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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 319

Venus de ___, famous work of Greek sculpture Vaudeville performer Spellman Vexed Vitamin also known as PABA Vader from "Star Wars" Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Veggie that rhymes with "ham" Violin's kin Vacation home Volcanic flows Vaulting need Volcanic outpour Violet flower, often Verse of praise Vast period of time ___ Verde National Park, Colorado Very angry Vegetarian diet no-no Vote of assent Veil wearer's vow, perhaps: 2 wds. Verb in the texting phrase "c u l8tr!" Video interruptions, for short Vessel for hot coffee? Velveteen ___, fictional stuffed animal created by Margery Williams Viewpoint-based newspaper pieces, informally Victory gesture Valentine's card shape, maybe Violin's larger cousin "Valerie" singer Winehouse Vietnam's continent Viral disease that could spread from a dog bite Vow often sealed with a kiss: 2 wds. Venomous Egyptian hisser ___ vera (soothing succulent) Vatican V.I.P Vintner's vessel Vast expanse of water Vast period of time Very small Vietnamese soup Vehicle that Santa travels in on Christmas Eve to deliver presents Vinyl albums: Abbr. ___ von Euler, Swedish Nobelist Veggie commonly used to make a snowman's nose Venus, to Serena, casually Vault for valuables Vincent Van ___, Dutch artist with the winter-themed painting "Two Peasant Women Digging in a Snow-Covered Field at Sunset" Video game console by Nintendo: Abbr. Vincent van Gogh's painting, for one Venomous snake in Egypt Vietnamese soup Vessel you may see at sea "Victorian" or "Elizabethan" follower Villain's sinister smile (rhymes with "beer") ___ Verde, national park in America that houses Native American archaeological sites Vint ___ (internet pioneer) "Vive le ___" (long live the king) Vegan's milk option Vogue or Cosmopolitan, for short Vera ___, famous celebrity wedding gown designer who has dressed Chrissy Teigen Victoria ___ and David Beckham, whose wedding at the Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland made headlines in 1999 Vain people have large ones Vending machine purchase Vatican City VIP Vowels in "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" ___ Vegas, Nevada Vintage music store buys: Abbr. View appreciator Voice an objection Vault for valuables Visitors from space?: Abbr. Vehicle used on a snowy hill Vietnamese New Year Very small Vincent van Gogh's painting, for one ___ vera (food for the skin) Vint ___, one of the fathers of the Internet Venomous snake from Africa Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" Verbal, say Volcanic discharge Votes into office Visual organ Victorian or Elizabethan ___ (period of English history) Video gaming hub Vodka or rum, e.g., for short "Very funny!": Hyph. ___ von Euler, Swedish Nobelist Veggie in some green smoothies ___ vera (healing succulent) Viva ___, phrase borrowed from Latin that refers to an oral examination Victorian or Edwardian, e.g. Veggie also known as lady's fingers, with a name originating from Igbo ___ vera, soothing ingredient in skincare products Vodka or tequila, e.g., for short Vietnam's capital Victoria's Secret purchases Very enthusiastic, as a reader ___-view mirror Volume-boosting guitar gadget, for short Villain's nemesis Veronica's gal pal in "Archie Comics" V-shaped muscles targeted by performing pulldowns, informally ___ Vera, spiky succulent Vim's partner ___ Vulcano, comedian from "Impractical Jokers" Vulcano of "Impractical Jokers" Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls nickname Visualize Verbal exam Vessel used to cook tortellini soup, perhaps Victorian, for one "___ Ventura: Pet Detective" (comedy film) Vigorously defend, with "for" (and a new Merriam-Webster entry of 2023) Virgin Australia Group opening aisle 007 for traveller (8) Vladimir Putin was 2007's Person of the Year, despite his authoritarianism being known ___ around the world Villain desperately tries to embrace rest and relaxation (9) Vernal committees can launch divers (12) Vocal protests by a setter adversely affected child support (7,4) Valentine's month, for short ___ vera (rash curer) Vocal pause in a speech Violin knocked over in pub game (5) Very light rain Visit a race to conclusion Very warm Villain in 1876 novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Very bad Valleys ... visiting capital doing tours he's buzzing about! Vehicle not designed for the UK (abbr) (3) Voyage pop group (4) Variant mallard duck keeping one species protected? Video recorder Very funny VW forerunners Vampires' attacks Very gaunt Vessel's length: about a metre (6) Video game with evil green pigs Variety of lavender which yields an oil used in perfumery (5) Valve used to deter misconduct (7) Villain in 1876 novel Th Adventures of Tom Sawyer b Mark Twain (5,3) Verizon alternative Vast plain in Siberia (6) Verdi librettist, Arrigo ___ (b.1842 - d.1918) Vice president under Richard M. Nixon ___ Voyage (pop group's virtual concert series) Virile, perhaps Venetian craft could become a top voter (9) Very good of her to love a pure horse, perhaps (9) Value paint I'm mixing, working on one to my advantage (12) Vast expanse for clouds Vehicle speed metric: Abbr. Val waited around - what a bore! (5,4) Very excited about whiskey Venue Villain played by Vincent Price in 1960s US television series Batman Vital blood line Very bad grades Vow 'Voyage' pop group Vegetable Vigour Vain Very drunk men are picked up by designated driver Video game self-image or film that takes place on Pandora Visible urban pollution Vow repeated by ABBA (1,2) Vote or ballot Value or esteem hightly? (5) Ventured right inside the earth Vertical Short Takeoff and Landing (5) Vibrato's cousin Vanishing act anthem by Dua Lipa (7) Very, in Biarritz Vicar's allowance (7) Vetoed Village in Moray, city in Texas (6) Villain's hideaway Vogul Veterans' dining and social club (1,1,1) Vehicle or its petrol store Violin bow inlay material Varied experience of the removal of moisture from soil (6) "Va-va-va- ___!" Very chilly, ... cold "Vive _!" (French cry) Villain's nemesis Victoria Beckham ___ Adams Voting site Variety of dark brown fur (5) Vast seas wrecked canoes (6) Variety show with skits and songs Video game with falling blocks Vote of support Vein contents Verbal Verizon service Vehicles on a public highway Vietnamese New Year Variation disguises song Very small container by end of alleyway (4) Vitality somewhat over vehement (5) Vodka + tomato juice ___ Vice, 1980s TV series; Native 17 Across 24 Across Vigor Very skilful attempt Very small container by end of alleyway Voice amplifier Very wavy (hair) (5) Vane dir. opp. WSW Very attractive! (8) ___ Ventura: Pet Detective (Jim Carrey movie) V-shaped star cluster forming the head of the bull in the constellation Taurus Vast agricultural tract of northwest NSW (9,6) Vast agricultural tract of southeast Queensland (3,7,5) Victorian border town (7) Very early | Huge | Descriptor for a bit Vowels other than "a" and "e" Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls Vanilla pop (5,4) Variety of fabric Very much, informally Valley Very slightly VAT, eg Vampire creatures! Variety of wheat used to make pasta (5) Vehicle is endless worry Venomous snake of the eastern US Very attractive ravine seen by old American (8) Very little indeed, negligible Vilified female, a maiden caught in the act Viral ailment (colloq) (3) Voyager's tense tangle with the French Resistance (9) VIP’s aides Victor or master? Verminous vehicle (5) Vital artery Very dry Vehicles to clear roads currently parking fringed by swamps (11) Veering off ditches in the roadside (5) Venture to accommodate the sick in military quarters (6) Violent argument shall mostly lead to murder (12) Visitors from the stars, for short VII doubled Village gala Vegetable Voyager's tense tangle with the French Resistance