nonesuch: Slang. Naval hero killed in a duel Naval hero. Naval hero, 1815. NSA surveillance activity ... or, the process needed to dig out the info hidden in 17-, 25-, 37- and 50-Across? Naval hero with five U.S. counties named for him Naval hero with five U.S. counties named for him Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford, e.g Near the stomach Nonpareil person Nonesuch Not just a rarity Nonpareil None like it Nonpareil News about St Valentine's end — getting beaten Nestle 'No further detail is needed' 'No need to elaborate' "No need to continue" Nettie's sister in "The Color Purple" Nettie's sister in 'The Color Purple' Navajo handicrafts "No juice in my mojito, please"? 'No juice in my mojito, please'? Namesakes of Mrs. Glenn. Native of Nish. Native of the Balkans. Novelist Louisa May Nothing unusual Nothing new New Orleans pirate Jean New Orleans pirate Jean 'Nevertheless ...,' informally Name a prominent living court figure National Junior Tennis League co-founder Namesake of the world's largest tennis stadium Nick's status? Nick's status? Novelist Erica 2009 novel by Colson Whitehead NFL team whose logo is a prairie? NFL team whose logo is a red planet? NFL team whose logo is a steak? NFL team whose logo is a sword? NFL team whose logo is an amoeba? NFL team whose logo is a bracelet? NFL team whose logo is a cheese curd? NFL team whose logo is a Lipitor pill? NFL team whose logo is a perfume bottle? Neighbor of Hilo Not domestic, say Not domestic Noted father-and-son Hollywood stars Nicaraguan coin. Needed rebooting Not varied at all Not varying at all Noted march site Nectar's partner Not right Neroli Nearly hairless ___ National Park (South Dakota attraction) Needing a rest Negative forecast Negative forecast Needers of oxygen "No problem!" Nutritious seeds Native Oriental beans Not like unusually well-read Oxford professor Newsweek's 2013 issues