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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 321

Valentine's Day flower Votes against adopting explosive candidates Vapid Violating a law of God (7) Venomous viper Very difficult problem Visual yeses ___ Vuitton Village south of Mallaig famous for its beaches (5) Vegetable I'd pulled up in spots (6) Variety of apple, Pink ___ Violinist Menuhin Voting against, say Veggie that can roll away from you? Vandalise a crop that yields coconut oil (5) Virtual animal of the early 2000s Vitamin stat Very fat Vehicle fuel Very popular party with good snack food Vehicle manufacturer, learn it is in trouble (7) View from pass circling peak in Tanzania (5) Very allowable to harass for cash Valhalla boss Volunteers initially drinking a small amount (3) Victorious declaration Very close (6,2,3) "Vampire Diaries" actress Dobrev Villain's facial feature, often Vlad's epithet Vermin returned to Sirius, say (4) Vegetable mostly produced in Nigeria Vehicles often picked up at the airport Vague ideas of actors are heard by spectators but others turn a deaf ear (5) Vowel triplet after "a" Voucher (5) Very large self-service store Venus or Mercury, eg Vehicle manufacturer, learn it is in trouble Vendetta Version that is printed out rather than digital Very steep Vending job Venture potentially dangerous road manoeuvre? Verne novel destination Vessel returned with family linen? (6) View old tie Village in Angus, Scotland, originally called Slateford Vintner's measure Violent gaming — it's a growing issue! Vat Verification Virginia is beset by trouble getting benefit? (5) Volunteers to put one on pale island (6) View from the Trans-Siberian Railway Video game alterations, for short Visitor doesn't finish second estimate Video surveillance letters Vegetables Mr Williams gave to bird (10) Vegetable with pentagonal cross sections Visual display giving information to wise person harbouring ignorance (7) Vote opposite to "yea" Vintner's inventory Ver (3) Very in music (5) Vehicle designed for exploring the galaxy (10) Vocalist, Cassidy Vientiane language Viking of the comics Vinyl collectibles: Abbr. Vatican VIP Vodka units Vote in – choose to lose head (5) Value of some game ritual (5) Vase Visitor to Oz Vehicle located in Kensington Gardens (5) Vulgar - and a notable stinker! (4,6) __ Vladikoff - the eagle in Dr Seuss's Horton Hears a Who! (4) very keen on water Van Dyke or Van Patten Very good hand to be dealt in poker Violinist Zimbalist Very wicked Vex __ Vladikoff - the eagle in Dr Seuss's Horton Hears a Who! Vanilla Variety of cloth Venezuelan corn cake Very good Vehicle that might be articulated Visualization of data by color Vancouver Island village on Neroutsos Inlet: 2 wds. Vatican capes Variant-spelled Earth goddess in Greek myth Variantly-spelled River of Poland Variety of tide View, olde-style Vessel propelled by a sail perhaps Vibrant lipstick shade Video that plays over and over Visualized, as data Vocal quality of many country singers Vagrants' quarters (4-3) Vegetable turned double-negative round Irish capital (5) Victim of a April 1st prank, say Vietnamese New Year Vehicle for hire Variety of Christmas cake Vexation Vow Viper Very unusual VIP; enormous 3 Down? (3,6) Vegetable with feathery leaves (6) Very nearly locating obscure rocks Viewer confronted by guards in imagination (5,3) Visibly amazed (A PAGE anagram) (5) Volcanic emission; tree (3) Vehicle initially delivering Christmas missive? Vends Venerable news agency Very severe Vegetable with feathery leaves Visiting places of interest as a tourist (11) Vacancy, beginning (7) Very varied "Voila!" Vending machine or ATM, at times Vasopressin Vehicle attachment will make one exhausted, I say (4) Very puzzled (9) Viewers initially ignored Humza Yousaf's referendum choice (3) Vaseline, ... jelly Vertically, sitting ... "___ Voyage," 1994 song by Coolio that reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart Vendor's place, for short Venomous Egyptian snake Variety of bread (5) Very much Villain on the high seas Verb for you Vats Village in Gloucestershire; home and final resting place of author Laurie Lee Variety of cabbage Vineyard product Vigorous spirit Very great Vega constellation Venice ____, annual cultural exhibition held since 1895 (8) Very backward family with name right round Croatian port Very severe Irish guy essentially left in opening (8) Vaults for valuables View from some beach houses Vast desert region of eastern Asia named from the Mongolian for 'waterless place' (4) Vodacom Bulls and 2020-21 Leicester Tigers loose forward (4,5) Very enriched breakfast carbs Very hardy wood Video's partner ? (5) Visionary? Vowel-shaped girder Vessel for cooking soup Villain's nemesis V formation fliers "Veep" actor Richardson Vegan sammie Vast crowd some author described (5) Veggie sphere Vilification of Republican’s opponent perhaps upset resolve of SNP? Village near Wells, Somerset, noted for a nearby limestone cave V on a corporal's sleeve (7) Very old (inf) (11) Very small dot (8) Vocal priest, native to Peru (5) Vegetable with a long fibrous stalk (6) Violent eruption, after it's removed-unusual (5) Vietnamese noodle soup Vessel for a fishing trip Volcanic residue Vietnamese New Year Valuable stone Veracity Very serious Ventilated Verdi creation Vaccination Valiant, he went off to find a monster (9) Value decreased? That's very funny (9) Very small amounts: men's digs (anag.) Voicing one's views on keeping windows open? (6) Violent protester Very active ___ Vegas Vicinity Viv, West Indies cricket captain 1980-91 (8) Vladimir .... , 1956 Olympics 5,000m and 10,000m gold medallist (4) Vote of 'no' Vehicle that's hailed Vulgar Vinegar-heavy marinade Vociferously (7) Very Villainous d'Urberville in "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" Variety of tomato used in some tomato pastes Vegetable often found in tuna salad Vagrant made Harper switch underwear. It's a fair crop! (6,7) Voice peddle on top of orchestral instrument (5) Vowel triplet hidden in "furious" Verbally spoil this French survey (5) Villain’s look Victory Vote into power Valiant, he wrestles sea-monster Vessel's tiny mouth? Vineyard fruit Very sad soldier found in upturned cart (6) Very angry in abattoir at Edgware Very good one (3) Vessel's tiny mouth? (6) Vessel; criticise (3) Victoria ___ Mitchell, presenter ___ Vogue (magazine) Vampire perhaps in Kiribati Virtual animal such as Shoyru Vocalize musically (4) Virtuosos Views one's notifications on an unlocked iPhone Viral internet post Verb in a risotto recipe Verse, it might be expected to do this (5) Vulgar, cross sound Vito Corleone's title Vessel in which to grind spices (6) Veto Versatile “Very funny!” Vast expanses Volcanic rock Very good one Vengeful trio that is wearing winter outfits (6) Very many charges (5) Volcanic output Vote to accept Violent weather Vengeful trio that is wearing winter outfits Vape shop purchase _vault (athletic event) Very best French (5,2,2,5) ___ vault (athletic event) Video's complement