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Crossword Clues Start With U, page 345

Unreliable leader in cushy job given sideways move Ultimate in rearing previously earnest foster-kids from Fife Unseen helper's paper and coin no longer used United correctly directed to hang on to apprentice Uni running team, heading off to the west Unpleasant place for ditch Unity might make no sense Utter skill and courage initially required to get jet heading off — from this? Use keys to enter property, perhaps Upset at 'imaginary' rope Unconditional love, OK? Upper-class crystal Ultimately, this deep sea is a source of fresh water USA isn't perturbed over plant? That's poor Uncertain and without energy, you fasten time locks Unique runner left in a game Unable to provide guidance, adviser ultimately incapable of being milked? University invested in Lamb's complete essays? Praise be! Unusually old paintings from the east Useless demanding £1000 plus a deposit Unfortunately dance price not likely to fall? Unable to see length in tie Undertake hazardous mission with ringing endorsement for success? Unlikely flier, one strange bird! Understand whose turn it is to catch one, say Unduly complacent about cunning doctor's thought-provoking prescription? Unproved statement in article, relative Upset to some extent, civilian omits ethical character statement Upset everyone in island Ultimate in mistaken dalliance United excuse personal trainer that's risen rapidly Ultimate difficulty for camel? Urge page to wind turban Utter madness to abandon last couple outside some Washington agency Unwrapped test papers over coffee Upcoming fashion, say, including a thousand anoraks? University fellow had, on reflection, to sound indecisive Unmarried, not having pound to burn Understanding rebuke given to the Left US broadcaster pinching round bum Unhappy in boozer, about to hit the roof Unknown Berlin figure: I'm not sure he has a craft Unpleasant odour: one given off by composer repelled Union no longer means to be heard more widely in Australia US news magazine with a profit repeatedly Unseen, a badger tormented a bovine animal Urge of significant duration in capital of Greece Unfunny art park regularly shows something outstanding in white Unfortunately it'll betoken a four-dimensional concept Unfinished heap of stones round major Egyptian site Ungentlemanly spilling of a pint US politician working in dome for shady group Unreliable old man nicks tune we added Unpleasant type, whatshisname? Unit employed with rocks to lug round area UK employment scheme in which some get their cards? Unfortunate innocent caused shame Unfavourably cast? Unable to move quickly Unpredictable philosopher grasps moral, mostly Unlimited nature? Spring has not so much point US leader in power, living Unsuitable to sleep in it Unauthorised action, an attack by a cougar, perhaps? Unnamed male is leader of this robbery Undisclosed strain stops nude wrestling Upset world body getting rid of centre US determination to change inadequate rating Use a lot of each colour filling in box Union spent to bring in a civil engineer Underwear barrister receives Unit on the house becoming loose Used to be clean after wiping hard Upset, small twin rings and knocks Unknown individual in band Unpleasant sort of sailor snatching paintings Unfortunate to start being sick after first sign of winter Union etc out to protect male employees US writer coming out? I must come out too Unknown eight in German vessel on water Uncertain about one religious group after daughter finds trouble Used to be behind a lot of fit Amerinds Unhealthy-looking girl, type to avoid exercise classes Unpretentious metre: poem is on the way Union forced to raise legitimate issue Unsparing curbing of habit by party from the right Upset body organising football legend's friendly United duo having just achieved goal in match? Unable to move under white blanket Unable to deliver speech in exceptionally low dress Ultimately frantic perhaps as jockeys refuse to go on these Uncovered fire in dry grass is rather alarming Understood drink to be an unexpected snag Undertake urban regeneration programme? Fraudulent practice United brought in successful player who cleans up? Uncle Arthur not entirely lucid Understood new cut Upset at charges? Get in free! University chief backing brilliant work in Latin Unlit rescue vessel behind dam US ex-serviceman, seventy-five today? Much less than that Untimely error a Cornishman corrected University location affected our team Unusual sunlamp with Internet control system Use standby shifts for special clothes University blocks hunt happening for marine life Unpredictable reactions to drug UK's open to changes, to be frank Utter anything, up north, to turn cheat on Understood what's ahead of Daniel, heading off to join the navy? Uproar after daughter's dropped old woman Useful hint about container for boiling vegetable Unlimited oil and unction flowing Upset dice Uses little energy in remote area Uniform has got carried outside boundary Understudy with good reputation Unexpected, small rebellion involving Republican Upset with rotten conclusion Update design of the French on remoulded tyres Unprincipled fellow visiting gallery Unfinished craft I found in China? Unexpected aid on air in digesting new group of languages Unknown or mostly unofficial delivery at Lords? Uniform height in revolutionary Lyon is unconscionable Unauthorised passenger was to, after changing course Upset a small pie Unlimited load of French ship entering Black Sea Port US general, slippery thing recalled Uncle out on a run — that's some sort of energy! Unusually emphatic about workers charging Upper-class boy tucking into eggs and Swiss roll, for example Upset with vegetables I had rejected Unusual Croatian waterproof garment ... undoing, going with mounting resistance Unacceptable ruling about backing up Unknown to babble at length about one tiny item charged Uncommon panic about Conservative Utensil slicing primarily meat Unbeliever elected Castro, say? Untrue story I tell is curtailed, interrupted by sign of drunkenness Unpretentious-sounding carriage Union Jack used by a religious rite Unfairness of twice concealing answer Unable to launch Silver Bullet Unbaptised male wrong in the head Unpleasant noise in road by dance club Unprecedented cut in money received by story Uneasy truce that takes bottle on both sides Unknown state car carrying bishop Unrest curtailed in city United were victorious according to report Urgently heading for teleprinter after distress call one received Under pressure, made and delivered a sermon Unhappy experience of duke who makes confessions? University do a number on drugs Unkempt, much like a cormorant? Upbringing having run true to form? Unknown having to leave Cornish town in expiation Unhappy  eating cold fish Unmannerly leaders of illegal sect in Irish county University developed extremely wisely by the arts Upset by hoax, one can continue cooking Understood a bit of an act from an orator? Upright object supporting leg Uncomplicated foreign article on PM is backed Uproar in opium den man resolved Upsetting measurement system outfitter's familiar with? Undertake bet for titled widow Up and about in a prison Under the influence, doctor doesn't University developed silent kitchen gadget Uniform used on Royal Navy vessel Upset some oversexed old lovers Unacceptable opinion in item not shown on TV? Used to live close to meadow before USA union forced to adopt first of mandates in accord US ref including fashionable plant Unruly lad stuck into a salesman Unable to speak outside home for a short time Up at six to join manoeuvres being put together US writers use drum and bass for this? Unexpectedly named by Queen, one changing for the better? Useless cricketer going round old supply vessel Use roughly half of normal free entertainment Under surveillance — and irritated! Used something on the face? Uninhibited person ending in inferior state Uncontrolled tirade about a member of the House of Commons Unconventional, like a newly escaped convict? Unsightly condition Isaac Newton bears University degree: good thing Using computers to fill in nuanced translation Useless Edmund ignoring odd characters Understand obsession is coming to the boil? Ukulele player switching parts for alternative arrangement University staff referring to publicity at Queen's? Uncle with no teeth, sloppy diner Unlikely to add up if short Unshaven king gets stuck into booze Uncertain feel for list Using other parts of one's anatomy as a tongue? Unfinished pie on a menu sadly leading to complaint Understanding allowance covers each border? Not quite Unusual in Surinam, Med: late warm spell Ultimately foolish woman upset dye Upset, I behold endless plundering in WWI battle site Update backing state politician Ultimately Mary Seacole was right US author to judge verse US state I saw under bridge Unhappy workers finally given notice Use bits of tin and nickel on island, having cleared out store Unmissable stone in French museum Ultimate in incentives for good child Upper crust headgear? Union hopeful producing wherewithal for strike? Underwear for mum? Unfortunately, I retain the lack of movement Unwelcome outcome of sharp practice among later batsmen? Unfortunately, my seat is hot Unexcited about snow having particles equally disposed Unhurried pace of a northern comedy writer? Unconscious butcher's prognosis Upset teacher grabbing unmarried mum Unnatural lake beyond measure, ultimately US legislature apparently opposed to progress? Undisclosed shareholder hides one pistol for sleuth Unfit person who likes undressing, briefly caught in the act Ultimately spineless of French in short ducking a German product Unfortunate score, own goal let in, seeing Ebenezer? Used blade in a way that's audible University procedure to get degree needing endless deception Upshot of half a dozen in building about to be thrown out? Understand how to become popular Upper-class art initial adjusting makes functional Unique event I discounted? Undecided over hiding publicity howler Under Egyptian sun abroad we must drink my bitter Untruth maintained by Capone's associates US investigator with mobile for underground worker Unresponsive, not very overbearing Unfortunate wanderer, ducking head, gets hit on the back Unfortunately nastier type of Greek wine Unusual kind of eccentric fraud Ultimately keep to leaner dark meat Understood vase is rarely open Unrighteousness gets rash Adam tormented, blessedness finally gone Urban area series my Ed reworked Untidy, muddled exposure