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Crossword Clues Start With U, page 316

Utter Urgently (abbrev.) Unfortunate promise over time leads to fraud Unknown projected delivery date for letter from abroad Unconventional tough guy receives information on personal problem Unsurpassed Uplifting poems Unpredictable Unseemly Unit of energy 'Uh-uh, dude' Untruthful person Useful Uncommonly shaky painter of 2 resting on stack Unprincipled snapper on the case of your independent manuscripts Uttered Unreal; very pleasant Unfinished public house is bound to encounter resistance from guarantor Unspoiled Umbilicus formation Unit of corn Utopias Untrustworthy sort Undivided Usually bicoloured confection, made from grated palm fruit and sugar syrup Uncouth; harsh U.S. senators, e.g Union __, Dow Chemical subdivision Unsurpassed Urge forward Upper garments Ultimate Upside down Unspoken ___ 51 (U.F.O. landing site? … hmm) Unimpressed response United pea and tofu in blending soup United States under old tyrant is oppressive Underground store — uno Umpire ... unlimited by 100 pound and English sentimentality Unable to write 49 + 51 three times a quarter? U.F.C. sport Urban diversion? *Upscale eatery service for topper wearers Unscripted talk in theatre stems from garden Under pressure I almost pinched gun Unfinished movies Use a pestle Uptight sailor and Parisian to go home with a stage star Under Utilised Unbagged leaves for brewing University of Jordan city Use a plus sign Unclear Underwater wriggler Unruly masses Ump Utterly destroyed and unlikely to have kicked about Unconventional Unwavering Used the pink side of a pencil Ultimate characters seen in the magnificent Coptic church make an impression Unfortunate scrap defended by jerk Under spruce, hole's opening UFO bunch Unfortunate occurrence Useful skill Union station? Use as a bed Unite a strange relative Unconscious UN chap in need of broadcasting corporation University disco due to move to shed? Unsteady elephant transporter accompanying ruler Unwrapping small pouch is a pain Unassumingly Unstable (informal) Upset friend has left: brilliant mathematician Untrained, perhaps Up Unreliable origami practitioner? User-edited site Unhelpful response to "Who's there?" Used the kitchen Unrefined, but effective Utmost Use as proof Unbusy Undergo a change US President, loser with vote collapsing 7UP, in old ads Ukr., once Uproar Usher’s offering Utah Jazz center Whiteside "u CANNOT b serious!" University in Pocatello Ushered Unsettle Username and password University in Greenville, South Carolina Ukr., once Utah national park ''Ummm, hey Mister'' Understanding Up to Unable to move heading off to small dance - the one in the school for the sweeties Unseen 'Bambi' villain Using needles and wool Union leader overwhelmed by British politician’s impact Urchin knocked back fish and a toasted cake Uniform Unattainable aspiration Unadulterated passage read out? That's just childish Unpleasant character wished to go by horse Underhanded lob Undo an error, in a way Uncooked Unopened rose Understand about daughter making one grow furious US fuel Units of loudness Uncanny Unhappy Undamaged Utterance often repeated Uninteresting ladder trial "Uh ... excuse me" UCLA URL ending Utilising Uninterested Undercut United States Senate, for one (... letters 3-7) Upper-story room Unit of land Upper class Unusually impulsive VIP missing breakfast? Unification Church members, familiarly Unusual garnets recollected Untax beer? That could make you full of vitality! Uninspired Using force, get rid of nonsense over female deer, reportedly US lad right to suppress school dish Unselfish Uncompromising sorts Unrefined material Undo, as a law University division University boss stands behind Liberal in row and stubbornly won't be deterred from his opinion Underground place maybe giving topless humiliation University with nuclear research facility in the French city Unconventional people not paired at dances Upper limb Understood wrongly Usual, expected United Kingdom, e.g.? Utopia? University official Unit of resistance Usher's place Use a big wooden spoon UV-blocking letters Ugly giant Unwell, perhaps? Yes, rather! Unseen title character of 1953 Unopposed shots University in Cambridge, Massachusetts US version of a fictional character created by Martin Handford Use Unit of firewood Underdog victory Understood Until now Upper-arm muscles, briefly Undercover attire? UNICEF address suffix Uncommon milk supplier Uses one's peripheral vision Unicellular alga Utah ski resort U2 lead singer Uncertainties Unit of length U.S. tax org ___ up (wash your face, e.g.) Upset, disturbed Unrealistic expectation of high tea? “Umbrella” singer Upon URL ender for a company UFO occupants Ultra-modest skirt Utmost degree Unsophisticated person 'Una Sangre' singer Downs 2021 US Open champion Raducanu URL ending for CharityWatch Unsigned (Abbr.) Up to Upper limit Utah city UK releases my suspect, a political refugee Uncommon poison copper overlooked Unit of sound Unobstructed progress Ultimately, he saw the deal — Jack is first, possibly a diamond Unaltered under street arrest Underling dished out brandies Utterly despicable in past, trick prior to draw Unrivaled UPS vehicle Under the weather Unit of temperature University near High, but with no affiliation Unsuitable environment for Republican poet Underwear gaffe Unlike anything else United hub Uproar Unknown number visiting away 12 Uniquely American cleverness Unfixable "Uncut Gems" gem "Unbelievable," in a text Unpleasant critics Utah's state animal Untruth Using many words and images, keeping part mostly concealed Urban landscape features line a politician puts up Unresolved issue Understand speaker's vote against Uncovered figures like 14 in hundreds — every second Unaccustomed to Uncommon jewel Up and ___ (no longer in bed) Utah ski resort Uncovers US sportsman ultimately losing in row with some clubs Unexpected win Unhappy Urge strongly "United States of Al" network Update follower, perhaps Unexpectedly cheers up getting left in tomb Unidentified bloke from European island Upset hanger-on by mistake? Nonsense Uncle (Sp.)