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Crossword Clues Start With R, page 1052

Rough peacekeepers about to get penalised Region of US we'd abandoned in film Respect with love to the fore? There's some resistance Recording of sibling rivalry? Reserves with which to back horses, perhaps Returned son having left, the guy's base and prodigal at first – and still is? Returning in a public vehicle one tabloid shows a cocktail Ridiculous cries apt to follow nothing at all? Ring around sun – (around, encircling or above surface of) Record playing in calm, calm water Rent large shop? Not initially . . . . . Round kitchen equipment guy who may well be on the march Raleigh, perhaps, not fussed as regards sex revolution Returning American sorted his fare from Japan Rent trouble? That's a blow! Ring up pal involved in stupid run-out Rash of the skin, not initially red Report again gets the others worried Ring round being pompous Rocket for American singer who loses a grand Result of dental anaesthesia overdose? Idiot! Raise little dog just for one's holiday home? Revise rent, I note, or enter into continued possession Rings from East London — 10 call? Rotter does away with king in cathedral area Records suppressing previous signs of inexperience Ravel Preludes caused dislike Refinement in Chopin's words? Republican impressed by topless model too Recover arm: solve murders Row is positioned between rows four and five? Returning musical includes Dutch princess as extra Refrain from redundancy process Rigid principles for the running of public transport Religious house's fair reformed line Reduced chocolate substitute in amazing main dish Revolutionary bringing agony to English Ready to abandon game Raved about book enthusiastically, say Record first of fifty-one starters for Le Mans Rogue gunmen's state Ruler found in school ground Run rule over American big beast Rejected seed is cause of downfall Relative walks about Ran and ran, bearing pained expression Retired doctor eating uncooked chicken Resort's opening in May for brief period Reckless, but last to take the lead, un peu distrait? Result of deep meditation aims had worked out Rough circle men got into quickly (7, 3 words) Readily accept stories: ‘Caught butterflies' Ransome represented people in boats Rock star's partner, very loud and unreliable Reforming constitution of our islet reveals anomalies Relatives died after being taken in by aerobics commercials Remoaner, windy type, poor lay at heart? Royal family clown Regret in short cutting form of text in learning Raise corruption virtually dominant in city River surrounding Lake Placid Ruler, having pledged allegiance, changed sides at the start Richard III featuring in science fiction parody? Radio fundraiser for Noah's shopping gallery? Rowing brothers regularly seen in Roman ships Robust male tucking into pasty needs salt Regularly nibbled by goat Roughly spoken bloke's eaten enough to be comfortable Report of Boatman will get to Sri Lanka, perhaps Rescue part of wicket before being dismissed Renovated pitch put back to accommodate English date Review of batsman's role losing most fans in the north Rwandan is a Pharaoh resurrected Road motor shows muscle reversing on deserted hairpin Ridiculous trousers start to expand, and pop undone Rise in this? Flood barriers up to protect nearly everything Reprimanded and removed from list Rugby game doesn't start at these odds Room to manoeuvre small rising input Raise cats and dogs' pace Relies on goulash in Shakes­pearean setting Rear end supported by knob Rod needs time off – that is, day off work Real Madrid's high flyer Rare moth flitting round home in Yorkshire town Rope, say, belted chaps with power Rocks kill American Rotten muck in gesture Refusenik with devout following in plentiful numbers Resistance to heat making the canary flutter round head of mine Resilient component of bridge close to motorway Recorded in parts with little enthusiasm Reform Act (anagram) for historic document Rule out chapter in introduction Regularly rail, plain coarse Row about your quaint local VIP Resort to guessing just a little bit Reason for crack — paper over it in housework? Romance involving Friends character, most obscene Revealed in indiscreet circle Raised concerns about setter becoming divine? Run behind float Radical Argentinian university associated with a London club Religious leader serving once, innit? Recipe with mayonnaise — very little in that Italian food Rock agreeable to an audience Ridiculously bad cabinet minister ultimately a boring tool Relating to the law of gravitation originally observed in a field near Luxembourg Rock and roll fan after work briefly proved alluring Regime with a skint, corrupt parliament Record-breaking hotel which is at the seaside Rank claimed by guard — it effectively rises Report about hospital drug Rat to go off with puss catching nothing Revolutionary gnome admired, not entirely an evil spirit Regularly set reward by firm Revolutionary ways to secure nail, I gathered Reportedly contemptible look Reckless behaviour wrong in prohibitionist Report describing end of Stein's quite fancy dining Right choice affected response to contact Returned legal documents after spending week in prison Revolutionary surreptitiously records dispute (and hidden message) Record number's written into newspaper about puzzle Royal Navy supports commander that's flayed sailor's behind Rascal, no-good rascal Removing silver plating, asking to reveal surface River Tees engulfing northern home Report month's crop Rigid mouldings in tins Ringtail, extra-large, resident alien once kept in California Revealed by radar: a rather historic landing site Roughly admit us into sports venue Restrict dog following dog Rows about holding second sitting Recklessly harms last coastal ecosystem Reject revolutionary outcast Reprimand actors one found by entrance Rereads slasher novel for practice Re-arrest union leader's corrupt financial officer Reportedly requiring rubbing River in French South, flowing West Reith broadcast for them Record single does rock event Remained sober, by the sound of it Record mostly minor changes in style of pictures River in East — that's crossed by crews Rubbish article in Times Review of global IT firm in Sky features Release bargain offer for telly addicts? Revived a festival introduced by Magritte and Dali, originally Remove clogs, seeing good time ahead Reflex actions essentially spot-on Reported US police chief as belligerent Reasonable European supports Spain intermittently Rambler‘s act upset royal deer regularly Response from a king in receipt of bad news Rubber wearers cavorting topless Regularly applauds bonus Rush back with oriental deal Republican president's ultimately jaw-dropping tirade Regret loyal friend announced instructions to candidates Radar not working to pin down one Aussie convoy Reference works from which man copied wrongly Rich husband you seek? Look first for a Welshman Red ball frayed either side: movement around that Redpoll in red, good for bird Red meat at bottom of stream Revised chief grade as far as diplomat Reproductive organ displayed by holy man having the last word Rubbish Proust — result of too much drink? River cut off, ending in diversion Roof off European pub Row on river in France Regret being incarcerated again Reading two articles about crime problem over coffee Radiation in school's not right, doctors say Rotten place requiring short journey Run not especially serious car part Rednecks going after college girls Remark about US university's dedication Rocky coast shown in opera Reason with 21, say Reminders of monsieur being passionate, stone me! Rising salesman Dave struggling to spread effectively Rabbit taking short cut, story said Rich fellow being stupid and loud Reserve surprisingly nice tree, cheap initially Radio presenter's shortened act getting the bird Rudeness of reporter's informant Recognise research group after review of small papers Ring nun late in a state Religious bigwigs take pills and ecstasy tabs Rambling, untoward rambling Roaring missiles, second becoming first Racists maybe depart in pieces Rather wet film about nothing Restricted by a particular map, Earl's up the creek without a paddle Roger inside gulps gin, flagrantly having a binge Rishi's reconstruction – people allegedly lucky Regularly seen in mist, tall birch tilting Rat where hare might be Regularly seen fairies near ring Retired cook admitting King James Bible was of help Restrictive order requires detailed check on small number Rejected temptation to stop in Greater Manchester town, becoming ravenous Relaxed, taking some tea sedately Rook and eider nod off (not I) in waterside thicket Reveal one alone denied sing (5, 2 words) Rag suggesting leaders from The Times to audience Repeat question on love note Re-enter US after moving? They might Restorative sort of oyster, it's plain Racket made by little monkey on losing tail Result of bowler having skill? Repay a literate maniac Return once more in dance, pirouetting etc Repudiate broadcast on dead Iranian leader Race to get last of Armani stock Rolling around in mud's a revealing practice Really brief speaker shows it Rant and rave, as sacked gardener might? Riff-raff making unpleasant film Report that goes with 11th subsidiary Resentment of first couple in club going for date Relatively confused, Italy turns to English news provider Richard's red gave green in this! Reportedly goes with American city Ruth‘s mine and yours, at first Residence stocks wine that's extremely unpleasant Royal spouse, criminal type Ravenous pests, many seen outside clubs regularly Rotter succeeded in high shoes Roosevelt settled for Republican surveying device Rustic forbidden to appear in a French church Repulsive women try to cuddle up, hugging Romeo Record label, to get good taxes, relocates abroad Reason to be in bed with nun, if zeal lapses Release of gas bomb El Chapo carries Routine I'm rewriting for Radio 4 show Run into Brexiteer in wood Rich, healthy stew Restriction on pavement artist's work hampers style, so to speak Render less peptic Isère silt after treatment Rattling sabre, alert, one filed bolts Regular feature of rooks, origin being about a loch Rock antics, energy-filled? Coaches are included in them Robbed of riches counted out of case by safe in study Reduced bus terminus beside garages 'Rise' and 'climb', I suspect, easily told apart