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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 112

Queen's attire Quoted where it is to be put, reportedly (5) Qatar's capital Quote Quandary "Quit stallin'!" Quid pro follower Queen drone or worker Quietly consume some fuel "... __ quit!" (ultimatum ender) Question the tiny noise. say. while cleaning (6) Queen of Carthage Quaker product Qualification certificate Quiz ___ (2023 Awkwafina movie) Quadruple, say | Triple, say | Double, say Quickly leaves when it's no longer available (4,3) Quarrel Quietly given book to keep carefully Quick note about joint of meat Quartet that reunited in 2022 to "perform" as holograms Quibble over doorway joining craft? (9) Quantity of paper, say, for a singing group (5) Quiet noblemen with gems (6) Quickly Quite Quarrel Quantities of medicine? Two in Madrid with extras after vacation (5) Queen visiting for one chance to see old king Question for citizen Queue before Q 2019-21 QPR and 2021-23 Coventry City defender (4,4) Quarterfinals group in the NCAA Quiet African dog (7) Questioned competition with journalist Quick glance by con concealing ecstasy, two kilos (5) Quote, mention as an example Quantity of money in mass of material (3) Question expressing amazement Quits Quinoa or farro Quartet hiding in fictional monastic retreat (4) Q ___ queen: 2 wds. Quake Quadruple golden hero of the Berlin Olympics in 1936 Quotes from Chicago and Paris, Texas? Not the second one Quantity produced (5) Queen and founder of Carthage (4) 1984 Queen hit, Radio -- -- (2,2) Quiet hotel suites which are 'magic' (7) Queen had half of them newspapers! (7) Questioning royally? Quality of generosity Quentin Tarantino western from 2016 with Kurt Russell, The Hateful ----- (5) Quote the first three record items (6) Quantity of beer … or monkeys? Quantity of beer ... or monkeys? Quality evoking pity Quantity: abbr. Quechua speaker Quiz personality featured on The Chase, _ Hegerty (4) Question asked upon seeing a stranger with army headgear (4,4) Quartet of major entertainment awards for short Quilted, ... bedhead "Queen of Cakes" whose oeuvre of some 70 cookery books includes her festive Christmas Collection (5) Quail hunter's canine (2 wds.) Quick snack Quadruped Q-tip, e.g. Quickly seized and smashed (7) Quiet and enthusiastic about religion Quick pic Quash Quarters for cubs Quaker makes them Quack, fraud Queen tussling with a Lib, not fairly matched? Quarrel (TIDE'S UP anagram) (7) Quattro preceder Quaint knickknack QB stats Quick "Quien ___?" (Spanish "Who knows?") Quickly flowing Quirky habits Quite "¿Quién __?": Spanish "Who knows?" Quran scholar Quarterback takedowns Quick-cooking meat Quick-witted Quarterback Manning Question, say, formulated about European out of sorts (6) Quadruped symbol of Idaho Queen consort of France 1137?1152 and queen consort of England 1154?1189 Quick means of subsistence Queer ___ (Netflix series) Quick, it is likely to bite (5) Quickly dispose of the remainder in the river Quite close to solving the clue 'Reasonably affectionate'? (6,4) Quarterback throw Quake Qatari capital Quarterback Marino Quacking bird Quasi lupus, sonum emitto Q-tip, e.g. Quenchless Quiet part of Spain-model of perfection (7) Quaint streetside eatery Quick-___ (sharp) Quick inhalation of breath Quite (6) Qatar's capital Quaker product Quicker and lighter in movement or action (7) Queer Street - charged, maybe getting comeuppance (7) Quiet stretch, sound off (6) Quieten a beast with noisy innards Quixotic fellow? Quiznos offering Quality of being logical and consistent (9) Quarterback's 3-Down Questioning word 'Quick, get ready!' (4,6) Quite openly, one hundred plus stood by indolently (8) Quirky concept that spreads swiftly through the internet (4) Quiet "Hey you! Come over here..." "Q" preceder, phonetically Quick run Qualified professionals in study sit up when presented with edgy thesis Queen Mother leaves African from fabulous kingdom Quotation from what was once a sermon Quiet don marred the Atlantic Quaint shelter with a rustic vibe Quarrel noisily Quarry Quaking trees Quickly falls asleep, with "out" Quite a while Quickly sort out, final remains (2,1,5) Quivered Quick swims Queen, perhaps, at home with a large Catholic leader Quibble with returning metal tool "___ que sí!" (Spanish "Of course!") Québécois confidant Quebecois confidant "¡___ que si!" (Spanish "Of course!") Q.E.D. part Quotes shock number steeped in fruit soap (4,2,3,5) Qualification Queen of Sparta in Greek mythology; mother of Helen by Zeus Queen occasionally insulted drunken hooligans Quiet friend, as a friend may be "Quickly!" "Quickly!" Quality of being tactful and discerning (10) Queen or ace Quarter reportedly a 29Ac 27Ac 5Dn (6) Quietly shift bit by line in top of mineshaft (3,4) Qualms, doubts (8) Quiet road containing a piece of broken glass? (5) Quotable catcher Quirkily creative Quick drink and bite (3) Queens and twins Quartet times two Quickly earned money Qualifiers Quantity of game secured (3) Quinoa, garlic, chia, goji; finally a 'superfood'! (4) Quiet period for trio of students round university (4) Quiet lift gets approval (6) Quick to knock with identification Quake Quiet meal, but not opening large cask as before Quite well informed when finished working Quot basia mi, Lesbia? Cat. 5.7 Quickly eats starter of fish during unhurried retreat (5) Qalayet bandora ingredient Quality of using money carefully and not wastefully (6) Quickly prepare to steal at university (6,2) Queen angry with decoration (8,5) Queen of Iran (4) Quoted identity and so on (5) Quit - and enlist once again? (6) Quote Quick Quit, so to speak Question of identity Qualification is interlaced in a complex way (10) Quit without finishing passing remark (4) Quite strict in, thus, returning water-storage vessels (8) Quietly share confusion in a few words (6) Quantities Quiet church reportedly in dilapidated state Question over Irish knight showing foible (5) Quite a sight Quickly reads through Qualifications needed to ensure theatre seats?