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Where the swings are. Will in the future What 32 Across does Wall coat Wall job What some ions have What to stir when? Washington's banks Write mediocre literature Where Mr. Jones got engaged? With 72-Across, Toro product What's my line: #3 Work doggedly With great force With a powerful influence What a Manhattan landmark's inscription is mistakenly assumed to be What a Manhattan landmark's inscription is mistakenly assumed to be Words from a Sussex carol Words by Charles Wesley Was dejected. Wireless operators Wrestling maneuver Wrestling maneuver ... wrestling move? Wrestling maneuver Wrestling hold Wrestling hold Wrestling maneuver Wrestler's hold Wrestling maneuver What celebrants light tonight Women of the night With "The," backing band beloved by daredevil surfers? Women's fashion magazine Where naggers find bargains ___ Waitz, nine-time New York City Marathon winner What the key of D minor has What fifty-fifty partners each get " . . . win ___" (exhortation for the Fighting Irish) Western aspirant. "We're boarding the elevator now, chaps!" W.S. on tennis ("3 Henry VI" III, 2) Where a historic 1971 golf drive was made Words from Berlin Wallet materials What one may decide to do with a sigh Writer who enjoys carpentry? Writer who enjoys carpentry? 1988 Whitney Houston hit 1988 Whitney Houston hit 1988 Whitney Houston hit Whitney Houston song used by NBC for the 1988 Summer Olympics Whitney Houston hit recorded for the 1988 Summer Olympics What 'Consumer Reports" may do for GE? Weight gain noticed at a high school reunion? What the theme answers can do What Scarlett did? "Wake up!" in Teheran What Little Boy Blue was bad at " . . . without ___ sense": Dryden Winona's movie? "White Rabbit" singer is smooth? Western drink choice What a group provides What a good golfer likes to hit What a non sequitur lacks What NIN took to feel better? What a surfer may dream of? Worker with a certain alloy What a serf led What talk show guests have before the broadcast? "When The Heart Rules The Mind" band "When the Heart Rules the Mind" band Winning manager of the 2005 World Series Work holiday Woman's singer? White orchids. "Wouldn't It Be Good" Nik Woolen cloth. Woolen cloth for uniforms Whitechapel killer of 1888 Where Michiganders might gander What the goldsmith brought to the potluck dinner? "War With the Newts" writer Writer Pollitt Writing redcap Warlike African. Word with Kid and chop: pl. Winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, 1951. Weekend away with just the girls, in modern-day slang Words on Italian map With 34 Across stay calm Wannabe lounge singer's aid Where a Dell may go Word of surrender. Word of surrender in W.W.I. Well-known newscaster. Well-known name in radio. Walled city in N. Nigeria. Walled city, N. Nigeria. Wind of Egypt. Where amateurs sing "Danny Boy"? Work dough WWII war matériel production head William Winning point? What 7 Down has World-wide program. Wizard's insulin source? Wizard's insulin source? What Attlee is. Was intimate with Wild-eyed ones Without much chance of being missed Well-known infielder. "Witness" co-star Williams film about the bard? Weather forecast Weather prediction in Aug. Weather forecast With 59-Across, short dessert lover's application of 65-Across What to do after a fenderbender? What to do with "The Farmer's Almanac"? War vessel with deck cut away. Wooden ship without an upper deck What one might do in the forest? What some non-morning people would like to do? Writer with a second career making books on tape? Warns twice Warns twice Warns again. Work on cud, say Work the cud again What septuagenarians are. Wet weather wear ___ Waldorf (famed maître) Wagner opera performer's activity? With 62-Across, Runner-up (who cracks ME up!) WHITE Willingham's "___ Man" What a hamster wheel requires? What a hamster wheel requires? With 61-Across, vacation filled with safe sex? War with little or no active warfare What one should let Washington to California "Waiting for God" philosopher Words with profit or phrase Words before profit Words with profit or deaf ear Where an aspiring baseballer shows off What a cheap wedding ring will do Wartime transportation World's Fair symbol. Walnut or hickory nut: Bot. Walnut half. Walnut or hickory nut Where the final flight ends? With 21-Across, family planning success? Water: Comb. form. Water: Prefix Wingless insects. Wingless insects: Zool. Wingless female aphid With 62-Across, "silly" Police song What you won't hear from Elton John fans? What you do on the Aegean? Wooer of Lydia Languish. Where Americans drive?: abbr. Weighing device with more pounds? Word form for "rose" Word form for "rose" Wrestlers' victory celebration? Wealthy: Ital. Wet grain-growing fields Wealthy relative Wealthy relative Wool fabric. "Who Can It __?": Men at Work hit "Who Can It __?": Men at Work hit Work out at Coors? Working together When the balcony scene occurs in "Romeo and Juliet" What 17 Across is, at times What 14 Across is Warden of Sing Sing prison. What a witch might do Widespread Internet prank involving a bait-and-switch link to a music video With end of 20 Across, rock 'n' roll singer/actor Website often mentioned by Amy Goodman (2) Where some await trials Witness under oath With 112-Across, compromise What the angry clone was? "Where" from 1960s Off-Broadway What a con artist may claim to be Where to see "The Swimmer"? Where to see "The Swimmer"? Wanes Where the Soviets showed their missiles off Watchmaker's parts Writer's honorary degree, often (abbr.) Winners at a form of competitive golf. With stronger oversight Words before out or dirty With reserve Was a good student, in a way What linemen do W.W. II military trademark "When __ eat"? "When ___ eat?" "When ___ eat?" "When __ eat"? "When ___ eat?" With medium-sized teeth Welcome sound to a G.I. "Wasting Time" pop-punkers "Wasting Time" pop punkers Worn out from neglect What wine connoisseurs have Wild, deadly fungus With 36-Across, humble With 36-Across, humble What to put forward. Who represents Britain at UNO? Wishy-washy reply With 41-Across, 2003 Best Picture nominee, familiarly What an unevenly milked cow might have? Wear the latest styles, say, slangily What gives ratite birds bulging muscles? Wear the latest styles, say, slangily Winter Games competitions Wooden plugs used as spigots. With 64-Across, Step 4: I'll unleash the hounds on Howard in Central Park so he'll be ... What the eight uncrossed border letters do, reading clockwise White minerals use in paints. William Faulkner work Where Michael was Nick Curran Walks in the park, perhaps Went from butt to butt? Wackiest. War buddies? Where they tell off-color prayers before meals? Well-known couple WALKER With 38-Down, "One sec" Won a pol position? Well-known columnist and panelist. What right-wing conspiracy theorists believe? Warmongers Water surface, old style