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Crossword Clues Start With W, page 92

Word in N. African place names Witch's balm? Witch's balm? Wagon train route? Wage earners collectively. What the rejected stag huffed? Where weed-cutters congregate after work? White House party crasher Michaele or Tareq What ads strive for Wood nymph out for a jog? Where to find "Yesterday" on the album "Help!" "Well, whaddya know!" Well-known theatrical director. Where demo cars are displayed "With ruin upon ruin, ___ . . . "—Milton. What pirates used to do Was at odds with Wretched evaluation? With "The," 1960s series set in the North African desert during WWII With "The," 1960s series set in the North African desert during WWII Work by Sinclair Yerby Waitress West Virginia feuding family Where poets find their dreams? Western grouses 1971 World Series MVP Wee lad feted by the Friars? Went past in a car With 51 Across, star-director of 7 down Where ships anchor. What crews with tar make With 23-Down, travelin' fathers? Williams's cowl? Wilhelm's place of exile Where the ex-Kaiser lived in Holland. Wilhelm II's exile spot. Wilhelm's exile town. Wave on the beach, perhaps With 59-Across, question to help answer the riddle Wrap warranting a fine? What bearded men get in blizzards? Wedge, perhaps/"60 Minutes" symbol Winning events on the diamond. What the Lone Ranger might do when angry? What spies often lead What spies often lead Washing is what ___ Winter cover: Abbr. Wintry cover: Abbr. What 17-, 25- and 43-Across were, famously Winter track Warm wind, the chinook. Wantonly cutting. With 54-Across, opposite of 18-Across Where "Hissing 101" is offered? What they'll do to examine both sides of you? What new moms of twins need? Washing-machine action What Buffy might be doing at the end of a long, hard night? Without vigor Without a hitch Without a hitch Went extinct "We do not ___ ourselves": Romans Words of encouragement, part 2 'Witness' star as president? With 65-Across, George R.R. Martin novel featuring a sadistic (but twinkle-toed) surgeon? Weedy grasses Weedy rye grasses What to do to socks that tear every 24 hours? Water wheel. Water wheel, named for mythical maids. With smartness With 1-Down, television bride Working dogs Wise user Wanted: Sergeant to train draftees Wacky woman? Wacky woman? Where Stanley Falls is. With 1 Across, request in a Porter song With 39-Across, a familiar tune Write a malicious, destructive critique Wine measure. Weapon letters Winnie the Pooh creator's monogram W.W. II Navy plane What a waiter or a track bettor does Will work? Word form for "seed" "Who's the Boss?" star Wyo.'s ___ Festival Where New York's mayor lives Wood figures? With 26-Across, like grandchildren What you're doing as you complete this puzzle What you're doing by solving this puzzle (with 48-Across) Wanted: Local leader showing more experience Wading bird. Where cars are serviced. Where minnows munch? Woman in a Bill Clinton sex scandal Well-mannered. Writer Noel What to melt and pour over it all 20 ... (when completed, a military salvo) West German city What a man and a woman become in marriage Worsens seriously Why Morley, Glenn and Claude prefer snakes to lye W.C. Handy song W.C. Handy tune Wall St. term. Wall St. term Wind-propelled vessel. With 34 Across held a grudge Well-known novelist. Was ignorant Winter hazard of a sort Words by Edward Caswell Words by Edward Caswall With 28, 36, 44 and 53 Across, a Presidential quote. "Without further ado ..." Water cycle studiers, e.g. Water cycle studiers, e.g With legitimacy Wing or fin. Winglike part WINGS Worker at patchwork. Webcam broadcasts Will Hutchins TV Western Will Hutchins TV Western Will Hutchins TV role. World's largest user of cheese, according to its website Where the baker pledged? Working group Working group Waste one's breath Waste one's breath With 37 and 43 Across, possible slogan for a Chicago university? Watches What 17, 23, 29, 37, 48, and 54 Across are each the subject of Where to find many cookie jars? Where to find many cookie jars? What John was able to do easily in the Massachusetts Senate race? With a thud With a thud With a thud. Wilde woman Wordsworth or Coleridge, as a poet White garment Whammos Without uncertainty, in a first language? White of egg. White of egg Warm-water fish. Waterway of Maine Where registrations are kept "Where's the turkey?" retort Wow! Wedding rings. Wordworth's flowers What some maids have? Was given bad advice Washingtonians. Watercolor with gum What a drop is made of, in "Do-Re-Mi" Was given by Well-washed goat-man? Wholesome amusement Worked energetically Worked energetically What every room is? Wood grooves Wood grooves Work of a biased composer? Warren weeping? Warren weeping? Wrongful attributions et al.? What singer Dolly might do if she divorced? With 62-Across, June 7 World Cup headline, or pre-1811 military headline Words before tongs Way to propose marriage, to a horse? Where "I found my thrill," in a '50s song Where "I found my thrill," in a '50s song Weakened military units? Where Smith College is: Colloq. What a Hell's Angel might take? (C.P.) What a punch in the mouth might cause? Wicker receptacle. Wicker holder. Wicker container What you might have seen if you had been at director Stone's prom? Wild asses of India. Wild asses Where to find smooth canvas? Where a groove and a label appear Wasting one's energy Where some prefer cream cheese With all-encompassing power "With how sad steps, ___ . . . ": Sidney West Indian parent? Where some cabins may be found Where the teacher might casually sit Where the teacher might casually sit Washington valley Witnesses, in court Weakling Wimpy one "West of ___," Grey novel What Carly Simon doesn't have time for What Montezuma's revenge is to a tourist? Where the going rate is charged? What the answers to asterisked clues begin with What the answers to asterisked clues begin with What posh books for the blind are written in? With 12 Down, lines from "New York, New York" With 11-Down, "On the Town" lyric, appropriately What "The Donald" deals? Words following "Twelfth Night.” Worked at a bar? What the Arctic Circle is, population-wise? "Wicked Game" singer hiding an Egyptian goddess Well-formed. Worked on a sculpture What you may notice about the puzzle you are doing, part 1 "What ___!" ("Don't pass up this offer!") "What ___!" ("That price is great!") With 21-Across, there's no … What this does twice Way to get help at a highway crash? Words to a third runner-up Words of finality With 146 Across, "We'll kick off": John 16:24 Warning about inaction With 45-Across, "Anchorman" imperative "We've all been waiting!" Warbler's love song? Why not to stare at an eclipse, they say *Whom "I'm in love with" in an Ames Brothers song, and a hint to what the answers to starred clues contain Whom "I'm in love with," in a 1953 hit 81 Went rowing What Little Jack Horner did Wordsmith [in cursive] Wenders film of 1984 Watergate follow-up Way of addressing a certain legislator. Writes (for) Writes (for)