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Crossword Clues Start With R, page 355

Rabid hounds bay Rock was one in American river Responded. Retorted. Rejoined Reacted verbally Responded to questions Reads new amendment with rebutted response Responded Replied Replied Replied Responded Reads new novel as reported in response Responded to a question Rascals Reprobates Rascals Result of a rainstorm. Rainfall reminder Rain evidence Rainy-day creation Rainy day creation Rainy day creation Rainy day creation Rabelais, for one Ridiculing author I found in dire straits Relating to a region of Italy Root of the taro plant Root of the taro plant Root of taroГ%82В plants Root of the taro plant Raymond and Kelly. Rotting corpse in plot Reproach. Rail at. Record it (anag.) Rail at Root of the taro. Rooftop spinners Relatives of windsocks Rooftop devices Rocket controls Roosters on spires Rooftop sights Rays Root of the taro Rays Roof spinners Root of the taro plant Root of taro plants Roof spinners Rooftop wind indicators Rooftop wind gauges Rural roof adornments Rooftop spinners Relatives of windsocks Relatives of windsocks Root of the taro Rock fan's "instrument" Rock fan's "instrument" Rock fan's imaginary instrument Retailer with a physical building Races and cares, for example Ray's arrows Ruse, for sure, is one of these! Rubbernecked Rubbernecked Rubbernecked Rubbernecked Rubbernecked, e.g. Rubbernecked, e.g Reprimand lead-in Relaxing of tension Relaxing of tension Request from a tired child Reduction of tension Relaxing of international tensions Relaxation of hostilities Reduced hostilities Relaxation Reduction of tension Reduction of tension Relaxation of French and English outside temporary accommodation Reg. in Risk that gives a bonus of 3 extra armies Recipient of much intl. aid Respectable comic? Rep. of S. ___ Réunion's continent.: Abbr. Rather or Blitzer, e.g. Reporter. Rather, for one Rather, for one Reformed chap receiving second reporter "Rock Me ___" (Billy Squier hit) "Rock Me ___" (1984 hit) Restaurant ordering option Realm "Rock Me ___" (1984 hit) Realm Realm Relative of a nautilus Relative of a squid Ruinous Rye or fescue Rye, for one Ruinous Rye or fescue Rye, for one Ruinous Rough stuff? ___ roots. Range forage. Ruinous Ruinous Rough stuff Refurbished a flat and it's deadly Republic that envelops The Gambia River in Western Africa, 1,050 miles to Atlantic. River north of Dakar. Republic, as of 1960. Republic in northwestern Africa Roads winding round, say, African territory Recorded gaffes Reba might attend their award ceremony (abbr.) Reviewed, as the books Reviewed, as records Reviewed, as the books Road convexity Road surface curvature Requiring delicate handling Requiring delicate handling Run before the wind Run before a gale. Run swiftly. Run before the wind. Run quickly Run before a gale Run before the wind Run before a gale Retail store posting Recognition Rave about account by Sue Recognition Reshaping surgery that will improve your looks? Refractive eye surgery Retail store posting Reject, as an incumbent in an election Replace, electorally Reduce by squeezing Runway display Rebellious MPs score in squeeze Runway display Red quartz Runway display Red chalcedony Red quartz Red quartz. Red chalcedony Reddish-orange Reddish gem Red cross member? Runway display Railworker Jones Ridges with steeply sloped sides Ridges with steeply sloped sides Renders tractable Renders docile Rare commodity on an airplane Raised a lot of money with hotel worker for strike Riotous Riotous Replace, as one's sword Replace, as one's sword Railing part Railing feature Railing support Rail pillar Rail pillar Railing feature Railing feature Run-down Rotten ... reportedly dated accomplished degenerate Refuse to leave the house? Reject as one's heir Rock-boring tool Rock-boring tool Rock-boring tool Rock-boring drill Round drill Rock-boring tool Rock-boring tool. Rock-boring tool Rock-boring tool Rock-boring tool Rock-boring drill Round drill Round drill Requiring precision Requiring precision Rip jaggedly Rip jaggedly Rip jaggedly Rend. Rip jaggedly Reduce to tears? Rip jagged tear beneath delicate fabric Rip jaggedly Roc's passenger Rate balsa to be a smooth material Rocky admits rite causes a huge irritation on the surface Rich, sweet wine Racehorses. Rich sweet wine Reduce one's exposure? Revile. Reluctant to put on church robe Raucous Rasping. Raucous. Raucous Ruined but Nellie is irrepressible Raucous Rough National Trust walk ahead Reluctant to spend Rooted Rooted Rooted Rooted (in) Rooted ''Reservoir Dogs'' crime Reply to "You're a real S.O.B.!" Reply to "You're a stinker!" Reply to 'You're a stinker!' Ruminant featured in many a landscape Roman holiday attractions Relative of the fascinator. Rebozo Renounce Renounce as a family member Repudiate Renounce Repudiate Renounce Refuse to acknowledge responsibility for Repudiate Renounce Renounce possession of Renounce, as a family member