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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 320

Various nuts lacking individual taste Vim Vacation hours, to an HR rep. Vanilla or Cube rapper? (3) Various nuts lacking individual taste (6) Vegetable and fruit companion ignored (3) Venetian world traveler (2 wds.) Very busy Cockney without work is in the wrong place (7) Vessel is worthless, they say Vial for oil Vigilant Vehicle fuel Velvety ground cover Vegetable dish and ham too, served regularly Vanguard's opposite Vegan's taboo Various and sundry (Abbr.) Vincent -, Dutch painter (3,4) Vasbert, West Indies Test cricketer who took 5-93 against Australia at Georgetown in 2003 (6) Vouch for the account many tried falsely Vietnamese festival Volcanic powder Villain's adversary Volcano in Sicily Very casual farewell Voices in barbershop quartets Volunteered, tendered Vowel-shaped track segments VSOP, eg (8,6) Vauxhall saloon based on the Astra (7) Vitality (coll.) (5) Venetian explorer, - Polo (5) Vegan protein that may be used in mock meat Visualising - Vergara is Gloria in Modern Family (5) “— voyage!” Vacillates Very serious Vote Very busy Cockney without work is in the wrong place Vacuous, niggling Liberal parties seem familiar (4,1,4) Vandalised Various waterbirds close to lake (7) Vat going up for bolted one (3) Vegetables press slurs wrongly in short spells (8,7) Vehicle in the middle overtaken by American chap at full speed (5) Very suggestively dumping American out of spite (12) Victor gets it on with these jumpers Virtuous person in funny clothing, maybe a knight (7) Vehicle has some advantages Vacuous, niggling Liberal parties seem familiar Very suggestively dumping American out of spite Virtuous person in funny clothing, maybe a knight beneficiary Vast beyond comprehension Voice that means "high" in Italian Vatican City leaders ___ Vegas Aces Voting places Vegetable pod also called lady's fingers Very frightening (10) Vessels found in the kitchen bins perhaps Very common English man's name (4,5) Vitamin of the B complex (10) Very large dump largely linked to a seaport of ancient Rome (5) Very neat and clean "Very Soft in Hay" novel - with 24 Across it's a topical wish (5,3) Volatile ___ vera (spiky plant) Vinyl albums: Abbr. Verdi heroine Village - - - Vorderman, media personality (5) Very fit one leaving becomes subdued VP before Biden Vegetable container embedded in rubbish heap(6) Vending machine openings Very unpleasant types beginning to steal drink (5) Viper, puff Visit entrance to ghetto as a vocation (7) Vole scurrying around bend and part of plant (5) ___ Van Winkle, fictional long-sleeper (3) Volatile situation Vehicle I threw off disappeared (8) Vessel - we're bringing stern round (4) ___ Valley Girl (OPI nail shade) Volcanic ooze Vinyl records, for short Vogue alternative Very quickly Very pale Video game hero who defeats Goombas with flaming projectiles Vanishes (2 wds.) Vehicle in TV special coming up (3) Vehicle sign turned up in service (3) Valentine's month; abbr. (3) Vegas Golden ___ won hockey's Stanley Cup (7) Victory in Europe day (2) Very large self-service store (11) V Is for Vengeance author Grafton Video-game characters whose lives are controlled by the players Virtual assistant who's often addressed with the word Hey Voodoo priestess Mama ___ of The Princess and the Frog Verbalised (5) Vitamin Shoppe competitor Veteran’s concern Vegan protein choice Valley slope (12) Victory in which 1812 battle allowed Napoleon to enter Moscow? (8) Vehicle with a meter Visitor from space (5) Vehicle Variety of beet with large succulent leaves and thick stalks used as a vegetable Venomous snake Very small Vacuous, stupid Variety of crisp lettuce named for its original shipment in crushed frozen water or "glace"; a word from Dutch for a calf or a growler, broken away from a glacier; or, a person considered cold or Scro Vehicle too damaged to repair Victor ......, character in Casablanca (6) Vinolentae, non sobriae Vision-testing wall posting (2 wds) Volatile type's uncontrolled billiard shot (5,6) ___ vital (life force, from the French) Violent person, especially a criminal (4) Venison _ bucco Very firmly fastened Veteran's concern Vineyard measure Venison ___ buco Vivacity, turn over if snoring (4) Vegetables atop Saturn cars? Vancouver Island city, Port ___ Verne protagonist Phileas Vesuvius spew Vinyl half Vancouver courthouse building architect, ___ Rattenbury Versatile expert Vows could be as hot! (5) Very small amount (anagram of "bird") Vietnamese New Year celebration Voice below soprano Vintage music store purchases: Abbr. Vegetable often used in eastern European cuisine (8) Volley of gunfire Voucher Viper Very hot Vanity Vid recorder Vase Vaulted construction with supports of differing heights Val McDermid's genre (5) Vehicle lubricant I left out for 19, say (5) Venezuelan cascade * (5,5) Vessel's equipment in vessel carrying barrel over Great Lake (8) Vice consul sacked? That's incontestable (10) "Video Killed the _ Star" (1980 Buggles song) (5) Violent storm interrupting bridge player (9) Visionary: "What's coming on Monday?" ___ vs. Predator, crossover film (5) Vehicle for taking people up mountains or steep hills (5,3) Vertical section of text Voting alliance Vogue rival Verse can't transform an author (9) Very sad, upset about it, something displaced people face (9) Vet used pins with shock treatment (7) Victor O backed among police? Inquiry into this (5) Vast amphitheatre in Rome Vera's intro Very sad; it may turn into misfortune Visitor who's out of this world? "Victory is ours!" Very, very Venomous vipers Vietnamese New Year Very short shot of espresso coffee (9) Vacation properties' drains clogged with netting and limitless tar (4-6) Vender opening salt with the tongue (10) Very dry like Death Valley Vote in favor in Congress Vientiane is there View some Katmandu lynx properly (4) Vietnamese noodle soup (anagram of "hop") Vowels that come between "a" and "u" Villain's expression Vitamin that contributes to hair and nail growth Vote in favor Voucher Vietnam’s capital Vera's workers are seen all around the house! Very reliable person's powerful tractor? (5,2,8) Vessel abandoned by rats Victim, a journalist, acted like a goat (6) Vow not totally kept by troubled nurse suffering from anxiety (7) Very eager Vindictive Vigilant Version of senor in an ancient language Vanilla ___ (Tom Cruise movie) Villain's look Very small driving area north of New York (5) Volume on a computer Vietnamese soup often garnished with a lime wedge Venomous member of the family Hydrophiidae, often with the rear of the body compressed for swimming (8) Volcanic peak in Turkey where Noah's Ark came to rest (6) Ventimiglia of “This Is Us” Vehicles that empty curbside bins Vessel for pouring hot beverages (6) Virtues lacking tangible limits - that can be harmful (5) Vowel trio in "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" Voile draped round fruit (5) Venice attraction Very reliable person's powerful tractor? Vicious pair in shower? (3-3-3) Victor with pioneering female retaining rare enthusiasm (5) Victoria, Conservative politician appointed health secretary in 2023 (6) ____ valve, final one passed by oxygenated blood leaving the heart (6) Volcanic peak ruled by Sauron in "The Lord of the Rings" Vow under oath Vicious pair in shower? Vegetables American men won't eat? (5,5) Very long time Valerie holds item that is lifegiving (5) Vodka that comes in a bottle that's, aptly, big and blue Very serious Vitamins and minerals, for example (9) Very exciting (12) '___ vera' (4) Veggie similar to collard green Valuable deposit Verbal exam Valentine's day flower that can also be "white" Visitor whose "white" beard may become a bit sooty Vocal hesitation (7) Vegetable Very cold --- victory, goal achieved at a ruinous cost Vague suggestion Venus' relative Verbal waffle Verdant area previously adjacent to Victoria? Very popular party with good snack food (3,3) Very small portions of ice left in traps Vet rues change of clothes (7) Video that's a little fishy, the most popular ever on YouTube (4,5) Volume of reprints (ION BUNS anagram) (7) Votes against adopting explosive candidates (8) Voice of doom Van Gogh masterpiece