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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 318

Vegetable that caused a princess agony, in a fairy tale Vegan milk option Vast areas of land where coffee is grown, say Venomous snakes from Egypt Vegetable that can roll? Veto, informally Vegetable often cut into rings Volleyball court divider Vatican VIP Victorian, e.g. Vet visitor Vintage music store buys: Abbr. Venomous snake Vast expanse of water "Vous ___ ici" ("you are here" in French) Venomous snake of Egypt ___ Vegas Strip Valet's site Venomous snake from Egypt Valentine month, for short Vegas lead-in ___ Victoria, waterbody in the Tanzanian and Ugandan forests that is a source of the Nile Vast body of water Venomous snake in Egypt Vanishing act word Video recorder, for short Vietnamese New Year "Venom" actor Tom ___ ___ Verne, French writer known for works like "Around the World in Eighty Days" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Victor ___, French writer known for works like "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" and "Cromwell" Vet visitor Vesuvius output Vampire's alter-ego, maybe Verse by Whitman, say Veja product Video game hub Vuitton of fashion Valentine's day emotion Voldemort's title Variety of bears that live in the Arctic Venomous Egyptian snake Verbal tests Vigorous campaign Vehicle in an airport line Vlogger's device, for short Vocalist ___ Ora of "Let You Love Me" Volkswagen model which has the record of being the first car to sell 20 million units Victoria's Secret purchase, for short Vegetable "ammunition" for a child's toy Villain in "The Dark Knight Rises" Valyrian steel sword that belonged to Ned Stark in "Game of Thrones" ___ Van Patten, director who directed the first two episodes of "Game of Thrones" "Vive le ___!" (old French cry) Volleyball or fishing essential Vogue or Cosmopolitan, for short ___ vu (familiar feeling) Veggie in a pod 2 vs. 2 wrestling match: 2 wds. "___ 2033," video game that was inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky novel of the same title Voice above tenor 1993 video game about a space marine's quest to find and kill demons from hell Vapor in a sauna ___ Vegas Vietnamese dish consisting of broth and rice noodles Volleyball court divider Visiting the capital: 2 wds. Vin ___, actor from "Bloodshot" Violin's big cousin Victory sign, phonetically ___ Vea, defensive football player who plays defense as a nose tackle Video counterpart, for short Vapor in a sauna Vietnamese new year Vast body of water View Vast expanse of water Vote positively Vietnamese New Year Vacation idea Volume enhancers in a concert Volume enhancers at concerts, for short Very tiny Virtual person in a popular PC game Victorian or Edwardian, e.g. Vietnamese holiday Vogue's ___ Wintour Venomous Egyptian snake Voldemort's title Video game persona Vaccine for kids: Abbr. Vowel triplet after "e" Vehicle rented on moving day Veggie used to make French fries ___ Vai, Grammy-winning guitar maestro with albums like "Passion and Warfare" Volcanic powdery residue Vote of support Vote into power Venue for a concert or a big match Verbal or spoken Virgo-Libra month, for short ___ Valley (California wine region) Vietnamese New Year Volkswagen classic that sounds like a bug Vietnamese noodle soup dishes Video's sound-based partner Verbal exam, say ___ Vegas VCR button, for short Violinist Kavafian VHS alternative: Abbr. Video game hero with a mustache "Vision of ___," the debut single by Mariah Carey Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Valedictorian's pride: Abbr. Vowels that come between "a" and "u" ___ Vieja, one of Cuba's traditional dishes that consists of pulled beef and vegetables Vinyl albums: Abbr. Veronica ___, "Divergent" author who curated a Tumblr blog called "The Art of Not Writing" VCR format: Abbr. Vacation location, maybe Very boring, slangily Vietnamese noodle soup ___ Vuong, millennial author known for his novel "On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous" Virginia ___, author of "A Room of One's Own" who was related by marriage to fellow author Thackeray Vessel for frying Victorian or Mesozoic, for one Victorian or Renaissance, e.g. Valiant mounts ___ velvet cake "Vive le ___" ("Long live the king!") Virgo-Libra month, for short Visitor from another world ___ Valentino, American magician famous for being Fox's Masked Magician ___ Vernon, Canadian magician who was also known as "The Professor" Vietnam war protest group: Abbr. Vegas attraction Vietnamese New Year Vigor's partner Vowel trio after "e" Valedictorian, for one, for short Volleyball essential "Vendors ___ their trade every day on these streets." Vader from "Star Wars" "Vive le ___" (long live the king) Vaulting need Volkswagen's former phrase, "___ Auto" Victimized: 2 wds. Victoria's Secret purchase Very boring "Vision of ___," the debut single by Mariah Carey Victim of Paris, often remembered by his heel Vote in the negative ___ Velvet, five member K-Pop girl group with the hit "Psycho" Vin Diesel's "Fast and Furious" character, affectionately Vitamins and supplements seller: Abbr. Viscounts' superiors, in British nobility Visitor from outer space? Video streaming service founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph Video streaming service owned by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast Corporation Vint ___, American Internet pioneer who is considered to be one of "the fathers of the Internet" Vacuum cleaner manufacturer ___ Corporation Very nervous "Very" in Spanish Vessels with oars Vito Corleone's title Vigilant Vaulted church areas Venn diagram components Video interruptions, for short ___ Varadkar, Ireland's first openly gay Prime Minister VapoRub company whose "Generations of Care" campaign featured a transgender mother Voice above tenor "Veronica ___" (TV series) Van Halen singer, David ___ Roth ___ Vegas, filming location for season 2 of the reality series "Love Island" Vegan latte option "___ Vice" (crime drama TV series) ___ Vajiralongkorn, King of Thailand Vaccine mixture: Abbr. ___ Vera (medicinal plant) Vehicles for hire app? ___ Vicious and Nancy Spungen, rock musicians who dated in the '70s Valentine's Day flower Volcanic residue Variety Varnish ingredient Vessels that sail ___ Vera, skincare plant Vegetables that make you cry Vanquished, as a dragon Very small Very fancy Viral illness, briefly Vatican V.I.P. Vino ___ (dry wine) Viscous, oozy stuff Vehicle rescue "___ vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda," 2015 novel by Becky Albertalli about the struggles of a high school boy "Vive le ___!" ("Long live the king!") Veterinarian visitor ___ vera (skin soother) Vietnamese noodle soup Vegas starter? Vehicle hailed on corners Very tiny "___ Vu," 2006 film starring Denzel Washington as an ATF agent who travels back in time to stop a terrorist attack "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" ___ Voight, "Coming Home" actor who cameoed as himself on "Seinfeld" ___ vera (skin soother) Video store rental, once: Abbr. ___ Vegas, city with the Bellagio Fountain Virtual "hahaha": Abbr. VIP carpet color ___ version (trial version) Vietnamese noodle soup Veggie that sounds like a letter ___ vera (burn soother) Valley, poetically Viscounts' superiors Villainous Vietnamese New Year "Very funny!": Hyph. Vessel covers, say "V" in VIP Video streaming woes, for short Ventriloquist doll from the supernatural horror movie "Dead Silence" Very small amount (rhymes with "crib") VCR button to go back, for short Vast stretch of time Vibro-___, weapon from "Star Wars" used by Palpatine's Imperial Sentinels "Viva ___ Vegas!" Voting spots Vegas attraction Vietnamese new year Vogue and Cosmo, for two Very bright colors "V" in VIBGYOR Video game console by Nintendo: Abbr. Visual organ Votes of opposition View from 1a, maybe Vocalist Yoko ___ Verses of praise Volumetric container found in a lab that can be used to see some chemical reactions Vegan protein option VMAs host channel: Abbr. Vacation plan Vito Corleone's title Valedictorian's big delivery Voice assistant on an iPhone