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Crossword Clues Start With U, page 319

Unit of weight for a brachiosaurus Use for support Utah neighbor University in dodgy area is offering a multitude of places all the way to China U.S. tax org Univ. helpers Unlock, in poems Untrue tales Uplifting poems Upshot 'ur hilarious!' Use a cutting board Used a broom UBL Univ. website suffix Under control Unruly crowd Unseal, in Shakespeare Unkempt condition Unsafe results? Ultimate degree Up-to-the-minute, fashion-wise UCLA or UNC University of Illinois ___-Champaign Ultimate degree Unexpected and unfortunate Unit of weight Unimaginative Using a blender in quick bursts Unassailable Unrefined metal Unlicensed radio broadcaster Unselfish possessive “Understand my meaning?” Unit of force Unit of resistance Unseat Urban autos Understand Units in NFL statistics Unsuk Chin's 'Piano ___ No. 6 (Grains)' U2 lead singer Uncivil Undue haste Unpaid TV ads Univ. dorm supervisors Uzbek capital US state Using a gun or rifle Up to speed in French US chemist rotated screen, extracting middle substance Unoccupied cottage on cliff in demand UConn women's basketball coach __ Auriemma Underworld boss Upper body UConn women's basketball coach __ Auriemma Underworld boss Unit of weight Ump's call US puritan dejected by corrupt ones Unsure, not confident Useful reading for newbies Uplifting song Use up (energy) UFO passengers Unevenly balanced URL starters Undercover drug cops Unclear, as a memory Usually dramatic symphony ending Usually dramatic symphony ending Uber Eats guesstimate Uninspired Uncle of 1960s TV UN opposer (anag) — by design Understanding Unintentionally funny man taking bow in illusionist Upscale autos Unadon fish Unadon fish Urban — Usual, expected Unpredictable change Unspecified amount Up-and-coming Use a throne Use a wheelchair's joystick Unadorned Unique University dept Unique University dept Unbleached linen's color Unoriginal UK elevator Uproar “Under the Jaguar Sun” author Calvino Undercover operations Up to 12 Uno follower Urge against U2’s second studio album, released in 1981 Unusually, Egham ____ includes rowing, skiffing and punting races Unadon fish Unreturned tennis serve (US Racing) a 'Triple Crown' event Unofficially not present; (playing) truant Up-to-dateness UCLA URL conclusion Used gym shoe trait UFO crew URL opener Urgent request Understand Unrestrained occult figures? (NHL/WNBA) Uses a crowbar Use the rink Underwear found in shops aboard ship Under pressure, debate moving queen up one space — capital! US tennis player with three grand slam singles titles, d. 1993 aged 49 Units of work Untidy scene Units of work Understand Unwieldy ships Use a shovel Untruth Undergarment here, waistcoat in the US Universal remedies Using more words than needed Uproar about cryptics being cut back Unable to stand still, a soldier clearly said: 'Head off!' Up to now Urgent Unrefined metal Unpeaceful, queasy feeling Unpeaceful, queasy feeling Undesirable thing to draw Unkind adjective that some feminists have reclaimed Un-manned planes Uncover Under the weather Used pound found in street Unfavourably review list of candidates Unit on a pedometer Used a doorbell Unsettling Uses ASL, e.g Uplifting ballad about last letters from Eve and figures from The Garden Unit of computer data left out of great deal Uncertainties Underdog's win Up to now Uncertainties Understands UFO pilot 'Uh-huh' '___-uh!' Uniform adopted by active forces to divert one's attention Unappealing bowlful Univ. or acad Unpopular raises Uncertainties Unpopular raises Undesirable low interest? Unforested Eurasian plain Upper hand Utah national park Utter Upper limb Used flippers Underworld figure similar to 17 down Unfroze, melted Uniforms for the forces US coin Utah musical surname Utah, since 1896 Utah political surname Using microchips and transistors U.S. state with the longest coastline Unexpected obstacle Unenviable situation Under the weather Unlike lionesses Unacceptable, as punishment Uncorking sound Unit of gold fineness Ultracycling vehicle Unmotivated state Unacceptable, as punishment Uncorking sound Used a chair Underwear safely stored at first outside precinct Unpleasant aroma Unwise dropping Roma's top forward Unmanned aerial vehicle Unites English in trouble United island to block ambassador for good Use elbow grease on Urge on Use nuclear weapons Use elbow grease on Unspoken — up (gets smart) ___ up (absorb) Unlikely story about returning ill, not to be relied on Unwell UFO fliers Upper limit Uninspired writers Unfortunately, a gap his retirement left? ''Uh-uh'' Univ. aides Unwrap, as a gift *Uptown New York City thoroughfare west of Madison *Uptown New York City thoroughfare west of Madison Univ. aides Ultimate victory, or a hint to the ends of 20-, 32- and 41-Across U2 lead singer Uses an old phone Unsigned (Abbr.) Use the gym USO audience Uktena, the Horned ___ Underground prison Unethical; sinful U-Haul rental Unit of length Unwanted plant Underneath Utter University post associated with the Italian making a comeback with paper to inspire Ulster bus lane potentially is not fit for purpose Update is signal to save for later Useful connections Under contract finally, see pretty amazing old print worker Unstructured mass survey needs sending back to party Up-and-down agreement Uber offering Uncooked Upper bound, familiarly Unprecedented events concealed by anarchist's riflemen in revolution US soldiers crossing desert, free Upper-class lady against benefit being raised US lift Utah city Unrivalled University in D.C Unappetizing food Unnamed lady cleared out ground in routine manner